Disclaimer: I have purchased the product(s) myself. Read the full disclosure here.

Please note: All the photos in this review are only minimally edited, and taken in indirect natural light. They are dark because I didn’t want to lighten them, so that you can see the true color!

Kat Von D Beauty is one of my favorite brands. I love the unexpected, edgy products that are still not too hard to incorporate into wearable looks for day and night. Every single product I’ve tried was either good or great for me, and after trying the Everlasting Lip Liner in Lolita in a VoxBox from Influenster (free, reviewed here), I had to get a matching Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. Given the color I thought it would be perfect for fall, so this was the perfect time to order it. And here it is, all mine!

Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are vegan and paraben-free. Kat Von D Beauty is a cruelty-free brand!


You probably already know that Lolita is a cult-classic color in the Kat Von D Beauty range. I find it really hard to describe the color, and photos never do it justice. Advertised as a chestnut rose, this color is a mix between mauve and a bit of brown, giving off a more greige version of a classic dusty rose/mauve lipstick. It’s also hard to photograph, and definitely plays tricks with my eyes – up close it looks lighter, but when I look at it from a distance, or under less light, it’s actually deeper than most mauves and almost has a purple/plum undertone. I don’t think I ever took this long to describe a color, and the swatch below is the closest to the actual color I could get with a photo. The “KVD” underneath is written with the lip liner in Lolita, and you can see they’re a perfect match!


The lipstick is very easy to apply, and the applicator is a bit stiff, giving full control of the amount and placement of the liquid. I really need only a small amount and a thin layer for even, full coverage, since the pigmentation is great. I easily apply it without a lip liner, but if I line my lips first it takes me only seconds to apply the lipstick, and they blend together seamlessly. The lipstick doesn’t feather while being applied or afterwards, so the lip liner is really not needed, but as I said, it gives me a more precise application. But even if you get just the lipstick you’ll be OK.

The name of the lipstick, “Everlasting”, is quite true most of the time. Once dry, which takes only seconds, it doesn’t crack over time, it doesn’t smudge or transfer onto my water glass, hand or clothes. Food wears it down, though, especially greasy food, so if you were hoping that it would last through a dinner, it won’t. However, I easily reapplied it without removing the remains of the lipstick from my lips and it looked great, very even, just as if I was applying it for the first time. The lipstick is very easy to remove with oil-based cleanser or makeup remover.

Like most liquid lipsticks, I found that this one dries out my lips, and I can’t wear it multiple days in a row. It helps if I use a lip mask before and after wearing it, but it does feel dry on my lips most of the day. I wish there was a creamy, moisturizing, less long-wearing version of Lolita – I’d definitely buy it and wear it all the time!

Here is how the lipstick looks on my lips when not blasted with direct sunlight. I can see more brown, rose or purple depending on how the light catches it.


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is sold in 42 shades at Sephora, and retails for $24 CAD/$20 USD. The price is really good, compared to other high-end brands.

I’d characterize this lipstick as good – it’s quite long lasting, the color is beautiful and it’s very easy to apply. However,  if would only be great if it was less drying. Would I buy it again – probably, but since I can’t wear it more than 1-2 times a week, this one will last for a long time.

Did you try any of the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks? What are your favorite shades? Do you have a favorite brand?