I have read so many great reviews of all of the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes, so I put the Modern Renaissance palette on my wish list as soon as it came out. It got sold out every time I decided to buy it, and finally I got my hands on it! Now that I have it, I can definitely see what all the hype is about, and it’s easily becoming my favorite!

My first surprise came upon opening the dusty rose box. I have to say I am not a big fan of pink color in anything, but this color really gives it a romantic feel. What I didn’t expect is the velvet packaging of the palette. It is stunning!


The palette contains 14 eye shadows. They are mostly matte, with a few fine shimmers/metallics. Colors range from neutrals to pinks/berry and earth/orange tones. A double-ended shadow brush is included. It’s soft, and I love the small side of it, while the bigger side is a bit too puffy for me.


Colors included, and described per Anastasia Beverly Hills website, are:

  • Tempera – Velvety beige with an ultra-matte finish
  • Golden Ochre – Earthy yellow with an ultra-matte finish
  • Vermeer – Iridescent shell with a metallic finish
  • Buon Fresco – Antique lavender with an ultra-matte finish
  • Antique Bronze – Metallic sable with a satin finish
  • Love Letter- Raspberry with an ultra-matte finish
  • Cyprus Umber- Dark coffee with an ultra-matte finish
  • Raw Sienna- neutral amber with an ultra-matte finish
  • Burnt Orange- deep orange with an ultra-matte finish
  • Primavera- shimmery gold dust with a metallic finish
  • Red Ochre- Sienna with an ultra-matte finish
  • Venetian Red- Crimson with an ultra-matte finish
  • Warm Taupe- Earthy gray with an ultra-matte finish
  • Realgar- Brick with an ultra-matte finish

I finger swatched the shadows, shown on the photos below. They are very pigmented, so much that I had to rub hard with a face wipe to get swatches off my arms – btw, pardon my hairy arms 😀

All types of shadows are included: transition, highlight, liner, crease. This makes this palette perfect to travel with. You can get an array of looks, from natural to smoky, from day to evening wear.

Since the palette contains mostly matte shadows, I have to focus on them. They are unlike any other mattes I have ever tried. They apply very smoothly, not patchy when applied, even over a primer, and they blend really well.

A tip I got from a girl at Sephora: Vermeer and Primavera can be used as nice face highlighters. I didn’t try this, but swatches show that they would work for my skin tone and that would make this palette even more travel-friendly.



I played with the palette a lot, and I created a few little looks. Again, I am not a make-up artist, so if I can do this, almost anyone can.

First off, a simple orange look for day – you can see it is not too flashy when my eyes are open. It reminds me of a setting Sun.


inner corner – Primavera
all over – Burnt orange
under lower eyelashes – Raw sienna
crease and outer corner – Red Ochre
to smooth out the crease edges – Golden Ochre

I read  a tweet by Dave Lackie about make-up being all about pink in Spring 2017, so I tried to create a look that is pink, but wearable. I didn’t wear pink eye shadow since I was 15!


inner corner – Vermeer
all over – Buon Fresco
under lower eyelashes – Antique Bronze
crease and outer corner – Love letter, blended out with Buon fresco
to smooth out the crease edges – Tempera

Finally, I love ‘Antique bronze’ so much, I had to use it all over on its own. OK, I added a bit of ‘Warm taupe’ to inner corner.


This palette is sold out on sephora’s website However, I used the “find in store” option and it showed as in stock at my local Sephora store. It costs 55 CAD and for me, it’s worth every cent.

Did you join the Modern Renaissance train? Do you like this palette? Is it worth the hype? Or maybe you want it, but can’t find it? Let me know your thoughts!