Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received complimentary for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

About a month ago I collaborated with Peanut Butter Gorgeous to test and review some of the makeup they carry on their website, and today I am bringing you the full review. Without too much intro, let’s just jump at it!

Bodyography Oil-Free Natural Finish Foundation

This foundation comes in 9 shades, and I received the three lightest ones to swatch and test (100, 125 and 150). 100 is the lightest one and the closest match, but unfortunately still a bit too dark for me. It’s also a bit too yellow for me, but not by much. I can make it work if I go for a sheer application, but if I layer it for a medium or a full coverage it becomes really noticeable. I am really light though, so these three shades will work for most light-to-medium skin tones, but not for very fair or fair-to-light ones.

All that said, I really loved the foundation. It is easy to layer from light to medium coverage, even full coverage, and gives a natural finish that makes my skin glow, but not shiny. It looks very skin like, especially if worn as light coverage. The foundation wears beautifully all day, and when set with powder it doesn’t get shiny or move around. I only got a tiny bit shiny on my forehead after wearing it all day with no blotting or powder retouch.

Here are the swatches of all three shades (scroll down to the end of this review to see the foundation on my face):


Afterspa Foundation Applicator

These silicone makeup “sponges” are everywhere, and I really wanted to try one, so I was happy to see that Peanut Butter Gorgeous included one in my review package. I normally apply my foundation with a buffing brush or a sponge, so this silicone applicator needed some getting used to. My first application was a bit patchy, but I managed to even it out. It also took me longer to use it than my regular methods, but this is probably because it takes time to learn how to use it. My subsequent applications were much quicker than my first one. I did notice I used less foundation than what I normally use with my brushes or sponges, which is great if you have an expensive foundation that you want to use for longer, it saves you some money for sure.


LCN Extreme WOW Effect Volume Mascara

This mascara is currently not available on the Peanut Butter Gourgeous’s website, but I linked to a makeup set that includes this same mascara in brown.

I have to admit I did a double-take when I saw the brush on this mascara. It’s interesting and so different from any other mascara wand I’ve seen, and needed some getting used to. The slightly curved brush and various bristles make it easy to apply the mascara without clumping, and I can easily get my lashes just naturally enhanced or completely dramatic, depending on my mood. I didn’t experience any flaking or smudging. At the end of the day the mascara was very easy to remove with two swipes of an eye makeup remover (oil based) and no rubbing, which is great if you have sensitive eyes. My eyes are not sensitive, but they get very red if I have to rub them too much, which is why I appreciate this mascara even more.

One of my Instagram friends suggested using this applicator for skincare, and I think that is a wonderful idea to make those expensive “potions” last longer!


As you can see from these photos, my lashes get quite a lot of length, lift and curl and enough volume. A second coat would give me some very dramatic lashes. This mascara is a winner for me!


Esqido Lashes in Big City Nights and Lashes Companion Lash Adhesive

The last time I wore falsies was in 2010 for a folk dance performance at the Shanghai Expo. Although that was quite long ago, I didn’t need to practice much to get the hang of applying them again, and I really enjoyed the look.

These Esqido eyelashes are made from mink hair, and they are very soft and fluffy. I find that if I curl my own lashes, apply mascara and some liquid black eyeliner along the upper lash line, these falsies blend well with my own lashes. Of course, since nobody has lashes this big, it is obvious I am wearing falsies, but I still like how it’s not that easy to see my own eyelashes underneath. They can be reused, and I recommend you keep the pretty rose gold box and after every use clean them and store them in the box. With good care, they will last you for a long time, especially if you only wear them for special occasions.

The adhesive is white, but the brush is very thin and precise and I don’t need to apply too much, so it doesn’t show that annoying white line between my own lashes and the falsies. The adhesive makes the lashes stick well, and I had no issues with them lifting off. I remember vividly from my performance days that I sometimes needed to glue the inner corner back on after a few hours, almost every time I wore them, but not with these lashes and adhesive. These stay put until I want to remove them at the end of the day.


Here I’m wearing the lashes. Please excuse the random black flakes from my mascara (this is not from the LCN mascara mentioned above, I used my usual mascara that obviously needed to be replaced). This a very dramatic look, and personally a bit too much for me, but I can see these lashes looking great for proms or graduation photos. If you like a less dramatic look like me, Peanut Butter Gorgeous offers a big selection of Esqido lashes, from dramatic, to more natural ones.


Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Eye Brow Kit

As you all may already know, I don’t use eyebrow products all the time, except a clear gel, but I do like having eyebrow products around for special occasions. Having an all-in-one kit at hand is great, since I don’t have to look for various products in my makeup bag boxes. This kit includes a universal brow pencil with a spoolie, a concealer and highlighter pencil, a blending smudge brush and a clear gel.

The pencil is very soft and blendable. I can’t get very thin lines, but it easily spreads within my brow hairs. I love having the spoolie on one end for combing and blending. This is a medium brown color that can be light brown if used with a light hand. The concealer looked too dark for me when swatched, but it actually looks great on my eyes. I used it on the lid and all around the eye, and the highlighter around the brows. Both are creamy and blend well, but a bit dry for my skin, so make sure to moisturize well beforehand. The brush seemed a bit stiff at first, but it’s AWESOME! It blends the concealer and the highlighter effortlessly, and it’s my new favorite beauty tool. The clear gel tames brows without any crunchiness or flakes, which is basically all that I need and expect from such a product.

This is a great all in one set. I love the step by step instructions, and every product works great. I can easily get a natural or a bold look, depending on my mood.


On the left I swatched the pencils for you, and on the right you see my final brow look. I think it looks quite natural, but well groomed. If you look closely you can see my skin looks dry all around, this is partially from my normally dry skin, and partially due to the concealer/highlighter pencil having a drier consistency. (Again, on the photo on the right I am wearing a different mascara from the one featured in this review, sorry about that).


Bodyography Lip Lava Liquid Lipstick

Bodyography liquid lipsticks come in plastic packaging that looks like frosted glass, with shiny gunmetal cap. It’s very sleek and I love the frosted finish, but it makes it a bit harder to see true colors.

These are classic liquid matte lipsticks, with a thinner consistency, but not runny (Candy is a bit thicker in texture), and a nice sweet scent. They were all quite easy to apply, and the consistency makes it easy to get an even lip line. They appeared to be a bit sticky, but I let them dry on my lips for about 30 seconds after they looked dry, and the stickiness was gone. They are very pigmented, so a thin layer is sufficient, making them very comfortable. Even the darkest one, Obsidian, required just one thin layer! Just like all the other liquid mattes, these emphasize lip lines a bit.

The lipsticks wear nicely, and don’t feel too dry on my lips. They are not completely transfer proof, but transfer less than your usual cream lipsticks. These lipsticks survived light snacking and drinks, but as all liquid mattes, wear off during a more substantial meal. They wear off nicely, and I had no issues reapplying. These lipsticks are neither easy nor hard to remove. It definitely takes some rubbing. My lips are a bit dry after wearing them, but not too bad (some other liquid lipsticks make them much drier).


Photo on the left shows swatches, top to bottom: Petal, Obsidian, Candy. Photo on the right shows lip swatches, top to bottom: Petal, Candy, Obsidian.


Afterspa Magic Makeup Remover

As much as I love wearing makeup, there is nothing better than removing it all at the end of a long day. This Magic Make Up Remover makes it very easy to remove makeup – I just add warm water and wipe off all my makeup. The remover is soft and doesn’t tug on my skin, and removes all my makeup and sunscreen easily. When I test with micellar water afterwards, there is virtually no makeup residue. I’ve used the remover a few times and washed it after every use in the washing machine, and it’s holding up well. It also comes in black, and it’s very affordable. If I compare it to other similar products it is comparable to more known brands, but at a lower price point!


This is a final look using most of the products featured in this review. Here I am wearing the lightest foundation (no. 100), layered for a medium coverage and no powder on top. You can see here that the foundation is definitely too dark for me – there is a big contrast against my neck. I am also wearing the mascara, brow kit, and the lipstick in Petal. I used the silicone sponge to apply my foundation.

The photo on the right shows me wearing the Esqido lashes on one eye, so you can compare the with/without falsies. You can see they add so much volume and length, elevating my look to a very glam level.

The only products I added are some concealer, blush, bronzer and highlighter.

Bodyography_AfterSpa_LCN_Esqido_Billion Dollar Brows_makeup_review_final_look

I have to admit I am very happy with all of the products I’ve tried here. If I had to choose favorites, those would be the mascara and the makeup remover, but the quality of all of these products is top-notch.

Here are the prices (in CAD) and links to purchase these products, if you’re interested in anything:

Are you interested in any of these products? Do you like more natural or full-on glam makeup? What do you use to remove your makeup at the end of the day?