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I really love the subscription box system, and one of the boxes I’m subscribed to is the Your Bijoux Box. This was the only box I saw that fits what I wanted. I need a box that sends jewelry that is not too dainty, since I have lots of those, follows trends, and sends quality pieces. Also, they occasionally send Deepa Gurnani pieces, and I really wanted to get a few of those.

They send three pieces of jewelry, but almost always include something as a bonus. If your ears are not pierced, you can request no earrings when you sign up. Also, you can easily skip a month if you do this before billing, and they email you a few days before the billing. Starting with the May 2017 box, you can update your ring size in your profile (sizes 5-8).

The cost: US $36 + $10 shipping to Canada

Ships to: Canada, US

You can use coupon code WELCOME to receive a bonus piece in your first box. You can see what I received in my first box here.

The jewelry always comes in a small branded box.


Everything is well and nicely packed, and the inside of the cover features a quote (the same one every month).


The August box theme is Artisan Chic!


The card contains information about the pieces in the box, as well as some styling suggestions.


Also included this month is this information card about a contest Your Bijoux is a part of. Open to resident of Canada and the US.


These are all the pieces in the August box. They all come in their separate drawstring bags.


Deepa Gurnani Bracelet

Yay for a Deepa Gurnani piece! I couldn’t find this exact bracelet on their website, but you can see other Deepa Gurnani bracelets here. Similar styles are priced between 20-40 USD. This beautiful bracelet is made with cotton, resin crystals and suede backing. I received a gray bracelet with dangling beads, unlike any other piece I have, but subscribers received various styles.


Here’s the bracelet on. I thought the beads would bug me, but if I wear the bracelet on my left wrist it actually feels very comfortable. I like the gray color and can easily match it with my fall wardrobe. The bracelet is very adjustable, so it will fit most wrist sizes.


Triangular Necklace by House of Harlow

All subscribers received a House of Harlow necklace with triangle shapes, but styles vary. I received this silver-toned two layer necklace with blackened silver triangle pendants. At first I was in love with a different necklace that some other subscribers received, in silver or gold, but the one I got is really growing on me. I don’t have any layered necklaces, so this is a perfect addition to my collection. I also love how the shorter necklace hits just below my neck on the shortest setting, almost like a choker.


Here’s a closer look at the pendants. I love how the blackened silver fits my fall and winter clothes.


Paloma Earrings

The earring are not branded, but the design is very interesting, and I don’t have anything similar. These drop earrings were sent out in gold or silver, and I received the very bright silver ones. They feature small flexible hoops with vertical bars extending from them, and the full length is about 2 inches. There are even little triangle shapes on top of the earrings – so many beautiful details. Your Bijoux included two earring back with them, but they are very tight, so you’ll need to push them onto the earrings a few times to loosen them up. I did notice that the tip of one of my earring is a bit damaged, but couldn’t get a clear enough photo to send to Your Bijoux, so I’m hoping it’s not too noticeable.


BONUS: Life of Fashion Scarf

This month’s bonus item is this lightweight polyester scarf in gray, brown and taupe tones, for easy transition into fall. I love the color scheme, and it will soon start getting chilly in the evening here, so I’ll put it to use. I have to note that this scarf rips easily, so be careful with it. I wouldn’t really pay much for a polyester scarf, especially one made in China, but since this was a bonus item I’ll gladly accept it. I can never find any Life of Fashion scarves online, so couldn’t link to it.


Here I’m wearing all the items from the box. All the pieces and colors I receive compliment each other well, as well as some pieces in previous boxes, so I’ll be able to mix and match them. The necklace is on it’s shortest setting, and the extender has about 2 more inches, so it should fit almost everyone.


I have to say, this is one of the best boxes I received from Your Bijoux. Every piece suits my style, I love receiving Deepa Gurnani pieces, and I’m really becoming fond of House of Harlow art deco style. The scarf is OK, but it’s just a bonus, and I like the colors. The jewelry definitely looks more fall-appropriate, but since I’m in Canada, fall might come any day now (although it’s still very hot here).

You can order Your Bijoux box using this link  (all the links in this review are referral links and give you $5 US off, and me a $5 equivalent in points). This helps me get more boxes for reviews, but if you don’t wish to use my referral, you can google the name of the box.

This box is still available for purchase, and there are still no spoilers for the September box. You can watch out for some September box spoilers on the Your Bijoux Instagram page. I’ll be skipping next box, so I am actually hoping they won’t spoil something I’d love to get.

I do believe that shipping to Canada is too expensive for such a small box, and that is the only thing that may make me cancel in the future, since it really adds up with our bad conversion rates. I wasn’t charged any customs duties yet, and will inform you if it happens with the following boxes.

Do you have any questions about this subscription? Do you subscribe to any boxes? How do you like this one?