Disclaimer: This post features item(s) received at no cost for reviewing purposes, but the opinions are mine and, as always, honest.

Balise brands is a new site connecting influencers with brands. They kindly sent me their first B-box for review, which features products from Raw beauty minerals.

Raw beauty LLC is a company based in Kansas City Metro area. The company started as a hobby, started selling on Etsy and now they have their own website platform. They feature makeup made with natural ingredients. I am really interested in natural makeup, and have already tried a few brands, some smaller and some well known, so I knew what to expect.

My B-box included samples primer, concealer, powder foundation, eyeshadow and blush. After checking their website, I have to say right away that I love how you can purchase smaller sizes of almost every product Raw beauty minerals sells, so that you can test them out, figure out color match etc.

Makeup primer for face and eyes 100% natural and vegan

I received a 5g sample jar of this primer, which retails for $6.00 US.

This primer came with instructions, and I’m glad it did. I haven’t tried a face or eye primer like this one before. Basically, you scoop a small amount, warm it up between your fingers and then apply to your face. They included the cutest little pink spatula to use with this sample.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Shea Butter, Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot Powder, Rosehip Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Essential Oil of Geranium.


The primer is not too hard and melts easily. It has a very nice, flowery scent, and a little bit goes a really long way. However, I find it a bit greasy. I hoped that it would sink in, since I have dry skin everywhere except my T-zone, but it didn’t, it was sitting on top of my skin.

This primer is my least favorite in the box, and I wouldn’t purchase it again, but since the website says that “mineral makeup will stick to it and stay all day long” I decided to leave it on to check how it performs with the foundation that came in this box.

Natural blemish cover up and concealer

I received a 0.15 oz sample stick of this foundation/concealer, which retails for $6.00 US.

This looks like your standard concealer stick. I applied it directly from the stick, and can report that it glides smoothly and it was easy to blend it with my fingers. The concealer is thick and a bit greasy, and provides medium coverage (it covered redness of my cheeks, but didn’t completely cover bigger blemishes). I was happy to see that it didn’t settle into fine lines under my eyes.

I didn’t find the ingredients list on the website.


The stick comes in 9 different shades, and I chose the third one in a row, Fairly beige. It looks a bit too dark swatched on my arm, but it on my face it matches nicely. I think I would go a shade lighter if I order it again, since I like my concealer a bit lighter than my foundation.

Unfortunately, I find this stick just looks too greasy over the primer, and it definitely needs to be set with powder. One or the other would be fine, but both together is just too much. Again, I wanted to see how it all looks together, so I proceeded with the powder foundation.

Powder foundation

I received a 10-gram jar (approximately 2 grams of powder) sample of this foundation, which retails for $8.00 US.

This is your standard powder foundation, but with all natural ingredients. It applies evenly, and provides light to medium coverage.

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide (Non Nano), Titanium Dioxide (Non Nano), Magnesium Stearate, Mica, Kaolin Clay and Iron Oxides. 


The foundation comes in 9 shades, which match the concealer shades, and the Fairly beige color is a perfect match for me. It mattifies skin perfectly, but sticks to my dry spots a bit, although way less than other foundations I’ve tried. I really like it!

I am happy to report that this powder foundation sets the primer and fix-it stick perfectly!

Cinnamon sugar eyeshadow pigment

I received a sample baggie of this eyeshadow, which retails for $4.00 US.

I wish the sample was in a different container, because it was hard to use it this way.  I had to dip my brush inside, but then tap it on a tissue, which is just wasting the product.

I applied it over the primer included inside this box, and experienced a little bit of fallout, but not much for a loose pigment. It is a very fine, smooth powder, and applies easily.


Raw beauty mineral sell 16 different colors of this eyeshadow, and the color I received is called Cinnamon sugar. It is very pigmented, fine golden shimmer pigment with brown/orange base. It looks almost duochrome to me.You can see the baggie looks different on different photos, depending on how it catches light. The photo on the website does not do it justice.

Here I used only this eyeshadow. You can see how it looks two toned, golden and orange, depending on where the light hits it more or less. I love it!


Unfortunately, the eyeshadow creased a lot after a few hours, so I have to say it doesn’t work well with this primer. I tried it over my usual non-natural eye primer, and it didn’t crease that way.

Earthy brown blush powder

I received a sample baggie of this blush, which retails for $2.50 US.

This sample was even harder to use than the eyeshadow, because my bigger blush brush barely fit into the baggie, and there was too much powder on it once I took it out. I highly recommend you get a sample in a jar if you decide to order a blush or an eyeshadow.

The powder was easy to apply, it’s smooth and pigmented and blends really well.


The color I received is one of the 7 blush colors Raw beauty minerals carry, and it’s a light peachy brown color. Unfortunately this color doesn’t work for me, but I immediately managed to re-purpose it as a bronzer, since it’s a matte color. I may even use it as an eyeshadow.

The blush/bronzer stayed put all day and didn’t lose pigmentation.

All the products together

Here are all the products swatched, except the primer. Left to right: Earthy brown blush, Fairly beige powder foundation, Fairly beige fix-it stick and Cinnamon sugar eye candy.


The products all together work well and feel very comfortable on my skin. The whole look is natural, and makes me look radiant, but not shiny. I like the dewy finish a lot.

It all wore nicely, and surprisingly, I didn’t get shiny at all. I didn’t have to re-apply powder at any point onto my T-zone.

Here you can see the step-by-step of how I applied all the products – these photos have no filters applied:

  • upper left – clear face with nothing else (except the eye makeup and lipstick)
  • upper right – primer all over and concealer on cheeks, sides of my nose, under eyes
  • lower left – powder foundation all over
  • lower right – blush used as bronzer and another pink blush over it


I really like the overall natural look I got!

I have to say that the products are really affordable for natural makeup, and perform well. I don’t think you could get full coverage with them, though, but I actually prefer more natural look. I am glad they work for my combination skin, my T-zone didn’t get shiny, and my dry cheeks didn’t get too dry over time.

Do you use natural makeup? How do you like these products, would you be willing to try  them?