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I’ve seen some spoilers that BoxyCharm posted last fall, and got really interested, and although I really don’t need that much makeup, I decided to get myself onto their waitlist in late August. I didn’t have to wait that long, and my subscription started in September. This is my fifth box.

BoxyCharm is a makeup subscription box that sends only full and deluxe size products. They advertise as sending 4-5 products, but sometimes send more than that. The brands included are really good, with a mix of more and less popular high-end, natural and middle-level brands. There are some variations between boxes, but they are not big, and the value is pretty much equal between those variations.

When you sign up you will almost always go onto their waitlist, and they will AUTOMATICALLY charge you once you’re off, unless you sign up on days when there is no waitlist, which happens every now and then. You will get the box from the month you are charged in, i.e. if you are charged in October, you are getting the October box.

The cost: US $21 + $5 shipping to Canada (no shipping charge for the US)

Ships to: Canada, US (except Hawaii and Alaska)

Everything comes nicely packed in a small black box, with foam padding. This so ingenious, since it keeps everything safely tucked in.


January theme is Rock 2018, and I can’t even begin to show how excited I am for this! The box comes with an information card, with one side explaining how to enter to win a special BoxyCharm box…


…and the other side giving details on the products included.


This is everything that I received in my January box. Please note that there are some variations, and you may receive some different products. I will give more details about what products you may have received further down, but this month didn’t have too many variations.


Dr.Brandt Skincare Pores No More Luminizer Primer

This primer is designed to add some glow and blur pores and imperfections. I love that the glow part is not overstated, and I can wear just this primer on my “no makeup” makeup days. Everyone received this primer in their January box, and I love how more than covers the cost of the box. If you like it, everything else is just extra, and I love the primer. It doesn’t completely blur my pores, but it’s slightly tinted and makes my skin look better. I am also happy to see BoxyCharm included a small card with the ingredient list, since this primer arrived without its box.

Value: $48 CAD/ $38 USD


it Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil

Yay for another item that covers the cost of the box. I’ve never tried anything from this brand, but I’ve heard great things. Although I am not so excited about a brow product, since I don’t “do” my brows often, I like having brow pencils around for special occasions. One thing that makes me cringe is seeing the word “universal” – I’ve tried many such products, and they NEVER cover the full spectrum of colors. This particular pencil is a bit too light for me, but I can make it work. It comes with a spoolie on one side for blending, which I always appreciate. I was surprised when swatching the pencil, though – it’s a bit too hard and scratchy, compared to other 4 brow pencils I have in my arsenal, so for me this pencil is just OK. Love the metal packaging, though. Everyone received this pencil!

Value: $32 CAD/ $28 USD


Crown Pro Glam Metals Palette

Wow, a third item that could cover the cost of the box. Seriously, if you like any of the first three items you should be happy with this month’s box. This eyeshadow palette plays with this month’s theme perfectly. I actually expected the packaging to be darker, but I love the design and the guitar-shaped mirror (not so useful, but looks great). The packaging is quite sturdy with magnetic closure. All of the metallic shades are highly pigmented, and the only issue I have is with shades “The Wicked”, which is just OK, and “Black Metal”, which is really bad, not pigmented and patchy. The latter is more a charcoal gray than black. Also, I am not really happy with the color selection. There are two greens, one is a bit lighter, but on my eyes they look similar. Same story with the two blue shades. I think they could’ve added some different colors there. Also, this can be a standalone palette, but for a limited number of bold looks. You will need another, more neutral palette to pull off more wearable looks. Everyone received this palette!

Value: $29.99 USD (info card lists it at $25)


PUR the Complexion Authority Bronze and Brighten Cheek Palette

I really think BoxyCharm is trying to make up for the bad December box, because this is the forth item this month that covers the cost of the box! Unfortunately, as soon as I saw the colors I knew this palette is not for me. I don’t use orange-toned blushes often, and I only use matte bronzers. But the beautiful, shimmery shades really make me want to dip my fingers and swatch the palette. I decided not to, since I won’t use it, and I can simply gift it. I do recommend you google it, since everyone is saying how pigmented and beautiful these shades are. Everyone received this palette!

Value: $34 USD


Girlactik Matte Lip Paint in Posh

I know I’m repeating myself, but even this lowest value product in the box costs more than the box itself. Many people loved this liquid lipstick, but I am not so happy. Although the color is not a nude like I was afraid, it’s not a color that suits me. It looks like a dark terracotta when swatched, but a bit lighter and more orange on my lips. I am not surprised, though, since out of 5 BoxyCharm boxes I only once received a lip color I liked. Also, this lippie is as drying for me as any other liquid matte lipstick. This is the only variation item this month – some subscribers received a different color, and some received a Grande Lips Lip Plumper in various colors.

Value: $23 USD


Here are all the makeup items swatched, top left to bottom right: lip paint, eyeshadow palette, eyebrow pencil, face primer.  I didn’t swatch the face palette, since it’ll be gifted. I swiped everything once to get this level of pigmentation.


I am quite happy with this month’s box, although I won’t use everything, but it’s much better than the December box. I will not use the face palette and the matte lipstick, but that is just due to color preference, the products themselves get great reviews.. Total value I calculated is $148.99 USD, which is actually more the value on the information card ($144), and I paid $26 USD (the box + shipping to Canada). The value of usable items for me is $91.99 USD, which is not bad for the price I paid. I really appreciate that BoxyCharm isn’t overcharging for shipping to Canada as some other boxes do.

I decided to cancel my subscription for a while, because almost every month I receive two items I can’t use, and I just have too much makeup, so I subscribed to Ipsy instead, just to still get some fun mail monthly (Ipsy delivers smaller samples usually). I still think that BoxyCharm is a great makeup subscription box, especially if you want to build up your collection.

I have to note one thing, though. I never had any problems, but everyone complains about BoxyCharm’s bad and slow customer service, so if I ever miss a product or something arrives damaged, make sure to contact them through Facebook messages instead of sending an email (or do both), since I’ve been informed that they respond on Facebook better.

Another thing to add – this month I received an email saying that my box has shipped and the tracking will be working within 48h. After a full week it still wasn’t active, so I emailed BoxyCharm. The next day magically my tracking number was active, showing that the box has JUST SHIPPED, which makes me think they completely forgot to ship it. Also, they responded the next day providing me with the tracking number (the same one I already had) and saying it’s out of their hands once the box ships, and the scans may not appear until the next shipping hub. Well, I call their bullsh*t – the box hasn’t even shipped until I emailed them, and it didn’t even get the initial scan. I just thought you should know to pay attention to whether your boxes ship or not. My first 4 boxes shipped with no big issues, so this was something new.

You can order BoxyCharm box using this link (all the links in this review are referral links and give me a $5 equivalent in points). This helps me get more products and boxes for reviews, but if you don’t wish to use my referral, you can google the name of the box. If you subscribe now, you will be waitlisted, and probably start the subscription with the March or April box, although there are no guarantees.

Do you have any questions about this subscription? Do you subscribe to any boxes? How do you like this one?