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I was always drawn to style, home and lifestyle subscription boxes, and Rachel Zoe Box of Style was on my radar for a while. I like that it includes styling and beauty items, and the number of items is not overwhelming. However, I’ve heard that subscribers have many issues, mostly with their customer service, so I was reluctant to try the box. This summer box looked so good, that I finally decided to bite the bullet. Keep reading to see what was inside the box, and did I have any issues.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style is a luxury fashion and beauty subscription box. Every season Rachel Zoe curates a box containing 5-6 full sized products that are season appropriate. There might be some pieces that push you out of your comfort zone a.k.a. more fashionable pieces, but from what I can see everything is quite wearable. Sometimes boxes are partially customizable, by selecting one of the available colors of an item.

The cost: US $99.99 + $15 shipping to Canada, Australia, UK (free US shipping)

Ships to: Canada, US, Australia, UK

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I really love how everything was packaged. What could fit was shipped in a quite large white box with a magnetic flap that is great for storage. This box was shipped in an outer brown box (that arrived squished in my case, but luckily nothing was damaged). What couldn’t fit into the white box – the tote bag and the towel – was wrapped in plastic.

box of style inner box

Here is the inside of the box. The three items inside were all individually wrapped in black tissue paper. Great presentation!

box of style inside the box

The box arrived with a colorful booklet that contains information on individual products, coupon codes and mentions their “The Inner Circle” program.

box of style summer 2018 booklet

These are all the products in the Summer 2018 box! This season they sent 5 products, instead of the usual 6, but I believe this is due to the Kate Somerville moisturizer being so pricey (normally they send 2 less pricey beauty products).

box of style summer 2018 contents

Bindya Lace-up Cover Up

I love oversized clothes, because they always feel breezy and non-restricting, and white is my color of choice for the summer. I was really happy to receive this cover-up, although I was hoping it could be worn as a shirt, and it really can’t. It is a bit too sheer for me personally, although I know some ladies who would rock this cover-up as a shirt with no problems. I need to wear a cami underneath, which makes it a bit too warm. I may wear it this way as a transitional piece between the summer and the fall. Also, some photos showed it worn as a dress, and on me it’s not even at a tunic length (I’m 5’9”). However, I am still happy with it and it will make a great cover-up for sure. I couldn’t find a link to this specific one cover-up, because it is exclusive, but I’ve linked to other Bindya Cover-ups above.

Listed value: $115 USD

bindya lace up cover up

For Love & Lemons Loop Fringe Earrings

I couldn’t find these earrings for sale online, except on websites like ebay (I’ve linked to Shopbop above, but even there they are sold out, and in a different color).  I have to admit these earrings are the biggest reason I bought this box. I know some people love them, some hate them, but for me they are beautiful! I love the woven gold combined with the white fringe. These are definitely statement earrings, and I love how they make a contrast against my dark hair. They feel very sturdy, too. The fringe is not loose, so it doesn’t sway. They are medium-heavy, meaning I can comfortably wear them for a while, but wouldn’t wear them a few days in a row.

Listed value: $63 USD

for love and lemons tassel earrings

Skova Travel Towel

This huge towel was the only item where subscribers could choose the color, and we were offered either the Turkish travel towel (pictured here), or the Kilim travel towel. I decided to take this photo over my 3-seat sofa, so that you can see how large the towel is. It’s square in shape, and big enough for a family picnic. It’s not too thick nor too thin, and it held up well when I washed it (once). I like the fringe because it is not too long and doesn’t tangle, but makes the towel look better. I am still trying to decide whether to keep it indoors or use it outdoors, because it’s just so pretty.

Listed value: $58

skova travel towel

Rachel Zoe for Box of Style Straw Bag

As you can see from the name, this bag was made exclusively for this box, so I just linked to the Rachel Zoe’s general website. It’s a flexible straw bag with black and white striped handles, that car be worn over the shoulder. The handles are a bit stiffer than I expected, so not a good choice for materials that can be easily damaged (like silk). The bag is large, with no pockets or zipper. To be honest, it doesn’t feel like a very high quality bag, and I probably wouldn’t pay even half of the listed price for it, but I will use it. It may be a good bag to bring to a farmer’s market or to the beach. Apparently the bag should be resilient enough to roll up and stash in the suitcase, but they delivered it stuffed with the white box and the towel to keep the shape, so I am afraid to test this “feature”. If you have a suggestion what I could use it for, let me know.

