Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received complimentary for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

I’m always very excited to receive a VoxBox from Influenster. It may be the fact that I never know when I’ll qualify or what will I get, but the whole secrecy about the selection process just makes me feel so special when I actually do get a box. When the box comes with samples from one of my favorite brands, Kat Von D Beauty, it’s a score! If you are not familiar with Influenster, I encourage you to read my blog post, join, and then ask any questions you may have.

This is my second Kat Von D VoxBox,, and I’m beyond happy. The box came with samples of her revamped and re-released Saint and Sinner perfumes. I love the black and white theme. Which side will I reveal?


Saint Eau de Parfum is a classic floral scent with key notes being vanilla, musk and jasmine. It’s described as “soft, alluring and dreamy”, and the addition of caramel puts it in the category of gourmand fragrances, lately very popular among fragrance designers.

Saint has fresh fruity top notes, but I only noticed them at the first sniff, and the perfume went down to sweet floral heart notes quickly. I can mostly notice the tiare flower and vanilla, and it reminds me of another perfume I loved in my 20’s, that is now discontinued. I never really noticed any base notes after the vanilla. I don’t think it’s a really unique scent, but I love it. It’s a warm pleasant scent, that is not overly strong, and lasts about 6h on my skin.


Sinner Eau de Parfum is a warm and spicy scent with patchouli, wood and cinnamon as it’s key notes. Described as “dark, sultry, and empowering”, it shares some notes with Saint, but with a spicy twist.

Sinner is a spicy floral, warm scent. It’s not very strong, which is good in this case. The perfume starts off fresh, but quickly becomes spicy. I could notice the top mandarin, middle cinnamon and white flowers, and the woodsy base notes. This is a different and unique perfume for me. This perfume also lasts about 6h on my skin, and it’s spicy floral the whole time.

Since these two perfumes share some key notes, they are meant to be worn separate, or layered together. I’ve tried layering them, and noticed that Sinner tones down the sweetness and vanilla scent in Saint. The combination is a bit more floral, still spicy, but the spicy notes get a bit muted, too. Together they become spicy-floral-vanilla scent, complementing each other, and becoming even better. I loved them combined more than each of them separate, and I believe I’ll be wearing them together the most.


None of these two scents are the ones that will leave a strong scent when you walk by other people, but they are noticeable for the first few hours. After that I can only smell them when I have my wrists near my face. I actually like that, because it makes the perfumes completely wearable during the day, and acceptable for every season.

Kat Von D Saint and Sinner perfumes are available at Sephora. They retail in three sizes:

  • travel size 10 ml – $30
  • 50 ml bottle – $88
  • 100 ml bottle – $115

The bigger options are obviously more economical. Prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Did you try any of these two scents? How did you like them? Did you try layering them together?