Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at a discount for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest.

I find the whole subscription boxes thing very intriguing. You get surprised with a number of items, which you may or may not like. You might get items that you would never even think of getting for yourself, and may end up loving them. And the things you end up not liking may be re-used as gifts. I can spend hours reading about what comes in which subscription box, and I have my favorites. I just never took the plunge and ordered one. Enter Babe Box.

I received a generous offer to get two Winter Babe Boxes with a discount. Since I don’t need to double up on things, I have decided to host MY FIRST GIVEAWAY. I am giving away one full winter Babe Box (keep reading for the giveaway).

Babe Box is a Canadian subscription service that delivers the latest in beauty, fashion, entertainment and food. They are different from other sub boxes in that they want you to communicate with them – share what you did or did not like in your box on social media, blog or through e-mail. It is a seasonal quarterly box (spring, summer, fall, winter), and you have to order it each season.

The cost: 10 CAD + tax + 10-12 CAD shipping (shipping costs depends on the province)

Ships to: Canada only

The winter box contents were listed on Babe Box’s website, so there was no surprise. These are the products included:


Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Volume Hairspray
FULL SIZE – 8.8oz/300ml – 9.99 CAD   

This hairspray smells strongly of coconut! It is supposed to add extra volume, fullness and shine, dry instantly and add extra hold. Ingredients list shows coconut oil, shea butter and biotin, as well as no water, to help condition hair.

I found that I get medium hold with this spray, a bit crunchy, but not too much, and flexible if used on loose hair. I managed to brush it out easily the next day, with no residue or flaking. I didn’t see any visible difference in volume.

The coconut scent is very strong. Since I get migraines, I was afraid of this. Once it was in my hair I could smell it, but it wasn’t overpowering.

The spray is sulfate, paraben and DEA free.


I found that it’s good for bad hair days, when I like to wear my hair in a ponytail, to tame the fly-aways and make it slick. It managed to tame fly-aways for a while, more than other hairsprays I used. (Like any other hairspray, keep it further away from your hair when spraying than I am in the photo below).


Goody Simple Styles Gibson Roll Kit and Spin Pins
FULL SIZE – 7.99 CAD each

I am quite bad at hair styles, so when I saw these kits in the box I got really excited.

The Gibson Roll Kit comes with a plastic headband secured with an elastic, and 6 bobby pins. You put the headband on, and then roll small sections of your hair around it, and then secure with bobby pins.


I was expecting this set to be hard to master, but it took me less than a minute to achieve the look on these photos. It held for a few hours that I was wearing it around the house, doing housework, and I didn’t need to use any of the included bobby pins. My hair wasn’t tangled when I removed it.

The headband is a bit tight, and my head is on the small side, so this may be something you’d like to know. However, I didn’t get a headache, and I think it will not be a problem for me if I don’t wear it for too long.

I believe it would look even nicer if I tucked my hair in smaller sections. I definitely look forward to exploring this set during summer!


The Spin Pin set comes with 2 pins, each replacing up to 10 regular bobby pins. You make a bun, without a hair tie, and then twist the pins in from top and bottom. Sounds simple!


Unlike the other set, this one was harder to master for me. It took a few attempts, since if you don’t do it right, hair comes out of the bun. The best I could do is a very messy bun. This can be easily fixed with a few extra bobby pins, so I am not giving up on these spin pins.

I believe this would be easier done on someone else, or if you have someone do it for you. Also, I recently had a haircut, and I believe they would work way better on longer hair.

This is a nice daily home look for me, since they hold well, and my hair didn’t get tangled upon removal.


Now that I’ve seen and tried these, I feel like I need to explore other Goody Simple Styles kits!

Blissful Beauty Mineral Glow Highlighter
Sample size – 2 x 1g – 8 CAD (full size 4g/16 CAD)

These highlighters are hand-crafted in Nova Scotia. Yay for another Canadian company!

From their website:  It’s a cruelty free, hypoallergenic, natural & beneficial line with vegan options & is suitable for even the most sensitive skin!  Free of Talc, Parabens, Synthetic Dyes, Animal By-Products, Gluten and Harsh Chemicals and Fillers.  

Full size comes in a regular sifter with rotating lock and a powder puff, while these samples came with a sticker covering the sifter holes.


I love that they’ve included two different highlighters, so they accommodate different skin tones and make-up preferences.

The brightening highlighter is pearly pink, has more sparkle and fine shimmer, while the champagne one is less shimmery, golden, and gives a more subtle glow. They are both very pigmented, so these samples will last forever!


Here I used the champagne highlighter on my brow bone, and the brightening one on top of my cheekbones.  You can see I got a very nice glow where the highlighters catch the light.


