I wanted to give a quick little review of my favorite discovery this season. OK, one of my favorite discoveries. I randomly picked up this lip balm to get free shipping for my Sephora order, since I can never have enough lip balms.

Rosebud Perfume Co. has a number of flavors of this balm, that comes in a tube or a pot. I chose the tube version, for the obvious reason, and also decided to go for the rose version, for no particular reason 🙂 They sell for $7.50 – 8.50 at Sephora, and I found them at Chapters, too, for a slightly higher price of $9.00

I really appreciate that the tube comes sealed, since it’s not in a box and it would be easy to open it. This way I know it’s safe. Sorry for the blurry photo, I just wanted to show you how it looks sealed:


The applicator is simple, plastic, so there is no waste of product. I expected not to like how it applies, but it is actually comfortable on my lips and glides easily.


The product itself is rosy and has a thick balm consistency. The rose scent is quite strong, but it didn’t bother me, although I get migraines a lot.


Although it looks rosy, it goes on clear, and it makes my lips slightly shiny, but not too much.

I have to mention, this balm has a petroleum jelly base, so if you are looking for an all natural lip balm, this won’t be the one.

All this is nice, but the most important thing is that this balm helped my dry, chapped lips like no other balm did. They got really bad this winter, and Smith’s balm healed them completely! I even had to use it a bit less often than other balms.


You can see my lips were very dry and even red, especially around the edges. This balm healed my dry lips fast and completely. I had to apply it less often, so it lasted longer than other balms, too.

I will definitely repurchase it, and can’t recommend it enough. Mocha rose is the next one I am planning to try!

Did you try any of these balms? Did you like them? What is your favorite balm for dry lips?

Disclaimer: Purchased by me.