Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received complimentary for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

I’m always very excited to receive a VoxBox from Influenster. It may be the fact that I never know when I’ll qualify or what will I get, but the whole secrecy about the selection process just makes me feel so special when I actually do get a box. When the box comes with a brand new product, it’s even better. Who wouldn’t like getting a new product to test and review for free.

My latest VoxBox from Influenster arrived with a Revlon’s newest mascara, Mega Multiplier, in the blackened brown color. This mascara combines fibers and 360 tubes in one step, to give extra volume and oversized lashes look.

I really like the packaging. The mascara comes in a matte black tube with a sleek, shiny, aqua blue cap. I love the combination of different textures, and the pop of color that is summer appropriate. Also, the tube is flattened, not round, so the mascara doesn’t roll around.


The mascara has a cone shaped brush with three different bristle lengths. I find it very easy to maneuver and to reach every single eyelash. However, it doesn’t comb through my lashes, instead it clumps them together more than I like, so much that I have to separate them afterwards.


I find that it gives my lashes a defined look, with some volume and length, but not as much as some other mascaras I tried. I’d say this would be more for a natural, daytime makeup look. It also doesn’t lift my lashes much, so I would recommend an eyelash curler before using it. The blackened brown color looks black on me, but more like a softer, diffused black, which is a great choice for summer.


The claims of the mascara being smudge, flake and water proof are all correct. It lasts all day on my eyes, even in hot weather. I touch my eyes sometimes, accidentally, and the mascara never smudged or flaked.

However, the claims that it can be easily removed with warm water are not really true for me. I had some trouble removing it with hot water or my usual eye makeup remover, and needed to rub a lot, which I didn’t like. With a makeup remover for waterproof makeup

Here are some before and after photos. You can see that I definitely get some length and volume, and some lift, but it’s not wow. I naturally have long eyelashes, and lots of other mascaras look much better on. I also have a feeling that it sometimes look like I slept with mascara on.


The only upside of this natural look and less length for me is that my lashes are not touching my sunglasses this way, so I may consider wearing the mascara on sunny warm days. This can be a good mascara for a “no makeup” makeup look. I am often a minimalist when it comes to makeup, and I see this mascara grouped together with a  few other, effortless, makeup and beauty items (like the ones shown below).


The Revlon Mega Multiplier, mascara is sold in many drugstores, and costs $11.99. For what it does, I wouldn’t go back and buy this mascara, but it may be just me. It’s good, but not impressive. I’ve seen people that this mascara works for, so you may want to try it anyways.

Did you try this mascara? Do you have a favorite Revlon mascara – leave a comment, I’d like to try some other ones!