I recently participated in the Givenchy contest that was kindly posted on Instagram by @canadianenvogue. It was a creative contest, and they requested photos of a lipstick mark. I participated with three photos, and this photo was chosen as one of the winning ones.

As a reward I’ve received the sold out, limited edition, Rouge Interdit Marble Rouge Revelateur lipstick. They even added a Magenta mini as an extra.

Only a few days after I was notified of the win, I caught the UPS driver leaving a box containing this Givenchy bag on my doorstep.


The bag contained both lipsticks, cute stickers and post-its, information card and a letter from the Givenchy team. The main star is the Rouge Interdit Marble Rouge Revelateur lipstick.


The packaging of this lipstick is just stunning! The sleek, shiny cap is rectangular, so it doesn’t roll over, and it features the black ribbon design outlined with silver, and silver brand name. The etched ribbon nicely continues with a real ribbon that is used to pull the lipstick out. A click mechanism makes sure the lipstick won’t fall out of the cap on it’s own. It’s just so fancy and beautiful!


This is the close up of the lipstick. You can see the marbling, which is not as intense as in Givenchy Beauty promotional photos, but it’s still quite noticeable.


It was really hard to get myself to swatch this lipstick, but here it is. Top to bottom: one swipe, three swipes, five swipes. It’s quite sheerer than I expected, but buildable to an extent. The sheer stripe you can see through the middle of each of the swatches is from the black Noir Revelateur part of the lipstick. This lipstick is a 50/50 combination of the Rouge Interdit Noir Revelateur and No.13 shades.


The lipstick itself is amazingly easy to apply. The formula is very hydrating, so it glides over lips almost like a lip balm. It also feels like a lip balm on the lips. I felt comfortable wearing it all day.

The color is brighter than I expected, and the Noir Revelateur part of it gives it a cool undertone, which makes this lipstick much more wearable for me. I would say that it gives a medium coverage, but it can be sheer if you don’t layer it up like I did.


The lipstick is not long lasting, but still it’s longer lasting that I expected for such a hydrating formula. I got 3-5 hours of wear before having to reapply, depending on how much water I drank. I had to reapply after eating.

It leaves a nice, even stain, that makes my pale lips rosy looking.


The second lipstick I received is a deluxe sample of the Rouge Interdit in Magenta.


I was at first afraid of the bright, pink color, until I swatched it. This lipstick is a bit sheer, too, but less then the marbled one, and the color is easily buildable. I actually like that it’s a bit sheer, since it’s a bold color, and this way I may be able to make it work for me.
The swatch on the right is one swipe, on the left multiple swipes.


It features the same hydrating formula, that applies and wears exactly the same as the Marble Rouge Revelateur.

I think the color is really fun!


This lipstick was a limited edition, and it is unfortunately sold out. However, I do recommend you to explore other Rouge Interdit shades. They are pricey, but I love the formula!

Did any of you try Givenchy Rouge Interdit, or maybe even got your hands on this limited edition gem? Or are you still matte lipstick girl?