So, I was suddenly out of sunscreen, and since I am using acid peels and retinol regularly, I had to have some. I grabbed this one while getting groceries, since it sounded good – who wouldn’t want a dry finish. Seems like all the brands are suddenly coming out with dry finish formulas.


The sunscreen has UVA/UVB protection, and it’s quite thick, but creamy, and it’s very easy to blend it in. I’ve been using it on my face and neck, and so far had no burns, even when I was in the sun all day. The scent is very light, barely noticeable, but smells like summer.

On the top is the cream as it comes out of the tube, underneath is slightly blended, and under that is the cream completely blended:


I’m not sure how much it shows, but completely blended, the sunscreen leaves a powdery finish. It is definitely NOT moisturizing at all – I used it once without my regular face moisturizer, and my cheeks got totally dry, so much that the surface started peeling. If you do the usual routine: moisturize, wait a bit, then put on sunscreen, you should be fine.

Good thing is that my T-zone, which does get oily in the sun, didn’t get oily and shiny under this sunscreen.

This is how it looks on my face – no white cast at all:


All in all, for a drugstore sunscreen, I’d say this one is not bad at all. You can browse the range of Neutrogena sunscreen products here.