Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

Date Mail is Canada’s first date night subscription box. They offer a themed box designed to help you slow down and have a fun and meaningful date with your significant other. In addition to the monthly subscription boxes, they offer a few one-off purchase boxes for those that don’t want to commit to a subscription, but need some help planning their date nights. They collaborated with Tval to offer a Spa-Luxe box that contains a variety of products and activities designed to provide you with a relaxing spa-themed night for two. The box contents will change every month, but the theme is always a spa date night at home.

Tvål is a Canadian company, based in Newfoundland, that developed a range of natural, affordable, simple beauty products that are made by hand in small batches. Their skin and hair care products are fun, simple and effective, and their line of mineral makeup, Smink (meaning makeup in Swedish) has great application and blendability, while being good for your skin.

I’ve been reviewing both the regular Date Mail subscription, as well as some Tval products, so I was happy to receive this box to see how the two companies collaborated.

The cost: CAD $40 + $7 shipping

Ships to: Canada only, within a week of ordering

Frequency: One-off purchase

You can see all the various subscription and one-off options here.

You can also purchase the Spa-Luxe box in a special Date Duo package that is available only until the end of August. It saves you $25, and you can use the coupon code LOVE10 to save an additional 10% off.


Everything comes in a smaller, white box, nicely wrapped in tissue paper, with paper cushioning material, that I prefer, since my recycling program does not allow us to put cornstarch pellets into the recycle. I have to happily report that nothing in this box spilled, although there were a few products that had a high chance of spilling and ruining everything.

I really appreciate hand-written cards, and every Date Mail box comes with one. They make me feel like the company appreciates me as a customer, and it’s a lovely touch. And this one is just so cute!


The box includes this folded card that talks about August and September boxes and contests held by Date Mail, where you can win more boxes!


Also included is another folded card, where Dr. Rose Backman gives advice about how to improve your relationship. This month’s topic is: Speaking your truth.


The box includes an extensive information card, showcasing everything in the box. It’s a very important part of the box, since it gives you an idea why the items were included and how to incorporate them into your date night(s).

The information card also encourages you to share photos of you enjoying your date night on social media for a chance to win another date night box!


Mint to be

The first activity in the box is to plant some mint seeds together. Date Mails notes that doing something like this together requires communication, and the plants themselves will keep reminding us to plan some more dates.

Mint should be easy to grow, and has so many uses. It’s refreshing in the summer, and if you dry and store the leaves, mint tea is great for those winter colds.


Libido boosters

Next up we have a number of items from Tval, curated together for an easy, laid back, spa inspired date night.

First we start with some Foaming Epsom Salts. Date Mail suggest to have a bath together, and they included two scents you can choose from – Rosemary Mint or Champagne and Strawberries. I couldn’t find the second scent on Tval’s website, so I assume it’s specifically made for this box. I’d say one bag is enough for a bath, so you get two uses out of them.


Date Mail suggest to spritz your bed sheets with the next item, Tval’s Hot ‘n’ Heavy aphrodisiac spray. Again, I couldn’t find this specific item on the website, so it may be made just for the box. It’s a body, room or linen spray made with the essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Patchouli and Lavender, specifically designed to be erotic and arousing. The scent is a bit heavy, but it tones down eventually, so I suggest only 1-2 spritzes before you head for the bathtub. That way your linens will be perfectly scented when you head for the bedroom.


To continue the spa night, Date Mail and Tval provided us with two small massage bars in Pumpkin Lavender and Clean scents, 10g each. I couldn’t find the second one on the website, but it’s basically unscented, for those who don’t like strong scents. The bars melt easily, and are perfect for a couples massage.


Kissing games

Tval custom designed this tingly Cinnamint lip balm to be used with the Date Mail kissing game. I love Tval lip balms, they are perfectly soft and melt easily over lips. The game consists of a crossword puzzle that you need to solve, and kiss your partner on each body part revealed in the puzzle. It’s a simple game that won’t require too much brain power, but gives you a date night appropriate activity to do.


Morning after

To extend your great date night to next morning, Date Mail included a bottle of Summerland Sweets Apple Pie Syrup made in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC. You can sprinkle this syrup over almost anything, and it will make for a perfect breakfast in bed.


Midnight snack

This cute little bar of chocolate is made with lavender oil, and not included in the information sheet. I’m happy to report that the chocolate didn’t melt coming from NL to BC (it just got a little bit soft). The bar is a 35g snack size dark chocolate, nicely decorated with pink splatter on top. At first it tasted just like simple dark chocolate, until the taste of lavender kicked in at the end, more as an aftertaste. It’s very subtle, and I appreciate the inclusion of this chocolate, since I do have late night snacks often. Dark chocolate is probably a better option than what I usually hav.


Postcard fun

The in another activity in the box, also not included on the info sheet. On the “Vitamin ME” postcard you’re supposed to list all the things you’d like to do this summer, before it ends. You can even use it to make a list of activities you missed, but want to make sure you remember next year. We like these little activities, because they’re fun, but quick, and don’t require too much thinking (honestly, who can even think when it’s too hot!?).


We loved this box, and enjoyed the spa-themed activities. There are some left-overs that we can use for another date night. The value of the box comes more from the curation and the included activities, so it’s hard to put a value on it.  An actual dinner date, in a normal restaurant that is not too fancy, but not too simple either, costs much more than $40 for the two of us, and to be honest it’s not always fun. Going to a spa costs much more. We (read: me) get bored easily, and love to do new things often. This box provided so many items and activities, that it can be stretched over a number of nights.

I think this box would be a great gift to a couple, especially if you know someone that has everything. You could also gift it to yourself, even if you’re single – just toss the romantic games aside and enjoy a spa night. You could gift the box to a bride-to-be, so that she has it ready for honeymoon, or a bride can gift it to her non-single bridesmaids.

How do you like the idea of this box? Do you need someone else to figure out your date nights for you?