Disclaimer: This post contains referral links.  I have purchased the product(s) myself. 

I really love the subscription box system, and wanted to subscribe to a few different boxes. However, I can see how addictive it can become, so I decided to really think about what I need. I decided to up my styling game, since I didn’t follow any of the recent trends and didn’t buy any costume jewelry for a while. For these reasons, I checked jewelry subscription boxes, and decided to go with Your Bijoux box.

Your Bijoux Box was the only box I saw that fits what I wanted. I need a box that sends jewelry that is not too dainty, since I have lots of those, follows trends, and sends quality pieces. Also, they occasionally send Deepa Gurnani pieces, and I really wanted to get a few of those. They send three pieces of jewelry, but almost always include something as a bonus. If your ears are not pierced, you can request no earrings when you sign up. Also, you can easily skip a month if you do this before billing. I received an e-mail when it was billing time.

The cost: US $36 + $10 shipping to Canada

Ships to: Canada, US

You can use coupon code WELCOME to receive a bonus piece in your first box. You can see what I’ve received at the end of this review.

February theme is Champagne Crystals.


They included this information card in the box, which contains information about the pieces in the box, as well as some styling suggestions.


I am in love with this box, so be prepared for LOTS of photos!

Champagne crystal collar

This is a gold and crystal collar necklace that has nice weight to it. It was the first spoiler for February, and I really like it, since I have no such pieces in my small collection. There is no brand named on the informational card, but there is a small “B” attached to the necklace, so I assume it was made by/for Your Bijoux Box specifically.


It is stunning! I consider it a statement piece, and it gets me out of my comfort zone. I don’t think I could handle more than this, but I can definitely pull it off. Even hubby was  wow-ed when he saw it. It will be perfect for dinner dates!

Here it’s on. It’s a very sparkly piece. Although it has nice weight, it is comfy to wear, and so far it didn’t pull on my hair. I like the length, too, and it will work with a lot of my shirts and dresses.


Ginger Rose Gold Necklace

This necklace was the second spoiler for February. I didn’t have any long necklaces, and nothing in rose gold, so I really needed something like this.

This is an extremely long necklace, but luckily it doesn’t tangle much. It is lightweight, but not fragile. Again, there is no brand named, but it’s a piece of good quality.


I think this is a very feminine piece, and easy to style casually or dressy. I had a hard time taking a photo of it, because it’s so long, and this is the best I could do – you can see it goes for miles:


Here’s a close up of the pendants. They are very sparkly, too, but the necklace is simple enough to work for many styles.


Deepa Gurnani Velvet bracelet

This bracelet is my favorite piece in the box. There was a spoiler saying there will be a Deepa Gurnani piece in the box, but they didn’t specify what exactly. I secretly wished for a bracelet, and a red one, for Valentines day, and voila! This bracelet is designed exclusively for Your Bijoux box.


This bracelet is sturdier than I expected. Inside is coated in smooth velvety material, which makes it very comfortable to wear. It’s sparkly, but not too much, and has a beautiful deep red color.

I usually have a problem with bracelets, since I have baby thin wrists, but this one is fully adjustable. At the smallest setting it fits me nicely, but it can be expanded a lot, so it should work for almost anyone.


Lucky feather heart ties

These ties are the bonus item for February. I think they fit the theme. They are tight, but expand nicely, and I have similar hair ties that expand more over time. They are slightly shimmery, and have cute spring colors. They are very feminine and romantic, and look nice on my wrist or in hair.


I like this type of hair ties, and the little charms make them extra cute.


Welcome bonus

I’ve mentioned in the beginning that if you use the coupon code you get an extra piece of jewelry. There is a comment box when you’re ordering, and I asked if I could get another Deepa Gurnani piece. I am not sure if they always do this and what other people get in their first box, but they actually sent me what I asked for!

They also included this nice handwritten note. I think this was a very nice touch, and makes me feel that they care.

I got this Deepa Gurnani hair tie, that was the bonus piece in Your Bijoux September 2016 box.


It’s quite tight, but it looks cute on my wrist and in my hair.


It took me a little while to figure out how to make it turn the right way. It is flexible, but I have a feeling this one will get worn out quickly, so I will save it for special occasions.


You can order Your Bijoux box using this link  (this link is a referral link and gives you $5 US off, and me a $5 equivalent in points). This helps me get more boxes for reviews, but if you don’t wish to use my referral, you can google the name of the box.

February box is sold out, and you can order the March box. There are almost always two spoilers, and for now they revealed that every March box will be all silver jewelry, including emerald crystal and a bonus accessory perfect for St. Patrick’s day. It will also contain one of two different adjustable House of Harlow bracelets (you can see them on Your Bijoux Instagram page), with retail value of $78 US.

I really enjoyed my first Your Bijoux box. I like that they reveal spoilers, so I can skip a month if I don’t like what they revealed. I do believe that shipping to Canada is too expensive for such a small box, and that is the only thing that may make me cancel in the future, since it really adds up with our bad conversion rates. I wasn’t charged any customs duties, and will inform you if it happens with following boxes.

Do you have any questions about this subscription? Do you subscribe to any boxes? How do you like this one?