In case you are not familiar with Burt’s Bees company, they are making products that are are simple, natural, and responsible, including their packaging. A huge range of products is available almost anywhere, and I get mine in my local Superstore, but you can order them from their website.

If you are like almost anyone in the world, you have lazy nights when it’s sooo hard to get up and remove your make-up and clean your face. That is why I like to keep a pack of cleansing towelettes on my nightstand.

I decided to try these towelettes in July, when I went to Europe. I wanted to have something on the plane to be able to quickly clean my face after a long-haul flight. That is why I got the smaller, sample pack of 10 towelettes (the regular size pack has 30). Also, that is why the packaging on the photo is quite beat up.

The towelettes are sized generously, and one is always enough for me to remove all my make-up and and clean my face.


They are also really durable, and don’t stretch or break. Although they are meant for all skin types, they felt drying, and I needed to use a heavy moisturizer after them. Also, I would have liked it better if they were a bit more moist.

Here is a photo of a towelette on my hand, so that you can see their size:


All in all, I liked them enough to use them again if I stumble upon them, but not enough to go and buy them. Burt’s bees also carries these wipes in 4 more versions:

I might try other versions to see if I would like them better, since they are really nice, and affordable.