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California North is a skincare company based in Sausalito, California, founded by Jim Miller in 1990. Their first products were created for active, outdoor enthusiasts that needed quality products to counteract the visual effects of aging, sun, environment, and other lifestyle factors. Their products are full-sized, reasonably priced and formulated for both men and women. The company is cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified.

It is not very common that a company has such a well rounded range of products that they offer even fragrances, but California North Skincare is one such company. They have developed a number of Eau de Toilette fragrances that are fresh, yet sophisticated, and I was lucky to receive their Four Fragrance Sampler for testing.

The sampler comes well packaged, with four travel-size sprays nestled securely in foam. It’s a nice presentation if you want to gift it, and it would be easy to use individual sprays as stocking stuffers – it’s never too early to start thinking about gifts 🙂


The sprays are surprisingly light, considering the metal packaging, so they would be great to keep in your purse/backpack or to carry when traveling. The mechanism works well and provides a focused spritz of perfume. I really like the sleek modern design, too.


The only female spray in the sampler is O2XYGEN Eau de Toilette for Women, described as a soft, elegant, sophisticated and subtle fragrance that captures the scent of a garden catching the ocean breeze.

This a medium to light floral citrus fragrance, that starts very fresh, with citrus notes popping out immediately. Quickly it dries down to mid notes that are still fresh, but less citrusy – I notice water jasmine the most. These fresh notes slowly fade into a warm woodsy base of sandalwood, oakmoss and white musk. The top and middle notes lasted for an hour or two, but the warm mix of floral and base notes lingered for a while after that.


I like the fragrance, although it’s different from my typical choices. I usually go for clean, fresh scents or warm rich florals, while this combination of citrus, floral and warm notes in completely new to me. The fragrance is definitely feminine, but with a hint of masculine, and could work for anyone who wants to have an EDT without those girly, sickly sweet notes.

O2XYGEN Eau de Toilette for Men is inspired by active lifestyle of watersports, fitness and vitality and described as a clean, crisp and energetic fragrance that is the perfect complement to an active man.

I actually tried these fragrances for men myself, to be able to better describe the notes I notice to you (the things bloggers would do…). This particular EDT starts very manly fresh, with notes of cedar and lime being the most prominent. I like how fresh top notes work to tone down cedar that can be quite overwhelming in fragrances for men. Once the top notes evaporate, I notice some bitterness from ginger and fresh watery scent of white lilly working with the still prevailing cedar. Middle notes last for quite a while, and slowly tone down to warm woodsy base of labdanum, musk, exotic woods, oakmoss, and sandalwood.


Both me and my husband like this fragrance, although I find it quite similar to other EDTs for men, probably because the scent of cedar is so dominant. However, it is the scent we both like, so this travel spray will definitely get used. This scent would be great for men who would like a fresh twist on the classic masculine fragrance.

California North Eau de Toilette is the company’s signature scent for men. It’s described as a warm, very masculine fragrance that exudes an aura of fresh sensuality and outdoor adventure with its musky demeanor.

This is a rare fragrance that I could smell all the notes listed. The top notes of lavender, bergamot and violet leaf are all noticeable, and together give a nice, woody scent. It’s refreshing to see lavender used in a fragrance that is not sweet. The middle notes slowly start pushing through, revealing cinnamon, cloves and geranium in a spicy, but not too strong mix. The fragrance finally dries down to a warm base of sandalwood, oakmoss, amber, tobacco, and musk.


I found this fragrance to be very manly, quite strong and perfect for evenings. Still, it’s not so strong to be overwhelming. It’s also going to be perfect to add some warmth to all those cold days of fall and winter.

Richardson Bay Spray is a smokey, fresh, natural scent that brings up memories of a beach bonfire. Unlike the previous fragrances, this one is made from the botanical extracts added through aqueous infusion, the process of steeping natural extracts like tea, and infusing them into the base formula.

Ingredients: Water, SD Alcohol 40, Chamomile Extract, Cransbill Extract, Yarrow Extract, Balm Mint Extract, Lemongrass Extract, Oak Bark Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Rose Hips Extract, Comfrey Extract, Aloe Extract, Oleth-5, Polysorbate-20, Fragrance.

I found this scent to be quite fresh, but earthy at the same time. The scent of botanicals is very masculine, and I can’t really distinguish any of them, there is not one that sticks out.  The fragrance definitely has a bit of smokey scent to it, and to me this is quite a unique scent. This is another California fragrance that will be perfect for colder months.


California North products are available for order on their website, and they ship to USA, Canada, UK and the rest of Europe. These fragrances are available in the sampler, or separately in two sizes, and the retail prices are:

All these prices are in USD, and to see the prices in CAD or EUR, check the Canadian website or the European one.

Do you like when skincare companies have their own line of fragrances? What type of scents do you like? Does any of these fragrances seem appealing to you?