Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

Vichy is a company that does not need much introduction. This French company keeps developing clinically tested and proven skincare regimens, custom-tailored for different skin types and ages, all based on mineral rich Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

Teint Ideal Makeup is a line of face makeup formulated with Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water (except the powder makeup). The line consists of multiple foundation formulations, a bronzer, a highlighter, and a concealer, and it’s formulated in a “skincare meets illuminating foundation” way.

You can choose among three foundation textures, made for different skin types:

  • Teint Ideal Fluid Foundation (5 shades) – normal to combination skin
  • Teint Ideal Cream Foundation (5 shades) – dry skin
  • Teint Ideal Compact Powder (3 shades) – all skin types

Since my skin type is dry/combination, I could go for either the fluid or cream foundation, and Vichy Canada kindly sent me their fluid and powder foundations to test.

Vichy Teint Ideal Foundations

Teint Ideal Fluid Foundation comes in a sleek glass bottle with a pump. I like the simple, classy design, but I LOVE the pump! It’s one of those perfect pumps that allows gradual pressure, so you can dispense a lot of product with a full pump, or as small amounts as you with with light pressure. The plastic cap also fits well and doesn’t come off easily on it’s own, which happens to me with some other foundations, and it’s frustrating when traveling. So overall, the packaging is everything I love and need.

The fluid foundation is a very thin liquid with a light, floral/fresh scent. This a water-based foundation that “fuses” with the skin, and that is exactly how it feels when I’m applying it. It feels like my skin is soaking it up, but it still stays on my skin, if you know what I mean. It just makes my skin look so much better, with a light to medium coverage. I tried applying it with a buffing brush and with a sponge, and got very similar results.

I received the lightest shade to try (15 Ivory), and it’s a little bit too dark and too yellow for my skin. In photos it actually looks amazing, but there is definitely a contrast between my face and neck (my neck is painfully pale right now). I think this shade would match me much better at the end of summer. If you are very fair, this will not match you. As there are only 5 shades available, I recommend you to try this foundation in a store to find the best match. I made it work by applying a layer of the powder foundation on top, which is lighter and makes it a better match. I also found that you need to give this foundation about 15-30 minutes to “fuse” with your skin, it definitely looks better after that time, with a better color match.

Vichy Teint Ideal Fluid

What I love about this foundation is how beautifully natural it looks. It’s hard to tell I’m even wearing a foundation, since it blends with my skin so well, making it even. The finish is more satin than dewy, but definitely not matte. I actually decided to wear this without a primer, and it wears well for me all day (6-8h, I didn’t try wearing it longer). Some wears off on the sides of my nose, but this happens with most foundations for me, since I have sinus problems. Over time it gets a bit dry on my cheeks, so I am thinking to try the cream foundation to avoid this. If you have normal skin with no dryness, and want natural looking makeup, this would be a perfect match for you.

Teint Ideal Compact Powder comes in a golden plastic compact. I actually like that the compact is plastic, because it’s so lightweight that I can carry it around for touch-ups. I also like that it has a little button to press to open it. It’s not automatic, you still need to lift the lid, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ruined my nail polish opening compacts with no such buttons. What I don’t like as much is that the sponge comes beside the pressed powder, simply because that makes the compact a bit bigger, and I know I won’t use the sponge as much. This is just a personal preference, and not a deal breaker, I simply prefer powders where the sponge sits on top of it, because most of my purses are on the smaller side.

The foundation feels silky under my fingers, and has no noticeable scent. The powder is quite rich, and gives a light to medium coverage. I used it on it’s own or over the fluid foundation, and loved it both ways. It has a natural finish, sets and mattifies for a flawless look. You only need a tiny bit, and I prefer to use a brush for a very light layer. You can use the included sponge to get more coverage where needed.

The powder foundation comes in only three shades, light, medium and dark. I found the light shade to be the perfect match for my skin tone. This is definitely a lighter shade than the fluid foundation. I noticed that when I apply the powder over the fluid it not only mattifies and sets it so well, it also makes the shade of the fluid foundation match me better.

Vichy Teint Ideal Powder

The powder foundation catches on my dry spots a bit, so I use it on my cheeks with a very light hand. What I love is that my T-zone doesn’t get shiny at all throughout the day, so this will be the perfect foundation for summer months for me, when I get more oily. I like to use just a concealer and this foundation on days when I want a more natural makeup look.

These are both foundations swatched. I swatched the powder heavily here, so that you can see the color – it really matches my skin well. The fluid foundation is definitely darker, but once blended it looks better.

Vichy Teint Ideal Foundation swatches
Left: Teint Ideal Compact Powder Foundation              Right: Teint Ideal Fluid Foundation

And finally, here is how the foundations look on my face. The photos are a bit dark, sorry, it was a gloomy day. And yes, I applied/reapplied the foundations three times for these photos 🙂 You can see that for my skin, that is a bit dryer now that it’s winter, the fluid foundation (photo on the left) gives the most natural finish. The powder foundation (middle photo) is a bit dry on my cheeks. The combination of the two (photo on the right) is a bit heavier, with more coverage, and a bit dry, but the color, although looking pale, is the best match for me. I wear these foundations in all three ways, depending on how my skin feels and look, the time of the day and the weather.

Left to right: Teint Ideal Fluid Foundation in 15 Ivory; Teint Ideal Compact Powder in Light; Teint Ideal powder over fluid foundation

I really like both of these foundations, and can’t pick a favorite, since both of them are useful for different needs, occasions and skin condition. I just wish they would expand the range at least a bit, since a shade lighter fluid foundation would be a better match for my skin tone. If you like natural looking finish (and who doesn’t), you will love these foundations.

Both foundations are available for purchase on vichy.ca and many retail locations (I usually buy mine at Shoppers Drug Mart). Here are the retail prices:

You can browse the full Teint Ideal Makeup line to find your perfect shades and products.

Have you tried any products from the Vichy Teint Ideal line? Do you like the look of these foundations? Can you recommend any other Vichy products for me to try?