It has been hard for me to find reviews for some great products that are not new releases, except a random short review on company website (that I don’t always trust). A great number of bloggers review mostly new releases, that are often limited editions. That is why I decided to review some great products that you can buy year-round whenever I can.

I will start with one of my favorites, a product from L’occitane shea butter line – One minute hand scrub!


The product comes in a rustic packaging, and the great thing about the box is that the product name is “written” on the side of the box in Braille! Good job L’occitane for making it easier for people with no eye-sight to distinguish between the products. The jar is plastic, but it’s sealed on the inside, which is always a plus for me.


The scrub itself has two main phases: sugar and oils. They use organic sugar and three oils (shea butter, almond, grape seed) to make this scrub effective in both exfoliating and moisturizing your hands. We all know about the benefits of shea butter, and the great thing about L’occitane is that theirs is fair-trade sourced from Burkina Faso.

The formula also doesn’t contain any: alcohol, BHA, BHT, chemical sun filters, EDTA, formol or formaldehyde, mineral oil, parabens, phenoxyethanol, phtalates, silicone, SLS, synthetic colorants or triclosan.


You can really see both phases on the above photo. To use it, you mix it with the enclosed spatula, and apply a small amount onto your hands. It is very easy to mix the product, and I only use a very small amount – just what fits onto the spatula with one scoop. It smells sweet,  just like the rest of L’occitane’s shea butter line, and I really enjoy the scent.


They recommend you apply it to dry hands and massage delicately, focusing on cuticles, then rinse. I would say you really need to be gentle – the sugar is a bit harsh, so you don’t want to scrub too hard. Also, if you have nail polish on, massage very gently around your cuticles. Since rinsing removes most of the oils, I recommend you keep it on for a little while after massaging it in (like a hand mask), to allow the oils to sink into your skin, and then rinse with only warm water and pat dry. You will get smooth, lightly moisturized hands, that don’t feel oily after rinsing. The whole process is very fast, and I always follow with the hand cream from the same line.

The photos below show the amount I use, and how it looks on my hands after massaging it in.


The hand scrub sells on the L’occitane’s website, and in their stores. The jar size is 3.5 oz/100 ml, and it is priced at $25. I use the scrub once a week, and it can last literally a full year like this, so it is priced very reasonably, especially considering the ingredients.

Did you try any products from the L’occitane Shea butter line? Do you use hand scrubs? Which one do you recommend? What does your hand care routine look like (or do you have one)?