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How and where to get baby freebies in Canada

Disclaimer: This post contains referral links and features free samples received, with no review obligation, but opinions are mine and, as always, honest. Read the full disclosure here. I did a lot of research regarding baby samples and coupons, and... Continue Reading →

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Laser Pegs light-up bricks Mega Truck, Aircraft and Pterodactyl building kits

Growing up I used to build everything, from cars for my little brother, to doll house furniture, parking garages... everything imaginable. I didn't have any fancy bricks, but with a little bit of creativity I could build a lot of things. I can't even imagine what I could've done if I had Laser pegs! These bricks offer a unique twist on traditional bricks by adding bricks that light up.

Buckle Toys toddler learning toys – Bubbles

The best toys for toddlers are the ones that are not only entertaining, but also educational. Since my little one was born I tried to avoid any toy that is purely for fun, but with no real value, and for the most part I succeeded. Buckle toys toddler learning toys were on my "to buy" list ever since my daughter turned one, but it was a bit too early for her, and I'm so happy I collaborated with them for this review now that she's almost two, because Bubbles is the perfect toy for her age. Buckle toys is a US-based company.

Lyda Beauty Cleopatra cat eye stamp eyeliner

Lyda, the founder of the company had a similar problem many of us do, she couldn't get her winged eyeliner symmetrical. She tried to find a stamp tool to help with this, but there wasn't one. So she, along with her husband, invented it. I love products that are invented from a true need, so I couldn't wait to try these innovative products. Lyda Beauty kindly sent me both of their Cleopatra cat eye stamp eyeliners, sleek and bold.

PenSilly family (board) game

Growing up my family always went for the game and board game classics. However, the family game nights are becoming more interesting around here since I started my own family, and we've been trying a variety of less known games, with various degrees of success. So, when I was contacted to review PenSilly game, it was right up my (our) alley. It sounded similar to another well known game, but with a huge twist - the PenSilly makes the pen shake.

Serengeti eyewear Lela sunglasses (summer/fall 2020)

Serengeti is a globally known brand, originally born in the USA and with 140 years of experience researching and crafting premium eyewear. Their 2020 summer/fall collection is showcasing beautiful, functional and technologically advanced styles, and I was lucky to receive a pair of sunglasses from this collection. As someone who struggles to find sunglasses that look nice on my small and narrow face, I was thrilled to find that Serengeti carries styles for every face shape. I chose their Lela sunglasses in Shiny Black Acetate with Shiny Dark Gunmetal Metal (so classic), and after wearing them for months I feel the need to share all my love for them with everyone.

Presyon Active Apparel Infinity bamboo bra and Travel and quick drying towel

Presyon Active Apparel is an active wear brand that designs clothing for professional and everyday athletes. Their clothing is functional and stylish, and very comfortable. They sent me a few pieces to try on and review, and today I am sharing my view of their Infinity bamboo bra and the Travel and quick drying towel.

Presyon Active Apparel Go seamless yoga pants

Presyon Active Apparel is an active wear brand that designs clothing for professional and everyday athletes. The name comes from the word "pressure" and has a symbolic meaning, derived from the strength of athletes that push themselves to their maximum. However, some of their designs actually provide physical pressure. Their clothing is functional and stylish, and very comfortable.

Save the Girls Bucket hat with shield and Timeless purse

Save the Girls is a US company that produces innovative and stylish protective gear that I haven't really seen around elsewhere. Their main product is the Touch screen purse, but they've expanded their product line with face masks, hats with shields, and more. I recently collaborated with them to test a few of the product, and with the COVID-19 numbers rising in BC (and everywhere else, really), the products couldn't have arrived at a better time.

Finesse Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and Scunci trendy hair accessories

At the end of summer my hair is usually very coarse and dry, from all the sun, and usually chlorine and salt from swimming. In addition, having long hair means I need ALL the styling tools and accessories available. So when I was offered to review the Finesse Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and some Scünci hair accessories I jumped at the opportunity.

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