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I used to subscribe to Your Bijoux Box for 6 months in 2017, and enjoyed almost everything they sent me. I cancelled my subscription because I simply needed to pause for a while. When I saw the spoilers for this, February 2018 box, I just had to re-subscribe. This box sends jewelry that is not too dainty, follows trends, and sends quality pieces, everything I like and need. Also, they occasionally send Deepa Gurnani pieces, and I really love those. Through this box I also fell in love with House of Harlow jewelry, which fits my style, and February box was set to contain both of these brands, so I knew it would be a win.

They send three pieces of jewelry, but almost always include something as a bonus. If your ears are not pierced, you can request no earrings when you sign up. Also, you can easily skip a month if you do this before billing, and they email you a few days before the billing. Starting with the May 2017 box, you can update your ring size in your profile (sizes 5-8).

Since I last reviewed the box, there was a slight price increase (in late 2017), from $36 to $39.99 US. All current subscribers could keep the previous price, but since I cancelled my subscription, I am now subscribed under the new price. I could’ve technically just kept skipping every month, since they offer this wonderful option, and I would’ve kept the old price, but I was afraid I would forget it. So, new price it is!

The cost: US $39.99 + $10 shipping to Canada

Ships to: Canada, US

You can use coupon code WELCOME to receive a bonus piece in your first box. You can see what I received in my first box here. You can also “spin the wheel” (if that is still being offered), to receive various coupons for % off or bonus pieces. I spinned the wheel for this box, and you can see what I got at the end of this review.

Since the last year they also changed their box, which is bigger than the one from my last 2017 box. The box is branded, and quite sturdy.


Everything is well and nicely packed, and my jewelry always comes in perfect condition. The inside of the cover features a quote (the same one every month, but different one from the last year). I believe they change the quote yearly.


February box theme is We Love the Way You Roll!


The card contains information about the pieces in the box, as well as some styling suggestions.


These are all the pieces in the February box. They all come in their separate organza drawstring bags. This time around House of Harlow pieces arrived in House of Harlow branded bags.


House of Harlow Desert Oasis Pendant Necklace

All subscribers received a House of Harlow necklace with a pendant, but styles varied. They all retail up to $108 US. I didn’t receive the one that was spoiled ahead, and I’m happy, because I like the one I got even more. There were some other variations, too, but from what I’ve seen most people received one of these two necklaces. Now, both of these necklaces were highly discounted at Nordstrom Rack at some point (mine was $11.70, original $78; the spoiled variation was $27, original $108), so it’s obvious that Your Bijoux Box was going with the original prices. However, they are all sold out, so if you were looking to buy them from somewhere else, they would probably cost more (like on Amazon). I am completely OK with receiving a discounted item, especially because of the great quality of HoH pieces, but I wanted to point this out, since some of you may not like it.


Here is the necklace on. I really like where the length hits, because any longer and it would bounce around too much, and I don’t have any other necklaces that have this length. These colors match almost anything. I love how even the chain has some design to it, making this an interesting and different piece of jewelry. This necklace is 14k gold plated.


House of Harlow Iconic Etch Drop Earrings

Everyone received a pair of House of Harlow earrings, but there were variations (I am really not a fan of this, but usually I am quite lucky with which variation I get). I received a pair of drop earring in silver (14k gold plated), and I would’ve preferred them in gold, since I have a few pairs of silver earrings I got from Your Bijoux Box. Regardless of that, they are interesting, and not a bad pair to have. I would’ve liked some other variations more, but these are not too bad (I don’t like very long earrings). These have that “jacket” style, so you can wear them as simple studs, or complete with the drop chains. I prefer them complete. I found these online for $24.97 (original price $65), or on Amazon for $43.05. Some subscribers received this variation (on Amazon for $28 originally $41), and I am not sure if there were any other variations.


This is how they look on. The chains tend to tangle into my hair, so there are best worn with an up-do or ponytail.


Deepa Gurnani Bria Bracelet

This is my favorite piece in the box! I LOVE Deepa Gurnani pieces. I already have a few bracelets, and I was excited to receive another one. Everyone received this exact beaded bracelet, in one of the three colors: red, black or blue (retails for $50). Since I already have a red Deepa bracelet, I kindly asked for a black one when I was resubscribing. They sent me a blue one instead, which is still OK, as long as it wasn’t the red one (although I would’ve preferred the black one).


I was soooo excited, until I tried it on… it is way too big 😦 The bracelet is adjustable, but it can almost fit my hubby’s wrists on the smallest setting, which is not the case with other Deepa bracelets I own. I do have very thin wrists (baby thin), but the point of adjustable bracelets is to accommodate this. I was so disappointed, and posted about this on Instagram, and Your Bijoux Box told me to email them. Within an hour they sent me a new, replacement bracelet, and let me keep the one I received to gift to someone. How’s that for a great customer service! The bracelet is still in transit at the time of this review, so I will update you with what they sent me within the next month’s review.


BONUS: Spongelle Bulgarian Rose Spongette

This month’s bonus item is a Spongette in Bulgarian Rose (retail price $9), a subtle nod to Valentine’s day. I received one of these Spongettes in a different scent in one of the summer Your Bijoux boxes last year, and I loved it. This one has a strong rose scent in the packaging, so it may not be for everyone, but once I started using it the scent got a little less intrusive. These sponges have a body wash infused into them, and they’re a bit firmer than regular sponges, so they provide gentle exfoliation as well, and they can be re-used 5+ times, so they’re perfect for traveling – no liquids = no spills, plus they supposedly can go into your carry-on (I never tried it, though).


Spin the wheel bonus

Your Bijoux Box had this promotion going on when I resubscribed, and since I already used the code WELCOME last year, I decided to try my luck with the wheel. Please note: I am not sure if this promotion is still running, but if it’s not you can still use the code WELCOME to get a free piece of jewelry in your first subscription box. In case the wheel pops up for you, you spin it, and you have to use the code you get at checkout within 10 minutes, so make sure you know what you want to get and have your payment info ready. I got a code for a free pair of earrings, and I received this interesting pair in vintage gold color. I think I like them 🙂


Overall, this is a great box from Your Bijoux. Every piece suits my style, I love receiving Deepa Gurnani pieces, and I’m really becoming fond of House of Harlow art deco style. I even love the bonus Spongette! The jewelry feels timeless, and I can see using it all quite often. For $50 USD (box + shipping) I received jewelry worth $202 USD, including the bonus item. Even at the lowest discounted prices I could find, it all adds up to $95.67, which is almost double the cost of the box.

I am also so amazed by their customer service – I expected them not to care about the bracelet being too big, or to ask for this one back when they sent me a new one, but they went above and beyond my expectations. I’ve had some bad customer service experiences with other companies, and the way Your Bijoux resolved the issue makes me feel like they appreciate me a a customer.

You can order Your Bijoux box using this link  (all the links in this review are referral links and give you $5 US off, and me a $5 equivalent in points). This helps me get more boxes for reviews, but if you don’t wish to use my referral, you can google the name of the box.

This box is still available for purchase, and there are still no spoilers for the March box. You can watch out for some March box spoilers on the Your Bijoux Instagram page.

This box is pricier than some other jewelry subscription boxes, but the jewelry they send is generally of great quality and suits my style, which is why I chose this box over others. I do believe that shipping to Canada is too expensive for such a small box, and that is the only thing that may make me cancel (again) in the future, since it really adds up with our bad conversion rates. I wasn’t charged any customs duties yet, and will inform you if it happens with the following boxes.

Do you have any questions about this subscription? Do you subscribe to any boxes? How do you like this one?