Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

During my early teen years I was obsessed with lip glosses. I was too young for highly pigmented lipsticks, so lip glosses were something I could comfortably wear as the first introduction to makeup. Somehow along the process of growing up I stopped wearing them altogether. I love the pigmentation of lipsticks and just hate the combination of wind, lip gloss and long hair. I remember always having my hair tied when I was wearing a lip gloss. I only recently discovered how much the lip gloss formulas have changed since then, and how there are non-sticky glosses out there. So, I was happy when Liz @purelybeautifullife contacted me to review a couple of Beautycounter lip glosses.

To be completely honest, I didn’t know anything about Beautycounter, so I had to do a little research into what they are doing. I’m very positively surprised. I’m transitioning to more pure, natural beauty products, and although I know I will never switch to natural products completely, I am trying to do my best to find cleaner alternatives. In case you don’t already know, the ingredients in our beauty products are not regulated, and there are a number of highly toxic ingredients used in skincare and makeup. Beautycounter decided to ban over 1500 toxic ingredients from their products themselves, including parabens and phtalates. You can see their full list of banned ingredients here

Beautycounter products are sold through consultants, so if you want to learn more about them, you can contact Liz through her Instagram profile @purelybeautifullife. To buy the products, you can follow the link in her Instagram bio, or follow this link. Liz has kindly offered a free lip gloss with any $175 CAD purchase to my followers.

Now, onto the lip glosses 😀


Dahlia is a pretty pink color that I decided to try because it seems so perfect for spring. It looks quite pigmented in the tube, but it’s actually sheer, as is expected from a lip gloss. It’s swatched later in the review.

The first thing I noticed about these Beautycounter lip glosses is the applicator. It has a great triangular shape, that makes applying the product so easy.


Also, the ridge in the center of the applicator holds a lot of product, and it’s usually enough for one full application, so I don’t need to keep dipping the applicator back into the tube.


One more great feature of the applicator is that it is angled, which also helps with the application of the product. I don’t think I was ever this amazed by the design of an applicator, but this is honestly the best I’ve ever seen.


Fig is a beautiful deep berry/wine color, that appears brown in the tube. It is also quite sheer. It reminds me of fall, but this color would actually be great year round. Swatched a few photos down.


It obviously features the same amazing applicator as Dahlia.


Here are the both colors swatched. You can see they look quite pigmented, but only because I put a lot of product here. When applied to the lips, you want a nice, even, thin coat, and that makes the color sheer.


The glosses have a delicious vanilla scent, that is not too strong once on the lips, but no taste. If you read my reviews you have noticed that I really like lip products with no taste, since the sweet ones make me lick my lips, which then dries them out. So, I really appreciate the lack of taste.

With these lip glosses a little goes a long way. Actually, whatever you get on the applicator when you pull it out should be enough for one application. Don’t try to pile it on to get more pigmentation, because the glosses are quite liquid and will just shift around and pool at certain areas (just look at my application of Dahlia, it pooled on the inside of my lips). The glosses are made to be sheer and give a tiny little bit of color and lots of shine.

The best thing about these glosses is the almost complete lack of stickiness. If you apply too much they will be a bit sticky, but with a nice thin layer that feeling is almost completely gone. What I did notice though is that after a few hours of wearing them they do become a bit more sticky. However, I drink and eat something all the time, so by the time the gloss becomes sticky I need to reapply it anyways.

Another great thing is that the glosses don’t dry out my lips. They actually keep them nicely moisturized, and I only apply a lip balm after I remove the gloss, out of habit.

Here you can see them on my lips. Dahlia is on the top, and it just gives a little wash of rosy color to my usually pale lips, while Fig on the bottom gives a more red tint. They are both very shiny, with no shimmer or glitter.


The glosses retail for $36 each, and they are available in 9 different colors. This is a high end price for sure, however, considering the safe ingredients, almost no stickiness and high shine, the glosses definitely perform as a safer alternative to high end lip products. As something that we actually inadvertently ingest, because it’s on our lips, I feel better knowing that the ingredients in these glosses are non-toxic.

To buy the products, you can check in with Liz on Instagram, or follow this link. Again, Liz has kindly offered a free lip gloss with any $175 CAD purchase to my followers.

Are you aware of how toxic some ingredients are? Does this worry you? Are you looking for safer beauty products?