Elixir Apothecary Essential Oil Roller in Merry + Bright
FULL SIZE – 10 ml – 14.95 USD (sale)/19.9 CAD

This roller was on sale for 14.95 USD when I received my box, but it’s currently sold out. I have linked to the Elixir Apothecary products page, where you can check out other rollers, priced at 9.95 USD each.

Elixir Apothecary is a company that started their business in 2016. They create natural products in small batches, with mostly organic ingredients. Their guarantees: no artificial colors, cruelty-free, preservative-free, fair trade, mostly vegan, made in a clean studio,  never try to hide the products’ ingredient list, all colorants are sourced from a natural powder, clay or salt.

The Merry + Bright roller contains essential oils of cinnamon, wild orange, grapefruit, coffee, eucalyptus, lemon, pine and peppermint, in a coconut oil base. All the oils, except wild orange, are certified organic. This product is vegan.


I use this roller constantly since I’ve received the box. I roll it onto my wrists, then rub them together, and inhale during the day. Small amount goes a long way! The oils sink into my skin really fast.

The oils smell fresh, but not too intrusive. I can first smell eucalyptus and pine, then mostly orange and citrus scents.

It was raining here for the last few days, and this roller was very uplifting. I like to sniff on it during the day. It works for a sunny day too, for an extra energy push!


Note that this roll-on contains essential oils, so avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Some essential oils may cause adverse reaction on your skin if you are sensitive, but I had no such reaction. Since there are no preservatives, it is recommended to use it up within 6 months.

BootRescue and ShoeRescue Singles
2 wipes – 1.6 CAD (7.99 CAD/10 individual wipes)

According to the info sheet included with the box, I was supposed to get a ShoeRescue wipe, and got a SneakerRescue one instead. Since they have the same price, it doesn’t matter to me.

These wipes are being sold on the Boot Rescue site in 15-wipe packages, while individually wrapped ones are only available in-store. I found the BootRescue ones being sold online here.

The wipes are supposed to easily remove salt stains from boots, surface stains from shoes and dirt and scuff marks from sneakers. They are safe to use on leather, fabric, mesh and suede. I like the individually wrapped ones, since they are small enough to toss into your purse and use on the go.


I didn’t try the BootRescue wipe, since I didn’t have any salt stains on my boots. Those are the hardest stains to remove, so I really want to see if the wipes do what they claim. I did however try the SneakerRescue.

The wipe is slightly textured and smells strongly of vinegar. I had to really get into it and rub, but I can happily report that although it didn’t remove all the stains, it removed most of them. It was slightly less effective on the white faux leather parts, but still improved the appearance of the shoes. You can really see the difference on these photos. One wipe was enough for the rubber part on both sneakers.


Stevia Drops $20 Cash Card

This card offers a $20 off any $50 purchase coupon code. Every card contains the same code, and there is no visible expiry date.

Stevia drops website offers a variety of all natural products, featuring stevia sweeteners in lip balms, gloss and massage oil. I consider this coupon a nice extra, but I personally won’t use it.

I did browse their website a bit, and there is a variety of affordable products you can get: hair oil $10; natural deodorants $20; essential oils $7-12; lip balms and glosses $5-15; body scrubs, oils, butters $10-20.



All in all, I am really happy with this box. I’ve discovered new products that I probably wouldn’t go and buy myself, and I will be using everything in the box (except the discount code).

The info sheet lists full-size prices, so I have calculated the value of the box from the prices I could find online. With the coupon code, the value is 75.47 CAD, 55.47 CAD without it. Even without the coupon code, value is more than double the price!


As I have mentioned in the beginning, I have received a double box, so I decided to host a giveaway. You will be receiving everything pictured above (different colors of Goody kits).

UPDATE: The winner is Juliee F. Thanks to everyone that participated!

To enter the giveaway follow this link: Winter Babe Box giveaway (open it in a separate tab, you will need to come back to this blog post).


  1. There is one prize to be won, winter Babe Box, which costs $10+shipping.
  2. Since this box ships to Canada only, the giveaway is open only to Canadian residents that are 18+ years old (excluding Quebec)!
  3. Giveaway starts on Monday, January 23rd at 12:00 AM and ends on Wednesday, February 1st at 12:00 AM, Pacific time.
  4. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted by e-mail within 5 days after the closing day, after I check all the entries. I will try to be as fast as possible. Winner will have 48 h to respond. In case no response is received, I will choose another winner.
  5. It is mandatory to answer a skill-based question, follow my blog, Instagram and Twitter accounts, while all other entries are optional. If you unfollow me at any time after the giveaway, you will be blocked from any and all future giveaways.
  6. You have to confirm e-mail subscription for this entry to count.This means you will receive an e-mail every time I publish a post, no more than 2 times a week.
  7. I will personally ship the prize, without tracking, and I am not responsible for loss or any damage incurred in transport.