Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

GummiBand is a Canadian company, based in Vancouver, BC. This is a women-owned and operated company that not only produces awesome hair ties, but supports women’s causes in Canada and around the world. They have helped finance 6 small business startups  for women in developing countries, supported 50+ local fundraisers and they mentor female high school students. The company works with their factory to ensure fair, safe and profitable working conditions for their workers, and directly employs 15 women in Canada, the Philippines and India. They also employ adults with disabilities and special needs through Connexions NS. You can read a little bit more about what they do here.

Having long hair I usually wear it down, or tied up in one way or another. I have so many hair ties, but rarely do I find some that I really love. They are either too loose or too tight, stretch too easily, get stinky if they get wet and somehow I always lose my favorite ones. So when an opportunity came to collaborate with GummiBand I had to take it immediately. I received a selection of hair ties that should last for a very long time, in various colors.

GummiBands are made of hypoallergenic material. They do not absorb water or sweat so they do not breed bacteria. They are supposed to be gentle on hair, reducing breakage and styling damage and reusable for years.

This Canadian company generously offered 2 free GummiBands with every purchase of a pack of 4 to my followers (read on to learn how to redeem). They ship their hair ties in flat envelopes to be able to offer free shipping and to reduce waste. GummiBands are also backed up with a 1 year full replacement warranty.


GummiBands come in 8 colors, and since I received a selection of them I haven’t stopped wearing them. The cords stretch easily, so I can decide how tight do I want to tie my hair. Once on my hair they hold it very well, and don’t slip down through the day, while not pulling on it too hard like some other hair ties do. The company suggests to warm them up with hot air from a hair dryer or hot water to return it to it’s original shape when they stretch out too much.

I noticed that these hair ties are quite comfortable on my wrist, too. They are not too tight to stop the blood flow, they’re just somewhat thicker than regular hair ties, so you need to get used to them.

Another use I found for these hair ties is in the shower. I used to use regular hair ties when I have a hair mask or conditioner on, to keep my hair up for a some time while I do other things. The problem is that it gets hard to rinse out those treatments out of the hair ties, and then they get stinky after they dry off, so I’d have to wash them with my laundry. With GummiBands I don’t have such a problem. They don’t absorb anything, so I just rinse them off and dry off with a towel. I am keeping one GummiBand in my shower permanently!


I very easily fell in love with GummiBands. I use them all the time, even when I head outside. Truthfully, I wouldn’t use them with classy outfits or to the office, but I do wear them at home, for walks, dance classes and when working out or running errands. I love that they don’t pull on my hair like other hair ties, because that usually causes headaches.

GummiBands come in 8 different colors, and retail for $7.99 CAD. Use code BONUS33 (add it to the notes section at checkout) to get your 2 free Gummibands with every purchase of a pack of 4! They ship for free!

Do you need new hair ties? Do you have favorite ones? What do you think about this product?