Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest.

E-mails from Influenster regarding VoxBoxes always make me happy – if I am getting one. So when I received an e-mail saying I would be getting the Orville Redenbacher popcorn voxbox, I got excited, although it is only popcorn. You all know it, but I have to explicitly state that I received this popcorn for free.

My huge box arrived with one bag of popcorn. All I knew in advance is that the flavor will be a brand new flavor of Orville’s popcorn. I received a new premium mix of white cheddar and caramel flavors.

First of all, the bag is huge. Once opened, it’s only half full. There is a lot of air here. You would think all that air would protect the popcorn from getting smashed, but there was still quite a lot of smashed popcorn in the bag.


The texture of the popcorn is spot on. It’s fluffy, and there isn’t much of that nasty stuff that gets into your teeth. I usually don’t like mixing salty and sweet, so I was wondering would I even like this. The white cheddar popcorn tastes mostly salty to me, cheddar is not really strong. Caramel ones are so creamy and sweet, and my favorite out of the two. It’s a nice mix, though. I like that, although they are mixed in the bag, you can’t taste salt on the caramel, or sugar on cheddar popcorn. I couldn’t stop eating this – hubby and me went through the whole bag in no time!

The photo below shows both flavors in my hand, white cheddar flavor on the right, and caramel on the left.


However, I had a bowl of this popcorn on my table, and kept smelling dirty socks (my husband complained of a sweaty scent). We sniffed everything we had around, even the popcorn, which smells like popcorn up close, until we figured out that the cheddar in this smells really bad from the distance. I have to admit, it’s quite off-putting. Regardless, we like the taste, and will probably buy this mix again.

Did you try this mix already? What is your favorite popcorn flavor?