Disclaimer: I have purchased the product(s) myself. Read the full disclosure here.

I have always known Ciate brand for their nail polishes, but never really tried any of the makeup they makeup. Some time in December 2016 I saw that they partnered with Chloe Morello for an eyeshadow palette, but when I wanted to purchase it it got sold out. Later on it came back, but at that time I moved on to spring makeup. Last year however (end of 2017) they came back with another collaboration, the Beauty Haul vol 2, and I had to have it. I’ve been using this palette extensively during the last few months, and it’s time to share my views with you.

The Beauty Haul Volume 2 comes with the palette and additional goodies:

  • Chloe Morello Pretty, Fun & Fearless Eyeshadow Palette Volume 2
  • 0.06 fl oz/ 1.8 mL Fierce Flicks Eyeliner
  • 0.118 fl oz/ 3.5 mL Mini Wonderwand Mascara
  • 0.067 fl oz/ 2 mL Mini Liquid Velvet in Sydney


The palette packaging is quite on trend, with lovely pink and rose gold lettering, flamingos and social media inspired words and pictures all over. It does seem a bit busy altogether, but I somehow still like it. There is a small mirror inside, and 20 eyeshadow shades. The palette is cardboard with a magnetic closure. I always prefer these magnetic ones, since some palettes are known for ruining my nail polish because they are hard to open. It feels secure enough for traveling, but it is quite big – 16.5 x 13 cm (6 1/2 x 3 1/4 in).


Here you can see a close-up of all the shades. There are 8 matte and 12 shimmer shades, which is not a bad mix. I prefer more mattes, but these shimmers are very wearable. Shades are arranged in 4 color-coordinated rows, but you can obviously mix and match them as you wish. I think the combination of neutrals and colors is also very good, and I never needed to reach for another palette to achieve a wearable look. You can easily do various looks, from romantic, natural, work-appropriate, to a sultry smokey eye.


Lets talk about individual shades. I tried to describe them the best that I can. Here is the first row swatched (swiped twice).

Left to right:
Topless – matte ivory
Halo – shimmery light gold
Coco – matte peachy orange
Nini – matte warm cocoa brown
Gold – shimmery warm gold

All of these shades are very pigmented, except Topless, which is just a little less pigmented of the bunch. However, this is perfect for me, since white/ivory shades make me look like an alien, and with this level of pigmentation I can use it as a great, natural brow bone highlight.

Swatches of the second row, swiped twice.

Left to right:
Baby – shimmery baby pink
Violet – matte deep magenta
Jelly Bean – shimmery “Barbie” pink 🙂
Renegade – shimmery orchid
Morello Cherry – shimmery plum

All these shades are very pigmented, including Baby, which doesn’t seem like it is, but it’s just very light, so it doesn’t show on my skin that much. Violet, the only matte in this row, is just a little bit patchy, but it applies and blends with other shades quite well. As expected, I love these shades the most, expecially Renegade and Morello Cherry, and they’re right on trend (that’s if pink eyeshadow trend is still going on). Even if not on trend, these will make great spring shades. Can’t wait for the spring to come!

Third row swatched, swiped twice.

Left to right:
Pony – matte taupe
Platinum – shimmery light gray
Ellie – shimmery taupe
Mecha – matteblack brown
Beauty – matte charcoal black

These shades are all neutral, and mix well with other shades in the palette. Mecha and Beauty look quite similar when swatched, but used with a light hand there is a difference. They are also a bit patchy when swatched. I am glad that there is no true black in the palette, since that’s the least useful shade for me, and these two can at least be used to deepen a smokey eye for my evening looks. The other three shades are gorgeous, and very useful, especially the two taupes.

Lastly, but not list, the forth row, swiped twice.

Left to right:
Rose Gold – shimmery rose gold
Copper – shimmery copper
Marron – matte deep olive green
Soul – shimmery forest green
Chartreuse – shimmery lime green

These shades are stunning, and remind me of fall. Now that I think of it, every row of the palette reminds me of a season (top to bottom: summer, spring, winter, fall). Cool, right? Back to the shades. All the shimmers are very pigmented and smooth, and the matte olive one is just a little bit patchy, but still quite easy to work with when applied to the eye. That forest green is my favorite shade in the palette, it’s just beautiful.

All the shades in the palette apply really well, blend well, and I was happy to see there was little to no fall-out. Over a primer they last all day, and I didn’t notice any fading or creasing.

To complement the eyeshadow palette, the Beauty Haul volume 2 includes a full-size Ciate London Fierce Flicks liquid eyeliner. This is one of the easier liquid eyeliners to use, perfect for beginners. The tip allows precise application, and you can easily do as thin or thick lines as you want. It’s jet black, and doesn’t flake. The only thing I’ve noticed is that it smudges a bit on the inner corners of my eyes as the day goes on. Still, it’s really a nice eyeliner, and I can highly recommend it.


To finish off your eye look, you’ll find included a deluxe sample of the Ciate London Wonderwand mascara. This mascara had the type of brush that I really love, full with long bristles, for lots of length and volume. However, I noticed it flakes off a bit during the day, which is a big no-no for me, so it went into my “reserve” pile.


Lastly, the set includes a deluxe sample of Ciate London Liquid Velvet in Sydney (limited-edition shade). This is a nice light pink color that swatches darker than it looks on my lips. It’s not a nude, but it’s light enough to be almost a nude. Honestly, for my light skin this is perfect, and I can’t go any lighter without looking as if I was sick. It’s a bit more comfortable than other liquid matte lipsticks, but still a bit drying.


Here are the swatches of the liquid lipstick and the liquid eyeliner:


And here is the lipstick on my lips:


I also did two eye looks for you using the palette. This first one is a bit romantic, using the shades from the second row, the liquid eyeliner and the mascara:

Shades used: Baby, Renegade, Morello Cherry, Topless

The second look is a green smokey eye (mascara is not from this set):

Shades used: Chartreuse, Soul, Marron, Pony

I am very happy with this purchase. The palette is great, it has a nice mix of colors and neutrals, mattes and shimmers, and I can easily bring just this palette when traveling to achieve many, many looks. All the shades are pigmented and very smooth. I would give them all an A, except Topless, Violet and Maroon that get an A-, and Mecha and Beauty that get a B-. Compared to some other high-end palettes that I have, this one has the same or better quality. The eyeliner is fantastic, the lippie is good, and the mascara is almost great – I wish there was no fall-out. I’ll have to try it a few more times.

I purchased this set from Sephora, and paid the full price of $59 CAD, but if you like it I recommend you get it now, while it’s on sale for $45. For me it is worth the money even at full price.

Have you tried any Ciate London makeup? What do you think about this collaboration? Do you like the shades in the palette?