Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

If you are like me and sometimes need an idea for a fun date night, this is the box for you! I admit I sometimes don’t take time to figure out something new and fun for us to do, so we mostly just do dinner dates or spend time in nature. It was very tempting to have someone else figure out a date night (or two) for us.

Date Mail is Canada’s first date night subscription box. They offer a themed box designed to help you slow down and have a fun and meaningful date with your significant other.

The cost: CAD $50 + $7 shipping

Ships to: Canada only

Frequency: Monthly

They also offer the Oh My! Box (X-rated) subscription for $69 monthly, a one-time purchase mystery box for $40 and various savings depending on the length of your subscription. You can see all the options here.


The last time I reviewed this subscription was in March, and since then they have changed their box to a smaller, white box (previously it was quite a large brown box). I prefer the new box, especially because it’s smaller.


The products inside are nicely wrapped in lavender paper, with paper cushioning material, that I prefer, since my recycling program does not allow us to put cornstarch pellets into the recycle.


This box is high in paper materials, so I always start with those. I have to happily report that nothing in this box spilled, although there were a few products that had a high chance of spilling and ruining everything.


I’ve mentioned it a number of times, but I can’t ever stop saying how much I appreciate hand-written cards. They make me feel like the company appreciates me as a customer, and it’s a lovely touch. And this one is just so cute! (The owner added two little love notes for me, because I liked them in the March box. How nice is that?)


The box includes an extensive information card, showcasing everything in the box. It’s a very important part of the box, since it gives you an idea why the items were included and how to incorporate them into your date night(s).

The information card also encourages you to share photos of you enjoying your date night on social media for a chance to win another date night box!



Date Mail doesn’t offer spoilers, which makes this service even more exciting, but they do announce the overall theme of the box. The July theme is not announced in this box, but on their Instagram you can see that the July box is their 6-month birthday box, and it will be “The Best Of” box, containing all the favorite date night items! Congratulations DateMail!

The box also included this card explaining the importance of dating each other and supporting local businesses. I can’t agree more with both of these points!


The last part of the literature in the box is this Rose Wine Slushie recipe, with a non-alcoholic option, too. This sounds so refreshing, I’ll probably have to try it during the next heat wave. The box actually includes the seeds for the mint to be used in this recipe, how awesome is that!


Postcard fun

The first activity in box is presented as two custom-made postcards. On the first one, “Vitamin ME”, you’re supposed to list all the things you’d like to do this summer, while on the second one, “Dirty Laundry Vineyard” you should each write something that your partner doesn’t know about you. We like these little activities, because they’re fun, but quick, and don’t require too much thinking (honestly, who can even think when it’s too hot!?).


Flying wishes

When I first took this kit out of the box, I thought it was a greeting card. However, that can’t be less true. This interesting kit is actually an activity! It contains a number of “wish papers”, on which you’re supposed to write your wishes, then roll them up following the instructions, light them up and watch them fly! This kit would be such a nice gift for newlyweds, instead of a greeting card. On that note, the whole box would be a great gift!


The instructions are simple and easy to follow, and we lighted two of these papers. They both flew easily, but quite fast. I recommend you to be careful where you’re lighting the papers – we did it on our fireplace.


The kit contains everything you need for this activity, except the matches. You can use either matches or a lighter. I luckily found these cute matches in the junk drawer, appropriate for the Canada day! Follow this link to see my Instagram video of the flying wish paper.


Mint to be

The next activity in the box is to plant some mint seeds together. Date Mails notes that doing something like this together requires communication, and the plants themselves will keep reminding us to plan some more dates. And to tie it all together, the mint can be used in the recipe that’s included with the box!

We didn’t plant the seeds yet, but may just do it next weekend. Mint should be easy to grow, and has so many uses. It’s refreshing in the summer, and if you dry and store the leaves, mint tea is great for those winter colds.


Midnight snack

This cute little bar of chocolate is made with lavender oil. If you read my posts you know how much I love lavender, and I even planted a small edible lavender plant in my garden last year. The lavender in these photos is cut from that plant! I’m happy to report that the chocolate didn’t melt coming from NL to BC (it just got a little bit soft).

The bar is a 35g snack size dark chocolate, nicely decorated with pink splatter on top. At first it tasted just like simple dark chocolate, until the taste of lavender kicked in at the end, more as an aftertaste. It’s very subtle, and I appreciate the inclusion of this chocolate, since I do have late night snacks often. Dark chocolate is probably a better option than what I usually have 😀 Lavender just screams summer to me, and now I want more of this chocolate so we can have it with our afternoon coffee, preferably while enjoying fresh air on the sundeck.


And then I was even more happy when I realized the chocolate is made in our beautiful British Columbia. One thing to note though, this chocolate expires in August, so make sure you eat it fast. I am sure this will not be a problem for anyone.


The morning after

I truly believe these Summerland syrups and Kelowna honey products are such a smart inclusion in a date night box. They can be used in so many ways. You can use them for dessert after dinner, for a “morning after” breakfast, or for other…more sticky…things (I really miss some devil emojis here).


The syrup varieties included are Apple Pie and Black & Raspberry, and they both taste sooooo good. However, the cherry honey must be the best honey I’ve ever had. I tried other flavoured honeys before, but the flavours weren’t that noticeable. This creamed cherry honey is super sweet, but the taste of cherries is coming through really well. Seriously, I need more of this honey in my life! I just spread all three of these products over a slice of bread, and loved all three flavours. Hubby is not huge on sweets for breakfast (me neither, but I just couldn’t pass these sweets). He tried a bite of each, and said he liked them, too. And then he ordered some pancakes for the weekend 🙂


Here’s a close up of the products on a slice of bread. I love all the colors in this photo.


Summer gestures

This is the last item in the box, that lists a number of inexpensive summertime activities to keep your dates going on. I love the ideas listed. We already had some of these planned for the summer (pool, fruit picking), but some we would never think of ourselves. I think I didn’t try rollerblading since elementary school…


We loved this box, and enjoyed the activities we tried from it, and there’s more to do. The value of the box comes more from the curation and the included activities, so it’s hard to put a value on it.  An actual dinner date, in a normal restaurant that is not too fancy, but not too simple either, costs much more than $50 for the two of us, and to be honest it’s not always fun. We (read: me) get bored easily, and love to do new things often. This box provided so many items and activities, that it can be stretched over a number of nights.

How do you like the idea of this box? Do you need someone else to figure out your date nights for you?