Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

FaceOff Cloth is a Canadian company, based in Toronto, Ontario. Just like many other great products, the FaceOff Cloth was developed out of necessity, after years of battling acne, skin irritations and breakouts, and using cleansers with harsh chemicals and fragrances. This cloth is 100% safe, even for kids, and has a positive impact on skin health, beauty and the environment. It’s also eco-friendly, eliminating the need for face wipes and cotton pads.

The product is available in two versions, the white FaceOff Cloth for adults, and the pink FaceOff Cloth Junior for kids. The product comes in a box, and it’s about 4 times bigger than my palm, pretty much like a regular washcloth. The photo below shows it folded 2 times (so, 1/4 of the whole cloth). The cloth itself is thin, extremely soft, and made from ultra-thin microfibers (80% polyester, 20% polyamide). The cloth has a handy loop in one corner for easy hanging.


I was always interested in cloths like this, because they would make my evening laziness manageable (you can’t skip cleansing if it’s this easy), but I never got to try one, until now. I was a bit skeptical, though, I just couldn’t believe I could remove all my makeup and cleanse the skin with just the cloth and warm water. So, I set up a big challenge for it.

I decided to go full on with makeup:  full face, long-wearing lipstick, smokey eye! Then I followed the instructions:

  1. Wet with warm water
  2. Wipe delicately over face
  3. Wash cloth with soap and water
  4. Hang to dry

The cleansing cloth removed it all! And that’s with just water! That lipstick is seriously hard to remove, and it took only two swipes of the cloth to remove it. I did have to rub a bit in some areas, mainly to remove the mascara and the foundation, but not much more than when I use other makeup removers, and the cloth is so soft that rubbing doesn’t irritate my skin or eyes!

Although I could instantly see my makeup gone, I also wanted to check how clean my face was, because they claim the cloth removes not only makeup, but sweat, dirt and grime, too. I wiped a cotton pad with some micellar water over my face after removing makeup, and there was barely any residue on the cotton pad. I’m impressed!

Also, washing the cloth with soap and water mostly worked, the only stain left was from the lipstick. After a few uses I tossed the cloth into washing machine and it came out quite white, but the lipstick stain is still there, so some makeup might stain it. However, since this doesn’t change its effectiveness, I’m OK with it.
Please note: do not use bleach or fabric softener when washing the cloth.

Photos below show how the challenge went!


I am really impressed with this product. It works great, and I keep reaching for it every time I’m too lazy in the evening, or I have a migraine and want the quickest routine possible. I still use my face cleansers, though, not because I don’t trust the product, but because I want super clean face. This would be a great product to bring when traveling, too, because there are no liquids involved and it doesn’t take my room in your suitcase.

Both the FaceOff Cloth and the FaceOff Cloth Junior retail for $14.99, and should be replaced every 3-4 months. Even if you buy the cheapest makeup removing wipes or a makeup remover and cotton pads, you will still spend more than this in 3-4 months, so I consider this a fair price.

Did you ever try this or a similar product? Would you consider trying it? Do you have any questions?