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Easter is approaching, and many parents are choosing toys for their children’s baskets. If you’re anything like me, you want to find toys that are fun, but not too expensive. After all, most kids get bored with toys quickly. As a child I used to collect quite a few things, and among those collections at least two were toy ones (trolls and Kinder surprise toys). These days it’s easier to collect toys, but harder to choose which ones to collect, and I’m not going to make it any easier. Jakks Pacific has many collectibles, and I was kindly sent two to review – the Who’s Your Llama and the Harry Potter Die Cast Wands collections. Ultimately, the choice of toys will depend on your child’s interests, of course.

Jakks pacific Who's your llama and Harry Potter wand collectibles

Llamas are more and more popular lately, and I can’t blame anyone, since they are so cute and cuddly (when they’re not annoyed and spit on you, which I managed to avoid so far). I wasn’t surprised at all to see a collectible llama collection (blind box) among Jakks Pacific toys.

The Who’s Your Llama collection has following features:

  • Each one comes stored in a reusable camper
  • Each one comes dressed in a cute outfit
  • Each llama has 1 of 4 super silly features: winking, spitting, grinning, or sticking its tongue out
  • There are 24 mini llamas to collect, all different colours and styles
  • There are six different coloured campers
  • One mini llama has a gold finish

Jakks pacific Who's your llama review

This collection is recommended for children age 4 and up, but they may need a little bit of help assembling the llamas. Of course, the first package I opened had the spitting one inside, the Lucha Llama, which came with a soft helmet and a cape. The helmet is a bit tight, so an adult will probably need to help the child to close it up. I can’t imagine parents loving the spitting llamas, but you can try to “forget” to mention this feature. The head and legs can rotate, and the size is nice for the price. As I mentioned above, there are 23 other llamas to collect.

Jakks pacific Who's your llama camper review

The “camper” is made of two printed pieces of this cardboard, and I had to use some tape to keep them together. This part of the toy is quite underwhelming, since it’s not sturdy and there is text printed over. Also, the llama can’t fit inside (not that you’d want to, there is nothing on the inside).

Jakks pacific Who's your llama collectible review

Overall, this is a nice quality toy, except the camper, and I can see both girls and boys collecting them.

The second collectible toy I received is the Harry Potter Die Cast Wand. Harry Potter is one of the franchises that will always be popular among children and adults alike (I am a huge fan myself), so any Harry Potter toy will surely be a success with most kids. These are the features of these toys:

  • Die-cast replica wands from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast series
  • 12 wands to collect
  • The wands are 4-inch scale
  • Each box includes a stand for display
  • Each wand is packed in a blind mystery box. The wand chooses the wizard each time a kid buys.

Jakks pacific Harry Potter wand review

As mentioned, each box comes with a wand and a stand for display. There is nothing else in the box, so I had to look up the wand on the back of the box. It’s a bit hard to see, but I think I got the Ron Weasley’s wand. The wand itself is surprisingly hefty and I can see it lasting for a long time. This will not easily break. The stand however is made of two pieces and it kept falling apart for me, especially with the heavy wand inside. This can easily be fixed with a few drops of superglue. It may tip over easily, too, but I actually like the look of the stand. It almost feels like the wand is being wrapped in some sort of magic!

Here’s the wand in (an adult’s) hand to give you a sense of scale:

Jakks pacific Harry Potter wand collectible review

The wands are recommended for children age 8 and up, due to small pieces.  I really like the overall look and quality for a small collectible like this one.

Jakks Pacific has many other cute collectibles, and these two that were sent to me are worth checking out. The llamas are quite big and can provide hours of play, while the wands are great for older kids for both display and play. The wands are available at Toys R Us and Amazon and supposed to be available at Walmart, but I couldn’t find them listed. Llamas are supposed to be available at Toys R Us, but I could only find them on Amazon. I seems like there are some bad reviews for the wands, but they are all from people who didn’t know there is only one wand in each box.

Do you add toys to your kids’ Easter baskets. Do you prefer one large or many smaller toys? What are your thoughts on the two reviewed here?