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After trying a free month of Ipsy Glam Bag subscription in January, I really liked it and decided to keep the subscription going for a while. This is one of the cheapest makeup subscriptions out there, and since I am on a makeup overload, but still want to receive some fun mail, I thought this could be a good match. This is my fourth box.

Ipsy Glam Bag is a beauty subscription box that sends 5 makeup and skincare samples every month, and sometimes full sized products, too. You will also receive a makeup bag every month. The brands included vary a lot, and there are big variations between boxes. You fill a profile, and they try to match you with products that suit you.

The cost: US $10 + $4.95 shipping to Canada (no shipping charge for the US)

Ships to: Canada, US (except Hawaii and Alaska)

Good to know: You can pause the subscription for 1, 2 or 3 months, or adjust the frequency to receive the bag every other month (they bill you $12 USD every two months for this).

Everything comes packed in a bright pink padded envelope, and all the makeup survived shipping from the US to Canada.


April theme is Social Butterfly! The bag comes with a card. One side of this month’s card has a motivational text to make you seize the day!


This is everything that I received in my April bag. Please note that there are many variations, and you may and probably will receive some or all different products.


April Glam Bag

This month’s bag is made of “faux leather” with a fun butterfly print, to go with the theme. It has rose gold accents and hardware, and lining and the flip side of the back are lilac in color. The nylon lining is probably not waterproof, but it should be easy to wipe in case of any spills. Although I am not usually very girly, I really love this bag – I think it’s my favorite so far.


Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Miss Conduct – Sample (size unknown)

This color of this Smashbox liquid lipstick is described as a deep, warm plum, but I see not plum in it – for me this is a burgundy color, very vampy, and a weird choice for a spring bag, but I will save it for the rainy, gloomy days. Because the color is so dark, it’s a bit hard to get it even, although the applicator is great and very precise. I definitely need to conceal around my lips after applying this lipstick, so it’s going to be for those occasions when I have time to do my makeup slowly. The lipstick dries down quickly, and actually feels quite comfortable on my lips. Like most matte lipsticks, it is a bit dry, but not extremely. This is a rare matte lipstick I can actually enjoy wearing. The color doesn’t transfer on my water glass, but it wears off with food. Also, after wearing it a while it starts smudging if touched/rubbed. Overall, it’s not bad, but not perfect.

Value: $6.48 CAD/ 5.54 USD (estimated 1/3 of full size)


Vasanti Cosmetics Concealer Buffer Brush – Full size!

I was so happy to receive this brush! I probably don’t need too many new brushes, but I’ve heard good things about Vasanti Cosmetics ones. This concealer buffer is a synthetic bristle brush made for setting the concealer with powder. It has perfect bristle length and density for this, and really makes setting my undereye area easier. The bristles are soft, which is so important for this delicate area. I can definitely recommend this brush!

Value: $23 CAD/ 23 USD (this is not a mistake, I confirmed the currency with the company)


Purlisse Coconut Oil + Coffee Sugar Body Scrub – Sample 20 g

Since I love body scrubs, I had to use this (pretty small) sample right away. This scrub has a great espresso scent, and offers light to medium level of exfoliation. It sticks to skin well, so it’s better than most coffee scrubs I’ve used, that usually fly all over my shower. This one doesn’t make a huge mess. I may be using too much, but for me this sample was enough only from the waist down, but that was good enough to test it. It left my skin smooth, as expected, and with a slightly greasy layer. It was easy to rinse off, and didn’t stain the cuticles on my hands like some other coffee scrubs.

Value: $10 USD


NailMedic Keratin & Calcium Infused Nail Polish in Rise & Slay – Full size!

I probably wouldn’t have chosen this color for myself, but the pastel mint is very spring appropriate, and it makes sense to receive it now. I actually wear mint more in the summer, so I didn’t try this nail polish yet and can tell you how it performs, but since I have nothing similar in my collection I will keep it and try it sometime in the following months. You can follow my Instagram page, I will post a small review there eventually.

Value: $7.99 USD (based on other NalMedic nail polishes)


Trissola Leave In Conditioner – Sample 20 ml

This conditioner is quite liquid and feels slippery in my hand. The instructions say to use a small amount, but they don’t specify how much is that. I used as much as I use with other hair creams or leave-in conditioners, and noticed that although it didn’t feel heavy, it smoothed my lightly wavy hair. It’s great if you like sleek, straight hair, but I like my waves, so I’m not sure this is for me. The best thing about the product – the scent! It smells like a mix of caramel and vanilla, I almost wanted to eat it. The scent lingered in my hair for a day or two, too!

Value: $1.92 USD


Normally I would share a photo of all the makeup swatched, too, but since the only swatchable product was the lipstick, I just swatched it above. I mentioned that I’d like my makeup bags to have more makeup, so hopefully they will consider it for June onward (too late for the May bag).

This bag was OK, but a bit underwhelming again, and I hope it will get better over time. If I am getting a brush, I don’t like getting more than one skincare sample, too, since I subscribed to Ipsy mostly for the makeup. Also, I was honestly surprised to see the price of the body scrub sample. Total value of my bag is $48.45 USD, and the price is $14.95 USD (the bag + shipping to Canada), so although this is a great value for the price, it’s really low for Ipsy bags. I think I will use everything except the leave in conditioner, so the value of useful items for me is $46.53, which is OK, but I know they can do better. I just wish that Ipsy didn’t charge shipping to Canada, or at least if they tried to lower it, since it considerably increases the total price of the bag, making it not as cheap as it seems at first.

You can order Ipsy Glam Bag using this link (all the links in this review are referral links and give me a 250 in points that I can redeem for products). This helps me get more products and boxes for reviews, but if you don’t wish to use my referral, you can google the name.

Ipsy does release some spoilers for the next month, but I don’t find them as useful, since there are so many options and variations, so I will not include them here. However, if you subscribe, you can see what you’ll be getting on or before the 5th day of the month by logging into your profile.

Good to know: Ipsy offers an additional quiz for some users, accessible through the profile, and I highly recommend doing it. I started tracking what I like/ don’t like in the Ipsy quiz, and what I actually receive. This month I have received two products from my likes (the brush and the lipstick), while I didn’t receive any that I marked as don’t like.

Do you have any questions about this subscription? Do you subscribe to any boxes? How do you like this one?