In July this year I was visiting Europe for a few weeks, and needed some skincare that is lightweight both in size and in effect on skin, since I didn’t have much luggage space and I expected some hot weather over there.

Although it’s not always smart to buy skincare travel kits, since they are much more expensive than full sizes, I decided to grab this small Laneige trial kit from Sephora. The products just seemed very lightweight, and the size was perfect for the duration of my trip.

Some products were good, some I didn’t like so much, but somehow I didn’t even try the Water Sleeping Mask until I came back. I planned to use it to hydrate my skin after the long-haul flight, but I was so jet lagged that I didn’t even remember I had it.


So, the sun, flights, change of water and everything else that happens when you travel really took a toll on my skin. Back in Canada, it felt so dry and dull. I found this little mask when I was unpacking and smoothed it on. Oh my God – the thin layer that I put on was almost completely absorbed into my skin within 15 minutes, and it didn’t look dry at all.

From then on, I use this mask every now and then, when I feel my skin needs more hydration. It always helps smooth out dry patches, and plump it out. You must have noticed it’s called a “sleeping” mask – for some reason I cannot sleep with any type of mask on. I sleep on the side and half of the mask always finishes on my pillow. However, I’ve noticed I can use all the overnight products that tent to sit on your skin during the day, especially if I have time to sit and relax.


This particular mask feels like water on your skin, but be careful not to put too much. Only a thin layer is enough, and if you need another layer, you can add it later on. I tried smoothing on a thicker layer one day when I needed something calming on my skin, and it dried off to a thick layer of something that I had to rub off my skin with water to wash off. With a thin layer I barely need to remove anything with a cotton pad.

This mask sells for $30 at Sephora. Since I need to have extra hydration close by throughout the year, this seems as reasonable price for a 2.7 oz mask to me, especially since you use only a small amount every time, and I didn’t manage to finish off my 15 ml/0.5 oz sample in 2 months.

These little mask samples were popping everywhere in subscription boxes. Did you try it yet? Did you like it? Would you purchase it?