Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received complimentary for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

La Colline is a company born in Sion, a town located in the Swiss Riviera known as a hub of biotechnological industry, where the company still actively works on cellular therapy research. Their product range is focused on anti-aging, and they have developed products for both men and women. They use high-performance biotech active ingredients and botanical extracts that are formulated to deliver immediate and long-lasting visible results to beautify the skin. The success of this skincare brand creates the resources needed by their team at University Hospital of Zurich to make patients receive their skin transplants quicker and better. 

Considering the company’s achievements, I am surprised that I haven’t heard of them before. Their website says they are popular in Asia, so maybe they just need some time to get established in Canada and North America. I am a big fan of Swiss skincare in general, and knowing that this company also helps burn patients only makes me want to support them more.

I have to admit, cleansing is the least favorite part of my skincare routine. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of clean, refreshed skin, but I never learned to enjoy the process. Because of this, I want my cleansing to be quick and easy. I’ve tried various products, from wipes, micellar water, oils, balms, foam and creamy cleansers, and I thought nothing could surprise me. When La Colline contacted me to to try their Active Cleansing Cellular Face & Eye no rinse Jelly, my first thought was ‘not another cleanser’. However, when I looked it up I realized this cleanser was actually different, and decided to give it a try.


Active Cleansing Cellular Face & Eye no rinse Jelly was formulated to remove makeup and cleanse skin, while keeping it hydrated. Unlike foaming cleansers, this one doesn’t contain any harsh detergents, so it doesn’t strip off skin’s hydrolipidic film. It can be used on eyes, too, and it is safe for sensitive skin (although I don’t have sensitive skin and can not confirm this).

Ingredients: CMAge® Complex/Plantago Extract/Protease/Subtilisine/Musk Rosebush Oil/Mica particles/Glycerin


The cleanser comes in a lovely pink and rose gold tube packaging, and it arrives sealed. The texture is that of thin jelly-liquid, and it comes out of the packaging very easily, so make sure you don’t squeeze too hard. I didn’t have accidents where it dripped out, but I do handle the tube gently. On the upside, this means that I’ll be able to use every single drop without having to cut the packaging open. The scent is light-to-medium strong and herbal. It’s relaxing and I really enjoy it.


To use it, I apply the product all over my face and eyes, rub gently, then wipe off with cotton pads or a dry wash cloth. You can soak the cotton pads in toner if you wish, but from my experience with the product there is no need. Also, you can just rinse it off, but that just goes against the main feature of the product.

If you’ve used oil or balm cleansers, this one is used similarly, but it’s not greasy. It’s easy to apply it over my skin, and it doesn’t take too much rubbing. It removes almost all my makeup and doesn’t sting my eyes. I love that it leaves my face clean with no residue, and it doesn’t dry out my skin. Even just rinsing my face with water leaves my skin dry, so this cleanser really helps me prevent that.


So far I like using it on lazy nights, to make sure I am not skipping cleansing, especially if I wasn’t wearing too much makeup. It saves me some time, and leaves my skin clean, fresh and hydrated. This is a cleanser different from any other I’ve used, and I really like the convenience.

Active Cleansing Cellular Face & Eye no rinse Jelly retails for $136 CAD/ 150 ml, which puts it at the luxury beauty level. I don’t need too much for each use, so I can see it lasting for a while, and it works well for me. If you can afford it, I can definitely recommend it. You can also feel good knowing that this company helps burn patients. This, and all the other La Colline products are available online at Shifeon, and at a number of spa partners/ retail locations in Canada.

Have you ever tried a similar cleanser? Does water dry-out your skin, too? Does this product interest you?