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You all know that I mostly review beauty products, but my interests are way wider than that, so every now and then you will see a completely unexpected review. Since the Halloween is now over, everyone is slowly starting to think about Christmas gifts, and I was happy to accept a few toys to review and possibly recommend to you as great gifts for your kids, nieces and nephews, and so on.

Today I will show you a couple of toys from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast collection, inspired by the recently released movie. I promise, by the end of this review, you will feel like a child yourself. I know I did, surrounded by all these beautiful toys. Every woman has a little princess hiding inside, and these toys would be a great opportunity to nourish that princess while playing with your little precious beauty, your own princess.

Belle’s Ball Gown

The first toy I have for you today is this beautiful ball gown, designed to match the gown that Belle wore in the movie. The gown is made for children age 3 and up, and the fit will depend on your child, so I definitely recommend checking it out in stores first.

Disney Beauty and the Beast dress

Here are some close-up photos, to show you all the features. The top part of the dress is a combination of mesh threaded with gold, and thin yellow material embossed with gold details. The skirt has multiple layers, and beautiful gold detailing all over, especially at the bottom part.

The dress features Velcro closure on the back, and elastic waistband, so it should be easy for your little one to get in and out of it on her own. Overall, the dress feels light, but well made, and should survive for a while. It’s mostly made of polyester and nylon.

Disney Beauty and the Beast dress features

I am sure most little girls would be thrilled to get this dress as a gift – I would probably put it on if I could. The only problem I see arising is that your child might want to wear it all the time!

Since the dress doesn’t come with any jewelry, you might want to pick up this Accessory Set, too. The set contains a necklace, a pair of earrings and two hair combs.

Ballroom Belle Doll

This is a toddler Belle doll, recommended for ages 3-8. It’s 14″ tall, and wears the same gown that Belle wore in the movie. Actually, the gown the doll wears is almost the same as the gown reviewed above. The toddler Belle doll has gorgeous long hair, falling down her back in curls. It has moveable shoulders and hips joints.

Disney Beauty and the Beast doll

Here are close-up photos to show you some of the features better. I like how the face looks friendly and doesn’t have too much make-up, very appropriate for the intended age group. The top and the skirt of the gown have beautiful golden details, and the doll comes with a tree of life necklace and glittery yellow shoes. If you peak under her gown, she has cute yellow underpants embossed all over with mini crowns (painted on, non-removable) – somehow it fell inappropriate to post a photo of her underpants, LOL.

Disney Beauty and the Beast doll features

I think the toy is well made, and a perfect partner to your child. For even younger children (age 2-5), you may want to consider the Baby Belle Doll, that has a soft body and a rattle-toy rose.

Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box

This may be my favorite product in the collection, although they are all beautiful. The recommended age for this jewelry box is 3-8 years, but I have a feeling any little lady would love to receive this beauty. Even some grown ups – raise your hand if you have some limited edition Beauty and the Beast makeup and would love to display it next to this rose box!

The box works with 3 AAA batteries, and they are included, so there will be no crying over the lack of batteries. You need a screwdriver to open the bottom and change the batteries, which is a good thing, since a child won’t be able to get in there by accident.

A thing I have to note is that it took serious effort to get into the outer box. Have scissors ready, and definitely help your child.

Disney Beauty and the Beast jewelry box

The jewelry box has a drawer that can be opened, the rose underneath the “glass” lid opens as the drawer is opened, and the glass lid is non-removable. The rose even lights up in some modes, and the box plays the Beauty and the Beast theme melody. Heads up – it’s LOUD.

Speaking of modes, the simple toggle at the bottom gives you options of these modes:

  • 0 – off mode (no light, no sound)
  • 1 – try me mode (light on, part of the song played)
  • 2 – on mode (light on, full song played)
  • 3 – light mode (light on for 5 minutes)

I am sure every parent’s prefer mode will be the mode 3, so you may want to preset it to that mode for some peace (at least until the child discovers the toggle button).

Disney Beauty and the Beast jewelry box rose

The box also comes with a collectible feather ring. The ring is plastic, and definitely too big for a child. It fit on my thumb! I do have thinner fingers, but I still believe this ring would be way too big for any child. You may want to get some toy jewelry for your child with this box to avoid tears.

As you can see below, the little drawer that opens can fit a few little pieces of jewelry.

Disney Beauty and the Beast jewelry box feather ring

Another toy from the collection that work work with all these reviewed ones is the Enchanted Objects Tea Set, that comes with a teapot, sugar bowl, 2 cups, 2 saucers and 2 spoons. Can you imagine how much would your child love to host a tea party in her princess dress using this set?

This truly magical collection really woke up the child in me, and if I was so excited, I can’t even imagine how much a child would get excited. Can’t wait to see the look on the face of the lucky child that receives these toys a s gift.

I found the whole Disney Beauty and the Beast collection online at Toys R Us, and the prices are as follows:

I am sure you can find all of these toys at many other retailers, too.

What toys are you gifting this season? Did any of these pique your interest? Do you think your child would enjoy any of these toys?