OK, this post is long overdue, but I had to share with all of you my little obsession called: LUSH products. If you are, by some miracle, unfamiliar with LUSH, they are a UK based company that produces fun and fresh products. Because they produce and sell their products fresh, they contain no preservatives, or less than usual.

I have to note however that many people confuse fresh with natural. Although most of the ingredients they use are natural, LUSH products are not completely natural, and almost always contain a few synthetic ingredients. You can easily check this on their website – every product has a list of ingredients, where the ones in bold green are natural, and the ones in black are (safe) synthetics.

I like their products because they are innovative and fun. I mean, where else you will find an in-shower body moisturizer that is also a scrub, toothy tabs etc. They keep bringing in new products, and I love exploring their store.

For most holidays LUSH produces a range of products, and for Christmas they bring their biggest variety of limited editions. This year though I only bought this mini set, and a few other items during their Boxing day sale – good to remember, it repeats every year, and it’s BOGO and 50% off sale.

Now onto the set. The Night before Christmas mini set contains a mini bottle of Twilight shower gel (60 ml) and a small black pot of Sleepy hand and body lotion (45g), and it was being sold for 15.95 CAD.

Twilight shower gel has a beautiful purple color. It is quite runny, more than your usual drugstore shower gel. Although lavender should be the main scent here, to me it smells extremely sweet, like burnt sugar, with a bit of lavender. Scent actually lingers a bit after shower, and I can’t see myself using it during my migraine days. For any other day, I am enjoying it very much.


Twilight shower gels is only sold in sets, and comes in mini 60 ml and small 100 ml bottles. However, it is not sold at Christmas time only. If you want this shower gel, you can still buy it in Relax gift set. This set is also available in LUSH stores.

Sleepy hand and body lotion is a light purple cream that shares its scent with the shower gel.


It is very thick, so I wouldn’t call it a lotion. Like all the other LUSH lotions, it sits on my skin for a while until it gets fully absorbed, so don’t expect to slather this on and get dressed immediately. However, if you use it right before bed time, your PJ’s, and probably sheets, too, will smell like sweet, sugary lavender.


The lotion is limited edition, and only sold during Christmas, in sets and separately.

Did you get any limited edition LUSH products this year? Which ones you loved, which ones not so much? Is there anything you wanted to try, but you’re not sure if it’s going to work for you? Let me know, maybe I can help, I’ve tried many different LUSH products already.