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Since having a baby, I’ve been on a shopping frenzy. Babies don’t need that many things, really, but there are so many products out there that can make a parent’s life much easier. However, I only bought a single pair of warm booties for her to wear during the coldest winter months, she didn’t really need more. They were also cheap, and I didn’t care – all they needed is to stay on. Actually, a lot of her clothes were bought in a sale – she outgrows everything in 2 months, so there is no point in buying them expensive.

One thing I always knew I would spare no expense on are her first WALKING shoes. I’ve seen so many young children wearing flip flops, plastic sandals and similar shoes, and all I can assume is that their parents don’t realize how important baby and kid shoes are. As babies start moving, it is important for them to learn to properly use their feet to stand and walk, and for that they need to feel the ground. Since my baby is starting to move just as the weather is getting colder, I was wondering what to do – I can’t leave her barefooted, since it’s too cold for that, although that would be the best for her. This is where soft sole shoes come in play. These are are the best shoes for moving babies. As babies become toddlers and start walking better, it’s still important for the shoes to be ergonomic, lightweight and to fit well, since badly fitted shoes can lead to bad posture, flat feet and many other problems.

All this was on my mind when I got connected to Bobux. This company brings years of expertise into baby and kid footwear industry, and they “design shoes that mimic the freedom of bare feet while providing enough protection from the environment for little feet.” And to make it even sweeter, they make not only functional, but very fashionable shoes as well. Seriously, it took me over a week to select two pairs of shoes for my little one. I love that they come nicely presented in boxes – they would make a perfect gift!

bobux canada soft sole baby shoes packaging

Their latest collaboration is with the UK baby knitwear brand The Bonniemob and I just had to pick one pair of the shoes in that collection – the Love Notes soft sole shoes in Milk, made for babies learning to walk. I used to play piano as a child, and still cherish those times, and look for every opportunity to play again, which is why these shoes literally called my name. The other two designs in the collection, the Imagine Rainbow and the Peace Panda are equally cute, though.

bobux canada soft sole baby shoes bonniemob love notes

These leather shoes are soft and flexible, so baby’s feet can move freely. They are also breathable and have a non-slip grip. My baby really loves music ans singing (I am yet to meet a baby that doesn’t), so the design is perfect for her. Bobux also notes that this retro design goes perfectly with knitwear from the Bonnie Mob Imagine collection (I’ll definitely have to check them out).

See below how the soles look on both pairs of shoes:

bobux canada soft sole baby shoes soles

The second pair I picked are the the Xplorer Origin shoes in Gold, perfect for cruisers and babies just about to start walking. These shoes look more like shoes, if you know what I mean, but the soles are still very thin and flexible. They will protect little feet better, but still provide freedom of movement – exactly what babies at this stage need.

bobux canada soft sole baby shoes xplorer origin gold

Bobux Xplorer shoes come in soooo many colors and designs, it was terribly hard to choose one pair, but I went for a basic gold. I love that they’re made from leather, and the toes are additionally protected with a toe-cap. These shoes also come in the “Arctic” variety that has soft and warm merino fleece lining.

We haven’t had the chance to test the shoes yet, since my baby is just starting to learn how to crawl, but it looks like we’re almost ready. However, they look well made, and I think they’ll be durable. The material choices are great, and I love how lightweight and flexible both pairs are. If these survive the first steps, I’ll definitely be buying next stages in Bobux shoes – First Walkers, Toddles, Pre-schoolers and Kids.

Did you know how important the choice of baby shoes is? What brand do you trust for your little ones? What Bobux shoes on their website would you like to own?