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Drizzle was born out of a desire to showcase the unique qualities of raw honey, while supporting the health of local bee populations and empowering sustainable production in beekeeping. The owner of the company, Aja Horsley, is an environmental scientist, and during her work on beekeeping projects she saw the real need for sustainable beekeeping, and the company was born of that realization. Drizzle is a proudly Canadian company, located in Alberta.

I am a big honey lover, and often reach for a jar of honey over chocolate or jams when I have sweet cravings. I enjoy the sweet taste, and because of the numerous health benefits it makes me feel good knowing I am making good food choices. Back in Europe I used to buy honey directly from the beekeepers, because that way I was sure that the product I’m buying is 100% pure and of great quality. I don’t know any beekeepers here in Canada, so companies like Drizzle are always a better choice for me than the honey bought at groceries stores.

Drizzle honey is raw, making it rich with healthy pollen, enzymes, and minerals. It is also creamed, making it very spreadable and helping to avoid natural crystallization that occurs in every honey.


I received two varieties of Drizzle honey, the Raw Spring Honey and the Raw Summer Honey. They both come in minimalist 350g glass jars, which is my favorite type of honey packaging. The beautiful color of the honey inside is just so tempting, and makes me reach for it more often than I care to admit (no guilt, though).

The Raw Spring Honey is a lovely amber colored honey promising a medium-rich taste. This raw honey is only produced for a few weeks in early spring, and carries all the flavors of the first flowers of the season, with notes of chamomile, caramel, and dandelion. I definitely found the taste more rich than most meadow honeys I’ve tried, and definitely stronger than Drizzle Summer Honey, which makes it perfect for me. I just love a rich honey taste, so I’ve been eating this honey straight out of the jar.


I found this honey variety to pair well with rich nuts, like hazelnuts or walnuts, and it would work great on a cheese plate with stronger cheeses. Personally, I love it spread on a slice of buttered toast, with a touch of cinnamon. Honey has a lower glycemic index, which means it’s absorbed into blood more gradually than regular sugar, which is a good thing (it means your energy won’t be jumping up and down). So if you’re trying to kick sugar, but still crave sweets, honey is always a better option.

The Raw Summer Honey is a much milder meadow honey, with notes of wildflower, oak, and clover. It has a very light color, almost a creamy white, which corresponds well with its light taste. I love this honey in my tea, because it doesn’t alter the taste, just adds a touch of sweetness. It’s also great for baking, and I’ve make both cookies and honey-mustard chicken wings using this variety (sorry no photos, everything was eaten before I could snap some, but check out my Instagram page every now and then, I’ll try to post some recipe photos as I use the honey again).

I’ve noticed that the Summer honey is a bit softer and creamier than the Spring variety, so it’s easier to mix in my tea, smoothies and other recipes. One thing to note: PLEASE don’t add honey to hot drinks like tea, until they cool down a bit. High temperatures destroy all the valuable enzymes and minerals, and all that’s left is sugar.


If you’re not sold on this honey yet, in addition to keeping you healthy on the inside, you can use it on the outside! I love mixing my dry face masks with honey, but when I’m particularly lazy I just slather some honey all over my face and lips. Honey gently exfoliates your skin and nourishes it with pure natural minerals. This is a simple, easy and effective way to help your skin during these cold months.

Drizzle honey comes in 3 varieties, Raw Spring Honey, Raw Summer Honey and Raw Holiday Spiced Honey, with the latter being the latest addition to the range. They also sell their honey in a honeycomb, and have mini jars, gift sets, honey dipper and a recipe book available for purchase. Check out their shop to see all the options.

Both the Spring and the Summer varieties retails for $15.99 CAD, with the Spiced one selling for $17.99. You can also buy small jars of some varieties, and those cost $7.99. I personally hope they will come out with a mini trio sampler of all three varieties, because that would make a cute hostess gift, and it would be a great way to try all three types. They do have a gift set of all three varieties (big jars), that sells for $38.99.

You can also find these honey jars at various retail locations, and they keep expanding this list.

Do you like honey? Do you eat raw honey? Did you ever try substituting sugar with honey in your food and drinks?