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I posted my review of the April Your Bijoux Box so late, that this May box had already arrived by then. Because of this I worked quickly to post this review of the May box while it’s still available for purchase, especially because it is one of their better months, in my opinion. After this box I am taking a break for a month or two, because I want to explore some other boxes, and have accumulated a lot of jewelry. I may (and probably will) come back to this subscription again, since I really enjoy it.

Your Bijoux Box is a jewelry subscription box. They send jewelry that is not too dainty, follows trends, and send quality pieces, everything I like and need. Also, they occasionally send Deepa Gurnani pieces, and I really love those. Through this box I also fell in love with House of Harlow jewelry, which fits my style.

They send three pieces of jewelry, but almost always include something as a bonus. If your ears are not pierced, you can request no earrings when you sign up. Also, you can easily skip a month if you do this before billing, and they email you a few days before the billing. Starting with the May 2017 box, you can update your ring size in your profile (sizes 5-8).

There was a slight price increase in late 2017, from $36 to $39.99 US. All current subscribers could keep the previous price, but since I cancelled my subscription, I am now subscribed under the new price. I could’ve technically just kept skipping every month, since they offer this wonderful option, and I would’ve kept the old price, but I was afraid I would forget it. So, the new price it is!

The cost: US $39.99 + $10 shipping to Canada

Ships to: Canada, US

Good to know: You can skip any month if you do it before billing. You will receive an email to remind you that billing is coming soon.

You can use coupon code WELCOME to receive a bonus piece in your first box. You can see what I received in my first box here. You can also “spin the wheel” (if that is still being offered), to receive various coupons for % off or bonus pieces.

Since the last year they also changed their box, which is bigger than the one from my last 2017 box. The box is branded, and quite sturdy.


Everything is well and nicely packed, and my jewelry always comes in perfect condition. The inside of the cover features a quote (the same one every month, but different one from the last year). I believe they change the quote yearly.


May box theme is Hello, love!


The card contains information about the pieces in the box, as well as some styling suggestions.


These are all the pieces in the May box. They usually all come in their separate organza drawstring bags, but this year jewelry mostly arrives in Your Bijoux and House of Harlow branded pouches.


House of Harlow Del Sol Reversible Collar

I LOVE HOUSE OF HARLOW JEWELRY! There, I said it. Your Bijoux Box introduced me to this brand, and it is spot on my taste! There were three possible necklaces subscribers could receive this month, and I am thrilled to get this reversible necklace, because it was my first pick out of the three (you can’t choose which of the three necklaces you get). One side of the necklace is midnight blue with malachite and lapis lazuli, and matches the bracelet from the March box, and the other side is gold, engraved in black geometrical figures. It’s such a versatile piece! The original retail price of this collar necklace was $118 USD, and I linked above to a store that sells a similar necklace for $65 USD, which is still a great value.

This is a common thing with Your Bijoux boxes. They send out discounted/sold out House of Harlow jewelry regularly. I am completely OK with receiving a discounted item, especially because of the great quality of HoH pieces, but I wanted to point this out, since some of you may not like it.

Most subscribers received the Native Legends Collar (value $98) this month, gold dipped with turquoise and lapis lazuli instead of the collar one, and some received the Age of Antiquity Bolo necklace (value $70), gold dipped with turquoise accents. It seems like turquoise and lapis lazuli were the featured stones this month.


Here is how the necklace looks on:


Sparkle-On Lariat Necklace

This necklace is an in-house made piece. This box sometimes includes two necklaces in a month, and I think that is not bad, since if you don’t like one of them, you can still enjoy the other one. In this case, I love both of the necklaces I received, and love that they are different styles. This long necklace is easily adjustable by sliding the gold “bead” along the chain to adjust its position. The two round druzy pendants look pink in my photos for some reason, but they are more like a deep yellow/light orange. This is a very versatile necklace. I love how it’s simple, but can easily dress up a basic outfit, and the druzy pendants sparkle when they catch light.


Here I’m wearing the necklace:


Back and Forth Earrings

This is another Your Bijoux in-house made piece of jewelry. I realized that I received gold earrings in one of these boxes only once, and mostly I got silver toned ones, so I was happy to see these shiny golden, very versatile ones. These earrings can be worn as simple studs, as small hoops or as ear lobe huggers. I love them as ear lobe huggers the most, but I love having the options. The earrings are a quality piece. The posts are not gold dipped (I am assuming because they would get scratched by earring backs anyways), and they bothered my ears a little bit (my ears got itchy, but there was no irritation), and a layer of clear nail polish solved that issue. Just be careful – these earrings are very smooth and can slip easily out of my hand, so take your time when putting them on and taking off (I almost lost one of the parts).


Here I am wearing the earring in all three ways:


BONUS: Miss Modern Design House Gold Tote

Usually Your Bijoux bonus pieces aren’t big, but I almost always love them, and count them towards the value of the box. This month we have a great golden tote in styles Hello Love (that I received) or XO. Bags are made of metallic polycotton, and they are sturdier than most tote bags I have. I have linked above to an Amazon store selling these bags in sets of two for $36.95 USD. I tried to find this brand online, but wasn’t successful – let me know in the comments if you know a link to their store, because I love this bag and would like to see what else they sell. The only issue I have with the bag is a slight fishy smell on the inside, but I am airing it out in hope that it will go away eventually (this happens to me with bags every now and then, I have a sensitive nose). I contacted the customer service, and Your Bijoux does not recommend washing the bag, in case you have the same problem.


After the April box which wasn’t really my style, this May box has absolutely made up for it. I love every single piece, including the bonus tote, and I’m happy to get another House of Harlow necklace.  The jewelry is not matchy, and I can combine it any way I want, and with the jewelry I received in my previous boxes. For $50 USD (box + shipping) I estimate I received jewelry worth $166.5 USD, including the bonus item (I estimated the necklace at $20 and the earrings at $10, but they may be worth more). Even at the lowest discounted prices I could find, I estimate that it all adds up to $113.5, which is more than double the cost of the box.

You can order Your Bijoux box using this link  (all the links in this review are referral links and give you $5 US off, and me a $5 equivalent in points). This helps me get more boxes for reviews, but if you don’t wish to use my referral, you can google the name of the box.

This box is still available for purchase, and there are still no spoilers for the June box. You can watch out for some June box spoilers on the Your Bijoux Instagram page.

This box is pricier than some other jewelry subscription boxes, but the jewelry they send is generally of great quality and suits my style, which is why I chose this box over other jewelry subscriptions. I do believe that shipping to Canada is too expensive for such a small box. This is why I am taking a break for a month or two, since it really adds up with our bad conversion rates, and I have more than enough jewelry for now. I wasn’t charged any customs duties yet, and will inform you if it happens with the following boxes.

Do you have any questions about this subscription? Do you subscribe to any boxes? How do you like this one?