Disclaimer: I have purchased the product(s) myself. Read the full disclosure here.

Guerlain is a company that really needs no introduction. This French brand was founded in 1828 and has been committed to beauty ever since. I always considered their makeup, skincare and fragrances very luxurious, and had so many products on my wish list, but never got myself to buy some to try, especially because of the high price tags.

In the last year or so I’ve tried a few of their products and completely fell in love with the brand, so I decided it’s time to buy a tin of their famous Météorites and test if they are really worth the hype. There are many beautiful limited edition pearls out there, but I wanted to start with one of the classic colors, and for my skin tone (which is very light) I chose the Météorites pearls in Clair. This is a product that’s been around for a long time, so it may not need a review. But since it’s quite a controversial product, I decided to share my thoughts – what do they do, how to use them, is there any difference in skin appearance and is it really worth splurging on Meteorites? After using them for a few months, this is what I think!

guerlain meteorites pearls original tin packaging

Météorites Highlighting Powder Pearls are hand-shaped delicate pearls of powder in multiple colors that brighten skin and minimize flaws. The original versions come in three colors:

  1. 01 – Blanc de Perle (not available at Sephora)
  2. 02 – Clair/Light
  3. 03 – Medium
  4. 04 – Doré/Golden

These are not hugely pigmented powders, so even if you are light skinned like me, you can choose the medium color to add a bit of warmth or the golden one in the summer to brighten your tan. I use sunscreen (almost) always, so I tent to stay light even in the summer, so I decided that Clair would be the most useful color for me.

The original Météorites come in a beautiful silver metal tin that is about 2/3 full and covered with a thin sponge that can be used to apply the powder (which I don’t recommend), and it keeps the pearls in place so that they don’t get damaged in transit. The tin is embossed with a lovely pastel flower with the Guerlain logo, and I have been keeping it on display ever since it arrived. I don’t care much for the outer paper box, though, which is thin and quite flimsy for such a luxurious brand.

The powder pearls have a signature violet scent that can be quite strong in the tin, but once I apply the powder to my face the scent only gently lingers and doesn’t cause any migraines.

close up of the inside of the guerlain meteorites pearls

More than what the powder is for, it’s important to explain what it is NOT meant to be. Although there is some subtle shimmer, this is not a highlighter. It is also not a setting powder, and doesn’t mattify or control oil and shine. Instead, it is a finishing powder to be used after setting powder.

To use the powder, simply apply it with a big, fluffy brush all over your face as the last step in your makeup routine (or the next-to-last step if you use a fixing spray, which comes last). It will look as if you’re not applying anything, and resist the urge to apply too much, because it does have some subtle shimmer, and you don’t want to look like a vampire from Twilight.

guerlain meteorites pearls clair

Météorites in Claire contain pearls of different color:

  • blue-toned white pearls to reflect the light
  • yellow to counter redness
  • pink for freshness
  • mauve to catch the light
  • green for extra redness correction
  • champagne pearls to adapt to the skin and gently illuminate it

From my experience, this powder is meant to subtly enhance skin, and I never noticed a huge improvement. However, as I catch my reflection in the mirror throughout the day, I can definitely see something. Météorites improve the way my skin looks, and I love to apply them even if I am not wearing a foundation. The shimmer is very subtle, and looks more like a glow. It’s important for me that the powder doesn’t catch on any dry spots I have, and looks very natural. It’s great on top of matte foundation, to add some subtle glow that is lost, but without looking shiny.

I feel like this product, and other Guerlain products I’ve tried, are made for a very minimal no makeup-makeup look. This is a product for someone who doesn’t like heavy makeup, contouring, too many layers, can-be-seen-from-the-space highlighters etc. It’s meant to subtly enhance, without covering the natural skin texture and look. It will definitely look better on a very well cared-for face, but it works well on top of other products that do some improvements first (a blurring primer, a good foundation, a mattifying setting powder).

guerlain meteorites pearls close up

To put things into perspective, sometimes this is pretty much all I wear, a.k.a my definition of very minimal makeup (occasionaly I add blush):

Guerlain minimal makeup look

I didn’t include photos of swatches or how the powder looks on my face, simply because this product is so subtle that the effect are barely noticeable in person, and there is really no visual difference on photographs.

So, is it really worth splurging on Météorites? It depends. If you already own a lot of makeup, have a very complicated and well established makeup routine, you may not need something like this, and it may not give you a lot of improvement to justify the price. However, if you are like me, and more often prefer a quick, natural, barely-there makeup that just enhances your face a bit, without covering ALL the flaws, then this could be a product for you. It’s a luxurious finishing touch that I truly enjoy.

Météorites come at a whooping price of $77 CAD, so you better make sure you will use them. The pearls are available at Sephora, and I recommend buying them during one of the Beauty Insider/VIB/Rouge discount events.

Have you tried any Guerlain products? Do you have any favorites to recommend? What do you think about these products here, do you think they’re worth the price tag?