Listed value: $99

rachel zoe for box of style straw bag

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer

Last, but not least, I received this wonderful moisturizer. Kate Somerville is a great brand, and I have never tried this product before. It contains lactic and glycolic acids (AHAs) plus the pineapple, papaya and pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate skin over night and refine texture, fine lines and dullness in addition to moisturizing the skin. It’s like an all-in-one miracle cream. I am currently expecting a baby, so I’m avoiding products like this, but I can’t wait to crack it open once the baby arrives. I love the packaging too – that winking smiley is so cute!

Listed value: $65

kate somerville exfolikate glow moisturizer

I am really happy with everything that I received in this box. The quality of the products in really great, except the bag, which is still OK (it should hold up for some time). It is very hard to choose a favorite product in the box, since I will use everything. I think this box is very well curated for the season, and well rounded – the pieces all work together. I can imagine myself at a fancy resort wearing and using every one of the the products from the box.

That all being said, I find the listed prices the be a bit high. I know that these are realistic prices for these products, brands and quality, I just wouldn’t pay this much normally. I got this box at a discount, and it cost me $84.99 ($69.99 with the discount+$15 shipping) + customs (more about this later). The total listed value of the products is $400. It means that I paid an average price of $17 per item ($84.99/5), which is a very deep discount, and the products are definitely more than worth that price.

Customer service

Before I ordered this box I knew subscribers often complain that the customer service is very unresponsive. I tested this by sending them an email after subscribing to ask a few general questions about the shipping. I have received a response after a week, with apologies for responding so late. This was slow, but I still received a response, which I didn’t expect from all the complaints.

For further communication I replied directly to this response I received from Sean (customer service), and he would always reply within a day, sometimes withing a few hours. I can highly recommend you do the same  – send a general inquiry, and then keep communicating with the same person if needed. It worked great for me.

Sean also assured me that they are revamping their customer service team, and from my experience this seems to be true!

Shipping, customs and delivery

This is where I encountered really big problems. First, I ordered my box on May 27th, but it only shipped on July 6th, which is almost 6 weeks. I was told that it can take 3-4 weeks for international shipping, and this was way past that.

The only good thing in this whole process is that the box reached the Canadian border within 3 days of shipping.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from EZCLEAR that my box cleared customs and I needed to pay the invoice. I wasn’t aware that Box of Style was shipping this way, and I thought I would just gamble and see if I would get charged duties and taxes or not, but with the way they are shipping you are definitely paying. My invoice for duties, taxes and EZCLEAR fees was 25.61 CAD. Not happy!

I have paid the invoice immediately (you can pay online), and they have released the box for delivery with Canada Post. Or so I thought. I was waiting, but the tracking number with Canada Post never moved. I have to say at this point, the customs office is in the city next to mine, and I always receive my packages the next day after they have cleared the customes, regardless of were the duties and taxes charged on not.

It took me days to figure out who was at fault and holding my box. It turns out that a company APC-PLI Postal Logistics is used for shipping the package from US to Canada, and the held my box after it was released from EZCLEAR for 2 weeks to go “through the sorting process”. After multiple emails they admitted the box was held off site while awaiting the payment for duties and taxes (that I paid immediately). I have never had any shipping company hold my shipment for 2 weeks 30 minutes from my home before they actually deliver it. They didn’t even apologize, and consider this a “standard” shipping process.

Sean again assured me that they are looking into changing the shipping process and the courier for the boxes starting this fall, but after this whole experience, where I spent a lot of time and energy just trying to figure out who does what and who has my box, I wasn’t going to test their new system this season. I cancelled the box, and will wait to see if anyone has a better experience with this box coming to Canada before I can ever order it again. The boxes are great, but the delivery to Canada is not.


If you are still willing after reading all this to order a Box of Style, you can use this link (links in this review are referral links and give you $25 US off your first box, and me a $25 equivalent in credits). This helps me get more boxes for reviews, but if you don’t wish to use my referral, you can google the name of the box.

This box is not available for purchase anymore, and if you order now your first box will be the fall 2018 box. There are full spoilers available for the box, but I didn’t want to post them here. You can simply google the spoilers. I recommend you do, because at this price you really want to know that you would like the products.

This is a pricey box, but there aren’t many fashion and beauty boxes of this quality out there. I do believe that shipping to Canada is too expensive, especially compared to other boxes (FFF charges $8). You will also most definitely pay the duties and taxes, amount depending on the province you’re in.

Do you have any questions about this subscription? Do you subscribe to any boxes? How do you like this one?