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After trying a free month of Ipsy Glam Bag subscription in January, I really liked it and decided to keep the subscription going for a while. This is one of the cheapest makeup subscriptions out there, and since I am on a makeup overload, but still want to receive some fun mail, I thought this could be a good match. This is my fifth box, and I will be skipping the next month.

Ipsy Glam Bag is a beauty subscription box that sends 5 makeup and skincare samples every month, and sometimes full sized products, too. You will also receive a makeup bag every month. The brands included vary a lot, and there are big variations between boxes. You fill a profile, and they try to match you with products that suit you.

The cost: US $10 + $4.95 shipping to Canada (no shipping charge for the US)

Ships to: Canada, US (except Hawaii and Alaska)

Good to know: You can pause the subscription for 1, 2 or 3 months, or adjust the frequency to receive the bag every other month (they bill you $12 USD every two months for this).

Everything comes packed in a bright pink padded envelope, and all the makeup survived shipping from the US to Canada.


May theme is Go There! The bag comes with a card. One side of this month’s card has a motivational text to get you to plan an adventure!


This is everything that I received in my May bag. Please note that there are many variations, and you may and probably will receive some or all different products.


May Glam Bag

This month’s bag is light yellow and covered in passport stamps print on one side, and has a solid melon orange color on the flip side. Inside is lined in bright orange nylon lining that is probably not waterproof, but it should be easy to wipe in case of any spills. I love the attention to details – even the zipper pull has an airplane on it, to match the theme.


Surmedic Pore-Less Carbonic-Peel Mask – 2 Sheets

I am always so happy to see sheet masks in any of my subscription boxes, however these ones didn’t work for me. They have a perfumey scent that I didn’t like, and I didn’t notice any improvement in my pores. Other than that, I like that the masks go on for 10-15 minutes only. The top part fits perfectly, while the bottom half is too big for my face. The material is soft and comfortable to wear, and soaked in essence, with more essence left in packaging. Once removed, the essence sinks in fast. I wouldn’t buy these masks again, since I didn’t see big results in my pores, and they didn’t hydrate my skin too much either.

Value: $8 USD


Neon & Co. Hair & Scalp Mask – Sample 20 ml

This is a pricey mask, and although I didn’t have a chance to try it yet, I am glad to have it. It’s supposed to be used on hair and scalp to hydrate, restore and detangle. I have long hair that can always use some TLC. From my experience with other hair masks, this sample will be enough for 2 uses on long hair (more if your hair is shorter).

Value: $4.8 USD


treStiQue Matte Blur Stick – Sample 1.1 g

I love trying out primers, because I need to use them all the time. The dry patches on my skin need a primer on top to make them less obvious, and my pores do need blurring. This primer is made to blur and mattify, so I tried it on my T-zone only. As soon as I swipe it over my skin it makes it look blurred and matte, but I have noticed some shine coming through over time. I am still deciding whether I like it on not. As for the size, this is a mini that comes in at 1.1 g, and the full size has 6.1 g, which would make the sample worth around $5. However, the full size comes with blotting papers also, so I knocked off $1 from the value to account for that.

Value: $4 (estimated)


Adesse Organic Infused Nail Lacquer in Bellini – FULL SIZE

I was surprised to see the price tag on this nail polish, until I read about it. This is a 12-free nail polish, which is amazing on it’s own. Even just 3 or 5-free nail polishes are not that common. I need two layers of this nail polish, and it has that ballet-slipper very pale pink color that goes with any outfit, works for any occasion and any season. It has the high shine finish that I like, so you could technically go without a top coat in a hurry. It’s an overall great nail polish, and I’m happy to have received a color I wouldn’t buy myself (I gravitate towards dark nail polishes).

Value: $18


Slmissglambeauty Eyeshadow Brush – FULL SIZE

I am always happy to receive more makeup brushes, and just like the one Slmissglam brush I received in the March Ipsy bag, this one is also very soft and fluffy. I like the blue and purple color combo, and regularly use this type of brushes, so it’s nice to have a backup. Value wise, I have the same issue I had in March – it is very hard to estimate a value for this brush, since Slmissglam only sells makeup brushes in sets. This brush is similar to brushes in various sets, so I estimated the value at a bit less than 1/6 of the price of one set (since sets come with 5 face and one eye brush).

Value: $10 (estimated)


Normally I would share a photo of all the makeup swatched, too, but this time around the only makeup item I received (blur stick) is sheer. I am sorry not to include a photo of the nail polish, I only tried it on one finger to see how it looks like, I still didn’t wear it as a full mani.

This bag was OK, but a bit underwhelming again, and I hope it will get better over time. I talked to one of the Ipsy agents, and they told me they can opt me our of some categories I don’t want to receive, so I’ll have to take some time and specify my likes better. They also told me they can’t make the system send me more makeup, and we’ll have to tune it better through the categories. If I am getting a brush, I don’t like getting more than one skincare sample, too, since I subscribed to Ipsy mostly for the makeup. Total value of my bag is $44.8 USD, and the price is $14.95 USD (the bag + shipping to Canada), so although this is a great value for the price, it’s really low for Ipsy bags. I think I will use everything, but the face masks didn’t work for me, so the value of useful items for me is $36.8, which is OK, but I know they can do better. I just wish that Ipsy didn’t charge shipping to Canada, or at least if they tried to lower it, since it considerably increases the total price of the bag, making it not as cheap as it seems at first.

You can order Ipsy Glam Bag using this link (all the links in this review are referral links and give me a 250 in points that I can redeem for products). This helps me get more products and boxes for reviews, but if you don’t wish to use my referral, you can google the name.

Ipsy does release some spoilers for the next month, but I don’t find them as useful, since there are so many options and variations, so I will not include them here. However, if you subscribe, you can see what you’ll be getting on or before the 5th day of the month by logging into your profile.

Good to know: Ipsy offers an additional quiz for some users, accessible through the profile, and I highly recommend doing it. I started tracking what I like/ don’t like in the Ipsy quiz, and what I actually receive. This month I have received two products from my likes (the brush and the lipstick), while I didn’t receive any that I marked as don’t like.

Do you have any questions about this subscription? Do you subscribe to any boxes? How do you like this one?