There are many campaign sites out there, where you get items at no cost, get to try and test them, and then you have to do different activities, which include, but are not limited to: reviews, twitter/instagram/facebook/pinterest posts and similar.

Social Nature is a social product sampling community that helps people try natural products (look up #trynatural). You can read more about how and why they do this here.

This campaign site works a bit differently than others I am a member of. First of all, you have to join here. (This is a general link, and I am not getting anything if you click on it). This particular site sends campaign items to members in USA and Canada. It is free to join.

Social Nature does not have surveys. Instead, you should fill in your profile (it’s not too long), address, and connect your social media. You don’t have to connect anything you don’t want to (you will be able to do less campaign activities later on, but it won’t matter in the campaign selection process). Also, you can always connect later on (e.g. you might not have pinterest, but you start one later).

Now look through all the products offered, and mark all the ones you like and are available for your country by opening the products and clicking on the “WANT IT” button. Please read the details first to understand what is offered. Sometimes they offer a sample, sometimes a full product or just a voucher/coupon to get it in a store yourself. Every time you mark a product you want, you get a mini survey to fill in.

Now you have done all that you can, and just need to wait. This is the frustrating part about Social Nature. You don’t know when they will start sending campaign invites for products, and it can be weeks or even months. The only clue you have that you didn’t get a campaign is if the reviews start appearing or the campaign closes.

If however you are getting a product, you will get an e-mail asking you to accept (or decline) the offer. At this point you can decline if you have changed your mind. If you accept, you need to confirm your address, and then wait for the product to arrive.

You are supposed to be able to see in your profile when the product ships, but sometimes my products arrived while the status was still “shipment pending”. There is no tracking number. It can be a few weeks from the e-mail until you receive the product.

Update (September 23rd, 2016): I have recently received an e-mail when a product shipped. It arrived the next day. I hope in the future there will always be an e-mail when a product ships. I will keep you posted! It was still weeks from when I got the e-mail I was in and accepted the offer until I got the product, but it is good to be informed about when it will be arriving.

When your product arrives, you can start testing. You are supposed to write the review on the Social Nature website (look under your profile) within 1-2 weeks from receiving it.

That is all you are required to do. If you want to increase your chances of getting more products, though, I recommend you share your review on social media. There is an option in your profile to view how many shares you have, however, this feature is not working correctly (e.g. for me it shows 3 shares, while I have done many more than that).

Social Nature is good if you like trying and testing natural products, and I haven’t seen any other such campaign site. I would recommend them, but you should not expect fast turnover of things. Of course, you will not get every product you wanted, but you might get a chance to try some new products that work well and are good for you. All in all, I enjoy being a member, but get a bit frustrated with website bugs and how slow it all works.

So far, these are the items I received to test (for reference, I “wanted” 8 other products):

  1. Orange Naturals – MagPop! magnesium drink crystals
  2. Lakota – Arthritis roll-on pain reliever
  3. Purica – Vitality adrenal support vegan capsules
  4. Webber Naturals – Omega 3 oil with EPA/DHA
  5. Patience Fruit & Co. – Dried Cranberries (voucher)

Are you a member of Social Nature? How do you like it? What do you thing is good and bad compared to other similar sites?

Please ask any questions you may have about Social Nature, and I will try to help you.