Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

Tvål is a Canadian company, based in Newfoundland, that was started in 2003 by Dr. Anna Hellqvist, a Swedish-born chemist, biologist and esthetician, and her partner Dr. Jason Bailey, a also a biologist and a native Newfoundlander. In 2005 they were joined by Jason’s brother, Robert, who was a makeup artist and business manager for a very popular and successful makeup company. All three together developed a range of natural, affordable, simple beauty products that are made by hand in small batches. Their skin and hair care products are fun, simple and effective, and their line of mineral makeup, Smink (meaning makeup in Swedish) has great application and blendability, while being good for your skin.

There are some simple joys in life – having a cold drink on a hot day, taking your shoes off after a tough day at work, enjoying the first snow of the season, *insert your own* 🙂 One of those little joys for me is opening a fresh bar of soap. I get bored with products sometimes, so starting a new soap usually means I have (finally) finished the old one, and I just enjoy it. Tval sent me a few of their handmade soaps to try, and I got to open three bars at once. It feels like a holiday here!

Blueberry Verbena Handmade Soap

The first bar of soap I tried was the Blueberry Verbena soap. Out of the waxed paper, the soap has a beautiful white and sky blue swirly design. I expected more of a blueberry scent though. The scent is quite light, definitely a blueberry scent, and just a bit perfumey.

Ingredients: Sodium canolate, sodium cocoate, sodium castorate, sodium cocoa butterate, glycerine, perfume, may contain ultramarine blue, chromium green, iron oxide.

Surprisingly, the soap lathers really well. I am used to natural soaps not lathering much, but this one delivers on that field. It cleanses well, and it can double as a shaving soap. It was a little bit hard to rinse out, but most handmade soaps are. It left my skin smelling just fresh and a bit soapy, and not at all dried out. Also, this soap will last forever – it’s a great option for bigger families.


Lavender Vanilla Handmade Soap

As mentioned for the Blueberry Verbena soap, the Lavender Vanilla one also comes in waxed paper. It would be great to bring these soaps when traveling, because the paper can actually be used to store the soap and to wrap it in again when going back home. The soap will stick to it, but it can easily be peeled off (tested). The soap has a light vanilla scent, a bit perfumey, but less than the Blueberry Verbena one.

Ingredients: Sodium canolate, sodium cocoate, sodium castorate, sodium cocoa butterate, glycerine, perfume, may contain ultramarine blue, chromium green, iron oxide.


The soap lathers and cleanses well, although it’s a bit harder to rinse out, like most natural soaps are. This actually makes me rub harder to get it off, which gets my skin more clean, so no complaints here. It’s really not that hard to rinse it off, just harder compared to those SLS fuelled drugstore soaps. If you are already using natural soaps, this will be normal to you. After rinsing off, the Lavender Vanilla soap leaves my skin lightly scented with vanilla.

Coffee Handmade Soap with Peppermint

Unlike the previous two soaps, which are lovely, but not unique, the Coffee Kitchen Soap is definitely different. It is infused with ground coffee beans for scrubbing, and peppermint oil for removal of strong scents, like onion, garlic, fish etc. It can be use in the kitchen for hands, or in the shower for the whole body. I had a really hard time deciding where to use this soap, because I loved it both ways.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of canola, coconut, cocoa butter and castor. Coffee, peppermint essential oil.

Once you get the outer soap layer away, which happens quite quickly, gritty parts show and provide the perfect amount of scrubbing for me. However, I have to point out that I like my scrubs rough, and for me this would be a medium level. You can easily control how rough the soap is by the amount of pressure applied. I loved this soap for use before shaving, because it doesn’t leave any residue on my skin, so there is nothing to clog my razor (unlike skin polishes, that tend to really clog and destroy the razor blades).

I used the soap in the kitchen, too, and since it smells like peppermint, it’s quite effective in removing the bad odors from my hands. Out of these three soaps, I liked this one the most, since it’s so versatile. If you will be getting it, order at least two…three…OK, order just one, but you’ll go back to ordering more, because you will love the soap!


In general I really liked all three soaps, but the coffee one stole the show. I love coffee, scrubs, peppermint, and all three combined is a really great experience. But if you need just a good old bar of soap, with no added exfoliation, the Lavender Vanilla soap is the close second for me. The Blueberry Verbena one performs the same, I just enjoyed the Vanilla scent more. The Coffee soap retails for $6.00, while the other two cost $5.00 each, and these prices are in line with other natural, handmade soaps. Check out the full range of Tvål soaps.

Do you use natural soaps? What is your favorite scent?