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Guerlain is a company that really needs no introduction. This French brand was founded in 1828 and has been committed to beauty ever since. I always considered their makeup, skincare and fragrances very luxurious, and had so many products on my wish list, but never got myself to buy some to try, especially because of the high price tags. A few months ago my husband wanted to treat me to something nice after a medical treatment I went through, and I finally decided it’s time to try some Guerlain products.

I had a sample of Mon Guerlain perfume that I received with a Sephora order, and I really loved it, so I chose this perfume for my first Guerlain product. I ordered it in a set with a Cils D’Enfer So Volume Mascara, so that I get to try some of their makeup, too. Around the same time I found the KissKiss Roselip lip balm in Morning Rose at a Marshalls store, so this rounded up a small Guerlain collection for me. I realize these are not new products, but they are new to me, so I decided to share a review with all of you.

Please note: The perfume I am reviewing here is not the new Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Florale, which came out right after I purchased the original version, Mon Guerlain Eau de Perfum, that is featured in this review.


Maxi Lash (Cils D’Enfer) So Volume mascara is supposed to provide a lot of volume and curl to give very black, sexy eyelashes. It comes in a black and gold packaging that is simple and elegant, with the company name embossed into the gold part. The tube is rectangular and flattened, and I love that it doesn’t roll around like most mascaras. The mascara is scented with a floral perfume, that is still a bit noticeable after a few hours, and I catch it every now and then. Luckily, this doesn’t bother my migraines since it’s not too close to my nose.


The brush is different from what I usually gravitate to. It has really short bristles that catch every single eyelash. I love how it makes reaching those lashes in the corners of my eyes so much easier. Although it doesn’t look like it, the brush actually has quite a lot mascara on it, enough to apply to one eye without having to dip it back into the tube. Since my eyelashes are naturally long, and this mascara really coats every single eyelash, I had a few issues with clumping, so I recommend applying it with a light hand and lots of quick wiggles at the roots, then brushing it along the length of the lashes in quick strokes. I easily remove any clumps with a small eyelash comb, without sacrificing the volume.


I am amazed at how much length and volume I get with this mascara. I don’t think these photos even do it justice, since it coats my lashes from roots to tips with the blackest color, curls and lifts and basically makes them look like falsies. I’ve tried some great mascaras that claim to provide volume, but most just lengthen and curl my eyelashes. That is, until I tried this mascara! This is the perfect mascara for dramatic eye makeup, dinner dates, or any time I want all the focus to be on my eyes (which is most of the time).


I didn’t have any issues with smudging or flaking, and the mascara is easy to remove at the end of the day with any makeup remover.

KissKiss Roselip is a tinted lip balm formulated to hydrate and plump. As I already mentioned, I found this lippie at Marshalls, and the only available color was Morning Rose, which is the lightest one in the range. This lip balm is available in 5 other colors, however, bear in mind that this is a tinted lip balm, so the colors will be sheer. KissKiss Roselip balms are infused with rose extract, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid (my favorite ingredient).


This tinted lip balm comes in the same lacquered packaging as Guerlain KissKiss lipsticks, except that this range is packaged in trendy white and gold. The tube is sleek, so the lip balm itself is easy to apply to my thinner lips. The balm smells like roses – it’s a beautiful scent that I fell in love with. Again, I appreciate the packaging because it is not round, and doesn’t roll around on hard surfaces.


At first I thought I wouldn’t get much color from this particular shade, because it barely shows when swatched. There is some light pink color, and you can see that the texture is definitely balm-y. On my lips the balm gives just a hint of color. It’s hard to notice in photos, which is why I didn’t include one in this review, but what this balm does to my lips is the old “my lips but better” thing. It looks very natural, with a bit of flush, very similar to those lip products that react to skin pH. The hydration is there, but I get better results with some other balms, and I didn’t notice any plumping. All this said, you’d think I don’t really like this lip balm, but I love it. It somehow found it’s way into my purse and it stayed there ever since. It is a great product to apply without a mirror, so it’s great for those times when I run out of the house without applying a lipstick. I have other tinted lip balms, and they all require to be applied in front of a mirror, so this became my go-to for applying on the go – I keep reaching for it.


Mon Guerlain Eau de Perfum is a beautiful warm floral perfume, that comes in a simple, yet elegant bottle. I love the contrast between the angular bottle and the rounded stopper, with a touch of gold. I fell in love with this perfume after trying a small sample, and had to have it.  The key notes are Jasmine, Lavender and Vanilla, and I can confidently say that I noticed all three of these notes. Vanilla is the most noticeable, of course, but it’s not overpowering and the floral notes come through very well. I find the combination of jasmine and lavender very interesting, and the lavender note is definitely noticeable. As far as perfumes go, this is a very “safe” perfume, with nothing too spectacular or different than most floral perfumes out there, with maybe the exception of the lavender, which is not a very usual perfume note. However, I like its simplicity, and reach for it more often than I reach for my other perfumes. This is a perfume that goes with everything – I wear it day and night, paired with any clothes, from elegant evening dresses to a simple jeans and T-shirt outfit. It also lasts quite a while, and I can sense a whiff of it every now and then as I move around throughout the day.

I want to note that although this perfume contains vanilla, I find that it doesn’t bother my sensitive nose at all, and it didn’t cause any migraines so far. I  believe this is because the vanilla note is toned down and florals make it much lighter than in some other perfumes.


I wanted to try some Guerlain products for so long, and I was really hoping they would meet my expectations. They did, and I’d say these three have even exceeded them. I love the perfume, the mascara is the most dramatic one I’ve ever tried, and the roselip balm is a simple product that I didn’t think I’d like that much, but I always reach for it. I love the simple and elegant beauty that Guerlain represents, and hope to try some more of their makeup soon.

All these products are available at Sephora, of course, at these retail prices (in CAD):

Have you tried any Guerlain products? Do you have any favorites to recommend? What do you think about these products here, do you think they’re worth the price tag?