Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

Preparing for a new baby is exciting, scary and dare I say, tiring. There are so many little things that a baby needs or might need and the parents want to have around to make that transition to the life with a newborn just a little bit easier. However, women often forget about themselves in that whole process. Sometimes we need to stop and remember that delivering a baby to this world is a BIG thing! It’s amazing what a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy, labour and delivery, and every pregnant woman needs to learn to take care of herself. There are many small and big things that can help the process of recovery after the delivery, but a lot of women don’t hear about those products, or hear about them too late, especially if it’s their first baby.

I’ve recently heard about One Tough Mother Postpartum Care Kit, and I was thrilled to learn that someone actually put this together to make it easier for women to care for themselves after the delivery. Kristine, the owner, sent me one of these kits for a review, and as soon as I opened it I could see that I will use everything. Even if I already had a few of these things purchased, it’s great to have back-ups.

one tough mother postpartum care kit packaging

Since Kristine already has one baby, she knew what products to include that will be useful, practical, and work great together. She also asked other mothers what they wished they had for postpartum recovery. I love that the box itself is very recyclable, since it really bugs me when I have too many boxes sitting around.

one tough mother postpartum care kit contents

As you can see, the box is packed to the brim! It contains an assortment of products, and you can easily just pack most of these into your hospital bag. Another idea: this box would make such a thoughtful baby shower gift. As I already mentioned, most women forget that they’ll need to take care of themselves after delivery, and there are really only so many cute onesies, outfits and receiving blankets that a baby needs. I guarantee that if you show up to a baby shower with this box, it will be an instant hit. You can always add more to it if you wish (like a toy for the baby), but even as is the box is great! So let’s see what’s inside!

one tough mother postpartum care kit products inside the kit

First of, regardless of the method of delivery (naturally or C-section), there will be bleeding afterwards. Literally one of the first things needed after a delivery is a maxi pad. This box contains 12 heavy pads and 3 pairs of hospital grade mesh underwear. I know that everyone “steals” these underwear from the hospital, but I already decided not to, it just feels weird, so I’m happy to see them in the box. I’ll keep them at home in case I want to use them after we’re released.

sanitary pads and mesh underwear

Another thing that is sure to happen after delivery is pain (OK, during delivery, too). Often women are advised to alternate between Advil and Tylenol every few hours to keep the pain under control. Most of us will have Tylenol at home, since that is the only pain medicine allowed in pregnancy, but most may not have Advil around, which makes this travel package a great addition to the box. Also, if the nurses advise you to take a laxative, listen to them. This box contains a natural laxative plus softener that may help that first trip to the washroom go a bit smoother. The KIND bar that is included is a great source of fiber, which may additionally help to move things along.

snack and medications

While we’re still at the topic of the “down under” area, Kristine included a few great products that will be useful at home. The peri bottle is used to gently wash the area with warm water, since any rubbing can be painful, especially if you get stitches. Witch hazel is used to make padsicles, and it generally serves to help reduce any swelling from pushing. Lastly, epsom salts are great for sitz baths, which are highly recommended postpartum. (Although I laughed a bit when I read somewhere that they are recommended 3 times a day for 20 minutes – who has 1h a day to sit in the washroom doing nothing else with a newborn?)

perineum care products

The last few products in the box are breastfeeding supplies. Even if you decide not to breastfeed, there may be some leaking, so I was happy to see both types of breast pads. The 4 sets of disposable breast pads are great for when the milk just kicks in, because most women leak a lot at that time and reusable pads may not be enough. However, the one set of reusable pads may be great for right after the delivery, when there may not be that much leaking (although everyone is different), or after a few months postpartum when the milk supply is more established. I love that the reusable pads included in the box are contoured and have a waterproof backing. Lastly, lanolin nipple cream is there to help with sore nipples associated with breastfeeding.

breastfeeding supplies

When purchasing the box you will not only get all the products shown above, but also a code to download an eBook with a variety of topics. I love that this is an online book, so there is no paper wasted. I read through it, and although I was already well informed, I found the subjects well selected and concisely explained. I like the personal approach Kristine took when writing the book, and even laughed a few times (there may be some adult language involved). The most important – the book is not too long, so it’s easy to read in one sitting. A few topics are relevant only to those in BC, but most topics will be relevant for any pregnant woman.

ebook table of contents

Overall, I am very happy with this kit. It includes a variety of products needed postpartum, most of them are great for the hospital bag, and there aren’t any irrelevant fillers. It’s a well rounded box and would make a great gift for any expecting woman (or for yourself). The kit is available for purchase from the One Tough Mother website, and it costs $75 CAD. Shipping is free within Lower Mainland BC.

What do you think about this kit? Would you add anything? Do you wish you had some of these products for your recovery?