Disclaimer: I have purchased the product(s) myself. Read the full disclosure here.

Pixi Beauty is a UK brand created by Petra Strand, a busy mother of four with 20+ years of experience as a product developer and makeup artist. She creates products that enhance natural beauty, contain botanicals and are quick and easy to use, for fuss-free and time saving skincare routines and makeup application.

Pixi Beauty is a brand I wanted to try for so long, but with some product overload I never got around to trying something. Recently I made a conscious decision to choose one product to try, and I “made an effort” to visit my local Shoppers Drug Mart. I have to say I had to search for Pixi Beauty products a little bit, they were kind of pushed to a corner, but as soon as I saw the display my eyes fell on the Liquid Fairy Lights Glimmery Shadow. I love glitter, but have no patience for fall out and glitter all over my face, so I was hoping this liquid eyeshadow would make it easy for me to use glitter on my eyes. And I just had to have the product named “Fairy Lights”!


Liquid Fairy Lights Glimmery Shadow comes in 5 shades, and if I remember right, only 4 shades were available in my local Shoppers Drug Mart. The shades this shadow comes in are:

  • Crystalline
  • SunRay
  • RoseGold
  • BareBrilliance
  • PassionLight

It was a bit hard to choose a color without swatching (#firstworldproblems), but I decided to go with the BareBrilliance, because it seemed the most subtle. Spoiler alert – There is no subtlety with these eyeshadows. But more about that later. What you can’t really see online is that each cream eyeshadow has glitter in it, that becomes really noticeable in direct light. BareBrilliance is a rosy taupe/nude eyeshadow with silver glitter.


These eyeshadows come in a liquid lipstick/lip gloss type of packaging with a soft, non-flexible applicator. The applicator applies enough product for my whole lid, but it’s not very precise. The way I apply this eyeshadow is by swiping the applicator across the center of my lid, then use a dense sponge-tip eyeshadow brush (I have one from a Smashbox eyeshadow brush travel kit). I spread the eyeshadow with the sponge tip towards the eyelash line, then smudge around the crease to blend it out a bit. The whole process is really quick, and you do have to be quick, because it sets fast. Once this eyeshadow sets, it will not budge! I wore it over my usual eyeshadow primer a few times, and never experienced any creasing, which is amazing for a cream eyeshadow, and the one with glitter, too.


Here is a swatch of the eyeshadow, swiped directly with the applicator (one swipe). This is how it looks when it’s hit by indirect sunlight. So sparkly!


And this is how I wear the eyeshadow. You can wear this shadow alone, or on top of other eyeshadows, but I like the convenience of applying it on its own quickly. I also believe that such a stunning eyeshadow attracts enough attention. I wear this during the day, but wouldn’t go to work wearing, of course. This is more a “brunch with the girls” look for me! You can see how the base cream eyeshadow is just a bit darker than my skin tone, and looks very subtle, but the glitter gives it so much pop.


I am honestly so in love with this product. I normally don’t love cream eyeshadows too much, because they mostly crease on my eyes, even over a primer, but this one doesn’t. It looks as good at the end of the day as it does when I just apply it. Also, it is so easy to blend this eyeshadow out, while some cream eyeshadows can be harder to work with. This shadow is just a very convenient product that lets me get a glam look in just a few minutes.

The only downside to this eyeshadow is that although it’s easy to remove with just about any makeup remover/cleanser, the glitter goes everywhere, and takes some work to get it all. I’ve been known to find glitter in my eyebrows, hairline, on my nose…all depending on what type of cleanser I’ve used. But that’s how it is with glitter. I still love the convenience and ease of use of this product.

In Canada, Liquid Fairy Lights Glimmery Shadow can be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart, and I paid $20 CAD for this one. It may seem a bit pricey, but I need only a tiny bit for each application, so if it doesn’t dry out it should last for a long, long time. The packaging seems good enough not to allow too much air in, so I don’t think it’ll dry out quickly.

Do you wear cream eyeshadows? What are your thoughts about glitter? What do you think about this product?