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There are many campaign sites out there, where you get items at no cost, get to try and test them, and then you have to do different activities, which include, but are not limited to: reviews, twitter/instagram/facebook/pinterest posts and similar.

Influenster is probably the most popular and most frustrating out of all such sites. I will explain the basics here, but the simple truth is that nobody really knows how it all works. That may be the reason why everyone is so thrilled to get one of their coveted VoxBoxes. That, and the fact that they often include high-end brands in their boxes.

The first step is to join Influenster here. This particular site sends campaign boxes, called VoxBoxes, to members in the USA, Canada, and they are just launching in the UK. It is free to join. You can join and use the site if you are in any other country, but you will not receive any products for review unless you’re in one of these three countries.

After you join, connect all your social media accounts, and your blog, if you have one, even if you have no followers (you may gain some later on). You don’t have to connect anything you don’t want to, but I recommend you to connect every single one you have. Of course, you can always connect them later on (e.g. you might not have a blog, but you start one later). It’s important for these accounts not to be private, or else they won’t count toward your impact.

Answer all of your snaps. Snaps are basically questions, like surveys, through which Influenster gathers information about you to better match you with products. After you go through your initial snaps, later on they appear to be quite rare, and sometimes new snaps may be a sign of a VoxBox that may be sent out soon, so it’s important to always answer them promptly.

Fill your profile! This is the part I missed at the beginning, simply because I didn’t stumble upon it. Recently they have changed the platform, so it’s easier to find this area. In the upper right corner of the website, when you click on your name and choose ‘Settings’, you will get into the part of the site where you can (and should) upload your profile picture, enter your personal info and fill in your reviewer profile. Be sure to check all the tabs on the left side.

Get those badges! There are many badges available, but I recommend you to start with the ones that interest you the most. For example, if you like beauty, then work on getting the “Beauty Junkie” badge, if you like to test and review food, then get the “Foodie” and “Sweet Tooth” badges, etc. You get the point. You get badges by posting reviews, asking and answering questions about items related to that badge. Over time it’s possible to get a lot of badges. Some VoxBoxes have a variety of products over different categories, so it’s good to branch out and get many badges. You can also earn specific VirtualVox badges – read on to learn about those.

Every now and then you will get invite into a VirtualVox campaign. If you participate, you can earn the specific badge(s) for that campaign and that may qualify you for future VoxBoxes. This looks almost the same as a regular VoxBox campaign, except you don’t get any products delivered – you get a number of activities, they all earn you a certain number of points, and you need to get a 100 points in total to earn the badge. If you can, I recommend doing as many activities as possible, even over the 100 points, because it shows to Influenster that you’re willing to do a lot in a campaign.

And now for the part we all hate – you just wait. Nobody really knows how they choose who gets which box, so all you can do is keep working on those badges, work on VirtualVox campaigns and grow your social media following. Try not to get worked up if someone gets a box that you think you should’ve gotten, because this will happen. A lot! Follow Instagram on all social media, because sometimes they have contests that can qualify you for future boxes, and make sure their emails are not ending in your spam folder.

Once you are a possible match for a campaign, you will get an e-mail. Click on the link and do a short campaign pre-survey. I advise you to do this as soon as you see the e-mail, because there is always a posted deadline for the survey.  After this, you will get an “You’re in” e-mail if you are selected for the campaign. Out of my boxes, once I waited for weeks until they sent me the “You’re in” email, and the other times it was within a week. Once you get the email, the campaign will appear in your account. If you are NOT selected, you will not get any email.

Now all you need to do is wait for your box to arrive. All of mine arrived within 1-2 weeks of the “You’re in” email. Every campaign has a link to track your shipment, but I never saw a tracking number there, for any of my boxes.

Once your VoxBox arrives, go to the campaign page and check it in. You can now start taking photos, testing the product(s) and doing campaign activities to earn the campaign/brand badge(s). Similar to the VirtualVox, there may be more activities than you need to earn the badge, but I recommend you to do as many as you can. Also, sometimes new badges and activities appear later in  the campaign, so keep checking back even after you’ve done all the activities. These badges can qualify you for future VoxBoxes, or you can win further prizes from Influenster or the brand(s), but they are subject of review later on, even if the activities themselves are accepted. Usually you have lots of time to do the activities, so take your time.

Sometimes during the campaign Influenster hosts a Twitter on Instagram party, so save your photos in case you decide to participate. Participating can earn you prizes or qualify you for a future VoxBox.

After the campaign ends, you will get e-mail with a post-campaign survey (a few days after). The survey is mandatory!

Influenster sends a variety of products, some drugstore and some high-end brands, and I always feel so honored to receiver anything from them. The items in my boxes were all new releases, which adds to the thrill for me. So far, these are the items I’ve received to test:

  1. L’Oreal RevitaLift Bright Reveal VoxBox  – the whole collection (facial scrub cleaner, day and night moisturizers, acid peel pads)
  2. Orville Redenbacher VoxBox – a bag of the new variety of their popcorn
  3. Kat Von D #EverlastingLipLiner VoxBox – lip liner in Lolita

Are you a member of Influenster? How do you like it? What do you thing is good and bad compared to other similar sites? Did you get any boxes?

Please ask any questions you may have about Influenster, and I will try to help you.