Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

Like many other great companies, Delúvia was born out of a need. One of the owners, Alicia, suffered from psoriasis and discovered that Dead Sea mud was helping her, and the Delúvia line of skincare was born. To accompany this wonderful skincare line, later on she, along with her husband, started Demúre Mineral Cosmetics, a line of mineral makeup that is natural, free of all the harmful ingredients, but effective. The company is located in Clearwater Florida.

As you probably know, I am transitioning to more natural skincare and makeup, although knowing myself, that will never be a complete transition. I am always happy, though, to try mineral makeup, because I know it’s good for me, and I love natural looking makeup. I don’t always get all that I’m looking for in mineral makeup, so my quest to find the perfect brand is never ending. I was so happy to collaborate with Delúvia to test some of their Demúre Mineral Cosmetics. I tried a wide range of face, eye and lip products, and today I want to introduce you to a few of their Mineral Eye Colors and a Mineral Eye Liner.

I received three mineral eye colors in Desert Sand (matte), Spring Fever (sparkle) and Chocolate Rose (matte), and a mineral khol eyeliner in Morocco.

All the Demúre eyeshadows are formulated with pure crushed minerals, with no added fillers, talc, bismuth oxychloride, chemicals, preservatives or nano particles. The are supposed to provide excellent  coverage, and can be mixed with lip gloss or nail polish to create your own custom color. The eyeliners are supposed to have a rich and consistent color, creamy texture and they are all fragrance free. All the products are cruelty-free!

Desert Sand is a very light, matte vanilla, swatched in a lower photo. It is very pigmented, but blends out to almost nothing on my eyes – I have a light skin tone. This is actually a good thing for me, since I always need an eyeshadow like this to use on my browbone or all over the lid, the make it look more smooth and even. I also use this pigment to smooth out the sharp edges of dark colors when I do a smokey eye. If you have a medium to dark skin tone, this pigment would really pop!


Spring Fever is described as a chameleon color of light gold and light green undertones with a multifaceted sparkle color. I definitely thought it must be at least duochrome as soon as I applied it to my lids. I definitely see some champagne gold and rose gold, depending on the angle the light hits my eyes. This is one pigment that would work with any eye color. It’s unique, and I don’t own anything like it. It’s such an easy color to work with, too – it can be paired with almost any other eyeshadow.


Chocolate Rose is a rosey-brown matte pigment. I would say it’s medium-dark, and it’s beautiful for using in the crease, to darken the outer corner of the eye, or if you feel especially dark, all over the lid. It’s not too dark to be used during the day, and the pigmentation and blendability is fantastic. I really like the pink undertone, and love this pigment paired with neutral and berry tones. This is another color I didn’t have in my makeup bag! I believe this pigment could be used a s a beautiful multifaceted highlighter for medium to deep skin tones!


Morocco khol eyeliner is a medium brown color. I found it a bit too stiff, not too much, so it could have been a bit creamier. However, I managed to get a really nice, thin line with it. If you double up while applying it, it gets quite dark. I like brown eyeliner colors for summer and fall, since they add definition without the harshness of a black eyeliner, and this one has a really nice color for that.


Here are all the eyeshadows and the eyeliner swatched. These are finger swatches over bare skin, but they apply much more evenly with a brush than with a finger.

Left to right: Morocco eyeliner; Chocolate Rose, Spring Fever, Desert Sand pigments

These pigments are so easy to work with, if you know what you’re doing. If you are not familiar with loose pigments and mineral makeup, I recommend you first tap your brush into the pigment, then swirl it in the empty cap until all the shadow is absorbed into the brush, then apply it. I was using them this way, and experienced almost no fallout! They apply and blend well over dry eyes, eye cream or eye primer.

Although I always wear eyeshadows over a primer, because I can rarely find anything that doesn’t crease on my eyes, I gave these pigments benefit of the doubt and tried them without a primer first. It makes sense to go more natural when using mineral makeup. Unfortunately, without a primer the applied pigments creased, and by the end of the day it really looked bad. I wasn’t surprised though, it’s the shape of my eyes. However, with an eye primer the pigments stayed put all day, and looked as good at the end of the day as when first applied!

The eyeliner wears well alone or over the eyeshadows. As I mentioned above, it’s a little bit stiff so it took longer to apply, but I always got a nice, thin, even line. It also didn’t hurt my eyes when I was applying it, so it’s not completely bad. I wore it without a primer alone, on bare eyes, and there were no problems with it bleeding or transferring anywhere.

I did a few natural eye looks using these pigments and eyeliner, but I added the Demúre mineral blush and bronzer in some of them (to be reviewed). I really enjoyed working with this line of makeup!

For my first look I used all three eyeshadows in the traditonal way. I used the Desert Sand on my brow bone, Spring Fever all over the lid and to highlight the inner corner, and Chocolate Rose lightly applied in the outer corner and crease. For this look I also used the eyeliner in Morocco. I think this is a nice daywear look, that is almost neutral, but a bit more interesting than that.


For the second look I wanted to create a halo-like eye using the Chocolate Rose pigment and the Demúre mineral bronzer. I have hazel eyes, and this look makes them look a bit more green. I used the pigment a bit more heavily applied in the outer and inner corners, and the bronzer in the middle of the lid to highlight it. Except for the fact that I messed up the outer corner a bit, I like how this turned out, and it’s perfect for late summer evenings.


The third, and last look I created using the Demúre mineral blush in Satin Rose in the outer and inner corners and the eye pigment in Spring Fever to highlight the middle of the lid. I think this is such a pretty, romantic halo eye that I will be doing a lot for both daytime and dinner dates. You can see how the Spring Fever pigment catches the light differently here, compared to first look!


I was honestly impressed with these mineral eye pigments. They let me create quick, easy to wear looks that lasted all day without creasing (over a primer). It can get a bit messy on the table while I’m applying them, so I just spread them over a napkin, and the clean up is easy. But the way they apply, blend, and the lack of fallout make me reach for these pigments all the time. The eyeliner is good, but not my favorite. I like the color, but it would need to be just a bit softer for me to use it more often.

All the Demúre Mineral Eye Colors retail for $15 USD, but the preferred online price shown is $12 for most them, with a few selling for $7. It’s a good deal, since the little pot is full to the brim, and you really only need a small amount every time. The Mineral Eye Liners retail for $15 USD each, and the preferred online price is $12 USD, with one color being sold for $7.50.

Have you ever tried mineral makeup? Do you prefer natural makeup over non-natural? Do you see any specific product on Deluvia/Demure website that you would like to try?

I want to let all of my US subscribers know that Deluvia kindly offered a Demure starter kit to one of my followers. This will be an Instagram giveaway, so check out my account and look for the giveaway post for all the details on how to enter!