I was never big on cream eyeshadows, mainly because they would always crease on my eyes, and fairly quickly. But formulations have changed a lot since I used them last, so I have discovered a few favorites, like the Laura Mercier Caviar sticks.

You can only imagine my excitement when I received this beautiful Tom Ford Cream and powder eye color from Viv, @pancakesandlippies. It was a consolation prize she sent me after I didn’t win her first giveaway, and if you ask me this is huge for a consolation prize! You may want to give her a follow on Instagram, since she hosts monthly giveaways, which are always amazing, and she posts beautiful photos of makeup that we all love!

The packaging is simple and sleek, with the cream shadow in the bottom glass part, and the powder in the top plastic white part. The top part holds a tiny mirror as well.


Tom Ford has beautiful makeup, classy and simple, and I was so happy for the opportunity to try and review this product. Sephora sells 4 colors of this eyeshadow combo:

  • Young Adonis
  • Sun Worship
  • Golden Peach
  • Naked Bronze

with first two being new colors in the Tom Ford 2017 Summer soleil collection. Viv sent me the Naked Bronze combo, which is perfect for my hazel eyes, as you will see.

The combo consist of a creamy metallic base shadow and a glittery powder. It is designed to give a perfect, stunning summer eye look, but to be simple to use.


The cream part of the duo is extremely pigmented, and just a tiny little bit is enough to cover my whole eye, while the glittery top coat is quite sheer. For me, it’s easier to use my fingers to spread and blend the creamy part, and then press the glittery powder into it, again with my fingers. It was hard to pick up the product, especially the creamy one, with my brushes, and I believe the duo is designed to be applied with fingers.

I wore the shadows over a primer. The creamy one is easy to blend, and once it sets it doesn’t crease. The glittery shadow sticks to the creamy one really well, and I didn’t experience much fallout. However, although I loved the creamy one on it’s own, I didn’t like wearing the powder eyeshadow separately.

The photos below shows how they both look together, the powder over the cream shadow, in natural light:


I took some photos of the exact same look in strong, artificial light, to show you how the glitter shines where the light hits it. This is a true foiled metallic look, and I love it for dinner dates!


As much as I love the shadows together, that eye look is too much for me for day, so I tried the cream shadow on it’s own (photos below), and I love it! I think I will wear it a lot like this during summer!


And lastly, I realized I can easily use the cream shadow to line my eyes for a super simple, barely there look (I used a different eyeshadow over my lid here):


Here is a close up of my eyes lined with the cream shadow:


Now, for the price! These Tom Ford eyeshadows are available at Sephora for $75 each. One duo will last forever and there a few looks you can achieve with them. If you can afford them, they are definitely with the price tag, since the pigmentation is great and they are easy to use.

However, although I like the duo, I only love the cream shadow, so I would buy other cream colors separately. Unfortunately, Sephora Canada doesn’t carry the Tom Ford Cream eye colors, and Tom Ford website ships only to US, so if you like the shadows, you will have to purchase them as duos.

What do you think about this shadow duo, is it worth the price tag? Did you try them?