Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

Wedderspoon is a company founded by Sebastien and Catherine Martin, along with their friend Fiona Nelson, after they realized that Manuka honey, native to New Zealand, was not available for purchase in North America. Knowing the health benefits of this particular type of honey, they decided to start a company and bring it here. You can read their story here.

Wedderspoon gets this honey directly from New Zealand, where it is gathered by bees from Manuka flowers. Project is non-GMO, verified in USA. They guarantee a certain percentage of Manuka pollen count, depending on the Kfactor, which is clearly labelled on the jar.

I had a chance to sample their KFactor16 Manuka Honey before, courtesy of SocialNature. You can see the short review here. As a huge honey lover, I continued buying this honey for its health benefits. However, what I didn’t realize is that Wedderspoon has a line of body care products based on the Manuka honey, so I was naturally thrilled when they contacted me to review some of their products.

Once my package arrived, I was happy to see that they have included all three of their Organic Manuka Honey Lip Balms. It may seem strange that I get so excited about lip balms, but as someone with dry lips, I need to have them around at all times, even during summer, so I can never have enough lip balms, and always love to try new natural ones.

The balms come in a standard plastic tube with a twist up mechanism. The tube is taupe in color, and definitely gives off a natural vibe. There are three scents available:

  • Coconut Lime
  • Lavender Lemon
  • Peppermint

Ingredients are all natural, mostly organic, with the Shea butter providing some natural SPF. The lip balms are not colored.


The Peppermint lip balm has a slight minty scent, and gives a light cooling and tingling effect when applied. Both the cent and the effect are very gentle, which I really like, and it will be the perfect lip balm for the warmer days, if they ever come. This lip balm is my favorite of the three.

Ingredients: Organic Manuka beeswax, *shea butter, *olive oil, *cocoa butter, *Wedderspoon Manuka honey, rosemary oleoresin, *peppermint essential oil
*Organic Ingredients


The Lavender Lemon lip balm has a strong lavender scent, which I can still detect even when I apply the balm. The lavender is so strong that I can’t distinguish any lemon scent, which would’ve been a great combination. I still like it, though. It’s a surprising scent for a lip balm, and will be great for headache/migraine days (some people say that lavender scent helps with headaches, and I’ve had some good results using it).

Ingredients: *Coconut oil, *manuka beeswax, *shea butter, *cocoa butter, *lavender essential oil, *rosemary extract, vitamin E, *manuka honey, *lemon essential oil.
*Organic Ingredients


The Coconut Lime lip balm smells distinctly of coconuts, but the lime scent is definitely there. It is a very tropical combination, again surprising for me, and I love it! The scent has medium strength, and it doesn’t bother me at all. It reminds me of summer, and days on the beach.

Ingredients: *Coconut oil, *manuka beeswax, natural coconut flavour, *shea butter, *cocoa butter, *rosemary extract, vitamin E, *manuka honey, *lemon essential oil, *lime essential oil. 
*Organic Ingredients


The lip balms feel a bit harder than the other natural ones I’ve tried. With a bit of pressure they apply easily, though, and leave a thin coat on my lips. My lips don’t feel oily, more slightly waxy, but moisturized. The thin, light coat on my lips feels like a protective layer. There is no discernible taste at all. I have to reapply after food and drink, of course. The thicker structure of the lip balms will make them perfect to carry around on warm days, when some other balms might melt too quickly.

The lip balms retail separately for CA$3.99 each, or in a 3-pack (one of each) for CA$11.97. For my US readers, you can buy them on wedderspoon.com for US$4.50 individually, or US$11.99  as a set.

In addition to their website, Wedderspoon products are sold at many retail locations. I personally buy the honey at my local pharmacy, and I’ve even seen some products in one of the Winners stores. To check where to find these products near you, check their store locator.

What is your favorite lip balm? Did you think about using natural ones? Are you worried about what goes on your lips, and what you ingest off of them?