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This year I am making a holiday gift guide for all of you, and wanted to expand it to contain more than just beauty products. As many of you may have children, nieces and nephews, close friends with children, I wanted to show a few toys that I like for this season, and one of those toys is this Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker.

Even as a child I always loved engaging toys, that were fun while teaching me something, especially if there is a tangible result. As an adult, I mostly gift toys that are fun and educational or crafty. I was interested to test this particular toy for you because it can have multiple uses – you can have fun making chocolate eggs with your child, and then you can use it yourself when Easter arrives to make them little surprise gifts.

Just as the name suggests, Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker is a fun toy that allows kids to make their own chocolate surprise eggs, and you can even hide a little gift inside. The toy is made for children age 6 and up, but I recommend some level of adult supervision. You can have your children make these eggs in the kitchen while you cook, so that you can help them if necessary.

In the box you will receive everything you need to make multiple eggs, including milk chocolate, but you can use your own chocolate once this runs out. The boy contains:

  • chocolate egg maker
  • dispenser
  • 2 molds
  • 4 egg capsules
  • 4 chocolate packs
  • 6 foils in blue, yellow and pink (2 each).

You will additionally need a a bowl with hot water, scissors and a bit of freezer space.


The instructions show a lot of steps, but they are just very thorough. It can be a good thing to let your child figure it out themselves, and you can just help them with warming up the chocolate. I recommend you to have something underneath the chocolate egg maker, because the chocolate may (and probably will) drip down (third row, second photo from the left).

This is the process of making the chocolate eggs in pictures, a bit more condensed than the instructions. Once you start working with chocolate you need to be a bit quicker, so I think that’s the point where your child may need some assistance. It’s really not that hard.

The toughest part for me was removing the hardened chocolate egg from the mold (third row, last photo). There is a little plastic tool attached to the chocolate egg maker that can help with this a bit, and it’s easy to forget about this tool. I suggest you help your child with this step.

Chocolate Egg Maker step by step

Once you make your first egg, you realize the process is actually very simple, and once you figure it out the next few eggs go quicker. To open the finished egg, just squeeze the nobs on the plastic egg capsule, and the chocolate halves will easily separate from it (last photo).

I really enjoyed using this chocolate egg maker, and can see myself making quite a few eggs as gifts in the spring. I love toys like this, that can be used over and over again. You score twice – give a great gift for Christmas, and then reuse it for the Easter. I don’t know any child, no matter their age, that doesn’t love chocolate and surprise gifts.

Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker is available at Toys R Us, and retails for $29.99. I am sure you can find it at many other retailers, too.

What toys are you gifting this season? Did this one pique your interest? Do you think your child would enjoy making their own chocolate eggs?