Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here.

Jewelry Jar Candles is Canadian company founded by a husband and wife team working from their home, providing hand-poured candles and handmade bath bombs and shower steamers using only non-toxic ingredients. Their products are made-to-order, meaning they are fresh. They use only 100% soy wax for their candles, providing a clean burn.

Last year I got interested in candles and bath bombs that contain jewelry inside. I like surprises, and I find it exciting to enjoy a candle while hoping for that little piece of foil to appear with your ring, or other jewelry. There are many companies that produce these ‘jewelry inside’ product, and a number of them are Canadian, so I decided to try a few for price, value and quality comparison. Jewelry Jar Candles were kind enough to send me a few of their product for testing. Since they are the only company I’ve seen so far that produces products not only for women, but for men and children, too, we decided on a number of products that showcase their impressive range of products, scents and jewelry.

Since I was the one choosing the scents, I decided to try their The Grape Escape women’s ring candle, the Winter Wonderland men’s ring shower steamer and the Elfsicle kid’s ring bath bomb.


Jewelry Jar Ring Candles come in 29 scents, one of which is unscented, and options to choose your own 2 or 3 scent combo. I was so happy to discover that they have a grape scented candle, since both me and my hubby love that scent, but you’ll find many different scents in their selection, some a bit unconventional (Brewin’ Beer anyone?). The candle had a great scent, and I could definitely smell it every time I walked into the room, but even better, then scent carried on even when the candle was burning. Some candles don’t have a nice strong scent when burning, but this one does.

The candle comes with two already trimmed wicks, and for the most part burns clean, although I’ve noticed small pieces of the wick splitting off and falling into the candle if I burned it for too long, even though I trimmed the wicks between the burns. If I burned it a few hours at a time this wouldn’t happen. This wasn’t a big deal for me, though, as I haven’t noticed any black smoke coming from the candle.


You can choose your ring size from 5-13, which is a really nice range, and pick between a sterling silver or ‘surprise me’ option, with the latter consisting of 18K gold plated, white gold plated, rose gold or 925 sterling silver surprise. The ring comes in a small plastic bag with a piece of paper giving you its appraisal, and everything is wrapped in foil to protect the ring from heat and wax.

I had to burn my candle for 4 days, 3-4 hours each time, to come to this beautiful sterling silver ring with a pink center stone, valued at $150 CAD.


Jewelry Jar Candles have both bath bombs and shower steamers for men, but my experience tells me that more men have showers than baths (I may be wrong), so I decided to try the shower steamer. These shower steamers come in 14 scents, and each has two halves, with one hiding the ring. I chose the Winter Wonderland scent, which was a nice sweet minty scent, not too strong, but definitely noticeable. I think this particular scent is very unisex, and would work for both men and women.

If you are not familiar with shower steamers, you put one half on the shower floor and while you shower the steam and water slowly melt it away releasing the lovely scent. I particularly love shower steamers with mint, since they help open up my nasal passages. You can decide to release the scent slowly, by putting the steamer in a corner, or faster, by putting it next to your feet where water will hit it more. I tried them both ways, fast for a quick shower and slow for a longer shower, and the steamer halves lasted throughout the showers nicely.

You can choose the ring size from 9-13, and the style between Heroes & Villains, Stylish/ Patterned, Plain Band or Surprise Me! In our shower steamer we received a great stainless steel ring with a rotating black band over the stainless steel base, with roman numbers printed on it. This ring is from the Stylish/ Patterned collection, and it was appraised at $120 CAD.


A warning: since you need to have the steamer on the shower floor, you need to make sure you have a drain cover, so that the ring doesn’t accidentally get into your drain. I expect that lots of people have drain covers anyways, but wanted to point it out. The ring comes in a plastic bag wrapped in foil, so it’s well protected from water and body wash.

As a little girl, I loved imitating everything my mum does, from dressing up, makeup, skincare…you get the picture. If your little one, girl or boy, wants to get some jewelry the way mummy does, out of a bath bomb, then you’re in luck – Jewelry Jar Candles have Bath Bomb Bling for Kids! These bath bombs come in 21 scents and the jewelry is age gender appropriate costume jewelry. I tried the Elfsicle bath bomb for girls.

I expected a small bath bomb, half the size of regular one, since these are made for kids, but the bath bomb was quite big, about 2/3 of a normal grown-up version. It fizzes a lot for about 2 minutes and the blue and pink make a beautiful deep purple color. The revealed jewelry is wrapped in foil and nestled in a little plastic pouch, and like this it floats, so you won’t have to look for it in the bathtub.

I found the bath bomb to be very moisturizing, and you can go without applying lotion, especially if the kids are fussy about it. My skin was very smooth after the bath. There was a ring left around the tub, but it was easy to clean. When ordering the bath bomb, you can choose between the white and multi-colored, so choose white if you want to avoid this ring of color. For me it was OK, since I clean the bathtub after the bath anyways.

The bath bombs come in girl and boy variety, and you can choose your child’s age from 5 to 12. The jewelry inside can be earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, but you can choose the no earrings option. My bath bomb had this cute purple starfish ring, which is also adjustable, so you can adjust it to fit your child’s finger.


I really loved all three products, and the jewelry included is very nice, too! What amazed me the most is the product selection, though. Jewelry jar candles have candles, bath bombs, shower steamers, wax melts, sugar scrubs and body lotions. Now I want to try them all! I also love that they have products for men and children, too, which is quite rare with this type of products. In one order you can cover gifts for your whole family!

To give you a sense of prices, the candles cost $24.99 – 27.99, the bath bombs $6.99 – 24.99 and shower steamers $15.99-16.99, all depending on the jewelry and who are they for (men, women, kids). I highly recommend to browse their full selection, I’m sure you’ll find something that suits you! I find these prices to be around the same as other similar companies.

Have you tried any ‘jewelry inside’ products? Did you get anything you liked? How do you like this company’s selection?